Making a difference in Malawi

So far what we have being doing in ministry is that, our students they have been doing door-to-door ministry every Saturday, going around the villages, which they are around us telling people the word of God. The villages that are around us are: Pagona, Machemba, Chedimu, Chipeleka and we are in Chikwatu. Our ministry has being facing a lot of challenges because all of these villages that have being mentioned has the largest population of Muslim. The tribe of people leaving in this area is called Yao. This tribe of people is very difficult and hard to reach with the gospel because they believe too much in magic and initiation ceremonies.There at times our students being chased and denied to share the gospel and being told not to come back, with Muslim leaders they say the people are already being saved and there is no need to share with them about Jesus. We praise the Lord that our students did not stop to go and meet with the people and as of now people are interested to hear the word of God.

We have also vespers every evening of Saturday whereby one of the staff or student do preach to the people and sometimes we privileged to show them some of the movies of Teen missions like Deceitful heart and the like. Another thing is that every Wednesday we have Bible study with the ladies and girls. All these three parts of ministry which we are doing the Lord is helping us so much because are now knowing how to lead Christian songs called choruses and to say a short prayer. Its wonderful thing to us because at first nobody was able even to say the name of Jesus.

The place which the school is now is the place of the Rescue unit named Heart of faith, and the facilitators also are doing wonderful job in ministry like teaching Sunday school and these helped many kids and adults to know the word of God and how to read and write, because many kids they don’t go to school. What they know is to go to the lake and steal fish. Many people whom we are ministering or reaching are ladies and kids, because men they don’t stay most of their time at home. What they know is to go and fish, they mostly earn their leaving by fishing and gambling. Fortunately because of vespers some men are now coming to listen to the word of God.

As of now the number of people coming to Christ are 15 but they lack growth because there at times they meet with discouragements from friends and relatives. Our students were struggling in somethings like studies and policies we helped them and now they are understanding things.

This is how the Lord has being working with us in Mangochi, We praise the Lord for His love and mercy upon us in everything, and we are so thankful because of your support in prayer. We do also realize that there are some individuals who have donated money to help with the work here, we do also want to acknowledge those and send them our blessings. May God bless you all abundantly for being there for us. Things are working out here because of your commitment to pray for us.



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