What’s new with the MTC’S

We arrived in the Hamlet of Kingman, out in the middle of nowhere. We were met by Jolene Bowick, 96FTM and 2001-02 MTA, She was very glad to see the team and we haven’t got the smile off her face yet. The team met their host families and went with them to their houses.

Wednesday the team started the day with a Bible study with the Salem Lutheran Church. The team did a shortened presentation and then we particitpated in th Bible study. We were supposed to do Two presentations at Cornerstone Christian School but school was cancelled due to drifting snow on the roads. We didn’t think we would be able to do a presentation for them as the school has a four day schedule and we were booked for Thursday.

We found out when we arrived That the school we were to go to this morning had cancelled school so Jolene made several calls so the school we were to do this afternoon said we could come in the morning so we were able to do Cornerstone this afternoon. All the kids at both schools loved the presentation and enjoyed hearing about Teen Missions.



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