A great start to a new year

Hello every one, accept new wishes from Cameroon Base. We thank God the year pass has been a very successful one,and we hope that the new just beginning will also be a success. Students and staffs all resumed for the new year well,thank God we all had a good begin of everything.

We also resume work this time on the new building, working on the walls, building the safety tank and the soccer way. We are also working on the windows frames. Our goats are doing OK, we just finished with the sales of our chickens and are maybe looking forward to have new stock.

We have no garden this time due to the lack or shortage of the village water. Praise God, all is set for the new unit at Nwa; Vitalis and Richard went there last Monday and met the officials of the village and the Fon, and we were shown three different peace of land which we finally choose one. So we will be making a trip back there by Monday for the final arrangement on paperwork.


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