Great things happening at Boot Camp in Zambia

In Ndola, Zambia we have 24 leaders, 6 volunteers and 114 team members. In general, the Lord has brought to us an excellent group of young people this year. They have been very enthusiastic and eager to learn.

The leaders have also been doing a good job. We have had some battles along the way, which is only normal for Boot Camp. One night we dealt with a boy who came under demonic oppression and the name of Jesus set him free.

The evening rallies and morning classes have been a blessing and there have been many coming forward for prayer. There have been 4 salvations; 12 assurances of salvation; 18 reconciliations; 130 came forward for other things.



  1. I am trying to look for a mission trip to Africa this summer. I was trying to go with my church but the door closed because it was all adults. I am not sure what God’s will is for me this summer but i am still searching. I am 15, is there any trips going with that age group?

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