Chambers, Amyann (Winter 2011)


Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, I joined Teen Missions staff on the 10th of this month. For those of you who don’t know, I became a student at the Teen Missions Bible School back in November of 2006. I did the first two years in Florida and the third year in South Africa. While I was in South Africa, God put a deep tug on my heart that I should join staff. After getting back in the States on May 28, 2010, I led a team of teenagers to Indiana where we did surveys at county fairs, getting people to think about where they will spend eternity. After the team was over in August, I went to Texas to visit my family. That is when I started raising monthly support. So, I am now in Merritt Island, Florida on staff. I have been placed in the International Operations Department, where I am in charge of puppets and other evangelistic equipment.

So far, I have started organizing the rooms where the puppets are stored and have fixed some of the sound equipment. I am so excited! I am going to be doing a bunch of different things, like designing puppets that will be dressed in Bible time outfits while acting out the New Testament.

Spending time with cousins

Some of my duties will include things such as making sure all the summer teams have their puppets, balloons, drama props, and other things they will need in order to do different outreaches. I might not be the person the crowd looks at or the person hearing the applause, but it is amazing to think that God has put me here to help make it possible for others to witness to people about the love of God.

Indiana team doing a drama

I do not know if I will be leading a summer team yet, so please pray with me that God will reveal His plan for me this summer. Please also pray that God will supply more monthly support. The staff members at Teen Missions raise their own support to be here, so please pray for the people I work with as well, that God will provide for them as they follow His calling. I know that God would never ask us to do something and not provide what we need in order to do that something.

Teaching a lesson in Spiritual Life II Class

Since I finished my internship, God has been teaching me patience, perseverance and love. He has been showing me how to love the children on my summer team, even when they did things that were wrong. I have been learning that my reactions are very important and that no matter what happens, I need to approach things with patience and perseverance, knowing that God will see me through. I keep thinking about Peter when he walked on the water. When we keep our focus on Christ, we can make it through anything. I just wish it was that simple. I sometimes get so distracted and start seeing the situations instead of looking to the one who brings me through those situations.

Puppet show for the kid's ministry in South Africa

The Bible says to share one another’s burdens. So I come to you, asking you to pray for me as I start out on staff, that I will keep my eyes on Christ alone.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and loving support. In His Loving Arms,


Prayer Requests:

* Right now, my trailer is being fixed and I am staying on Teen Missions property until it is finished. So, please pray that it will be able to be done soon.

*Please pray for me to get a good car for a low price. *Please pray for my health and the health of my family.


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