Bland, Bob and Bernie (Winter 2011)

Dear Family and Friends,

Our family Christmas time was such a blessing for our family. Both of our children, Cathy and Robin and their families were here at our house for Christmas. Randy, Cathy’s husband, is still teaching at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Catherine Noel, their daughter, just finished her student teaching internship. She has a triple major in Education, Creative Writing, and English Literature. She is now looking for a teaching job.

Robin got his pink slip one month before his 30 year anniversary at the Space Center. He will still be able to retire in two years. Meantime he and Maxine are very busy running his RV Park and overseeing the TMI RV Park. Their daughter, Tara, is a nurse and works in Pediatrics at a hospital in Melbourne. Her husband, Bobby, runs a storage business just north of Cocoa.

Joshua, Cathy’s son, lives with us and has his own business in stocks dealing with futures. He has four computer screens and works mostly at night dealing in European and Asian markets. It’s Greek to me.

We have been experiencing some health problems— Bernie and her back, and I have problems off and on with gout. We are both on medication and doing OK.

The big news here is that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is building a new home in Cocoa for Joe Hurston. He heads up a mission organization and manufactures water purifiers called the Vortex Voyager.  He flew to Haiti to deliver the units and during that week a waterline broke and destroyed his home. Teen Missions investments had loaned money to Air Mobile Ministry and the house was the security. They were changing insurance companies and it was uninsured. TMI sold a church plant to Air Mobile and they moved in this past week. It is located near Mission Acres where many TMI staff live. It will house Air Mobile Ministries and their Voyager manufacturing operationhouse down in 10 minutes with two big track hoes. The complete solar energy home will be finished in seven days. Joe and his wife Cindy, have a daughter married to Kyle Shropshire, grandson of Bernie and Lois Shropshire, who worked many years with TMI. Joe and Cindy have three adopted children from Haiti. We praise the Lord that they are being provided for.

Howard and Mary Vanderpool began the first of the year heading up our new Tabernacle project. There are 11 from Shiloh Christian Union Church near Toledo, Ohio, who are volunteering. They are building the third life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. We hope to have it set up somewhere in the U.S. in May. One Tabernacle is set up permanently here at TMI. The second Tabernacle will be set up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, May through October.

Bland family

Tara, Robin, Maxine, Bobby (Tara's Husband), Joshua, Randy and Cathy, Bernie and Bob

Work overseas is going well with about a dozen Boot Camps running at this period of time. The Missionaries to Canada have done well, but have been short on bookings. We hope to bring this talented and dedicated group of Asian young people to the US for May, June and July if we get the visas.

Bernie needs some major dental work on her four front teeth. It will cost $3750 which we need to have up front. Join us in prayer for God to provide.

You are very important to us. Many of you have supported us for over 40 years! Lord bless you! Come and visit sometime and let us know when you are here. Many come but with so many at Boot Camp, we miss you. We would love to hear from you.

Lord bless you,

Bob and Bernie Bland


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