Shrock, Jason & Karen (Winter 2011)

Greetings Friends & Family Around the World!

Shrock Family

Shrock Family

Boot Camp was the best we’ve ever experienced and we had very few problems. After training, the leaders and teens (ages 13-18) spread the Good News by playing soccer, holding a holiday club (like vacation Bible school) for over 200 kids, building fences, laying foundations, clowning, going door-to-door, preaching, teaching, and loving on people. They experienced many miracles like visions, prophetic words and healings. The Orioles team met a sangoma (witchdoctor) who was ill. She had been advised to go through the Sangoma initiation and she would be healed, but she wasn’t. She received Christ as her Savior and after the kids prayed for her she was healed!

South Africa Boot Camp 2010

South Africa Boot Camp 2010

On Christmas day a team from the Australian Boot Camp arrived at our base to work on an incomplete orphanage. Kids were already sleeping in it even though there were no doors, windows, electricity or plumbing. They got to tear down incorrect walls and fix windows that were not government approved. They dug trenches for plumbing and tore down the out buildings. We got to visit Kruger National Park with them where we saw four of the Big Five. Some highlights were monkeys in our campsite, water buffalo, crocs and hippos by the waterhole, and elephants making babies (a little embarrassing for the kids but cool to see in the wild).

Jason Shrock & clowning team

Jason and his clown gang

This May we hope to visit the U.S. to see family, friends, churches and supporters. We will be getting a schedule together so we can visit as many folks as possible. Joy and Jolie are super excited to return to the States after three years. They are now in 6th and 4th grade and have great teachers this year. They love flying and visiting everyone. They will be helping us share stories and songs in some of the languages like Afrikaans and Zulu.

In July we will be bringing the Bread of Life Preteen Team to SA. We hope to take the team to three provinces of South Africa to hand out bread that is printed (with soy ink) with Scripture from the Bible on it. It is a two-fold ministry of feeding starving people and also giving them the truth about Jesus; He is the Bread of Life. For more info check out the website at [email protected]

Australia team in South Africa

Team Australia doing their presentation to a local church

Thanks to everyone that sent packages and cards for the holidays. We were especially blessed to have cousins, Wilma and Michael, visit for three weeks and bring goodies from the States. During Boot Camp the girls had someone to bake cookies and sew with. Our long awaited ceiling finally got installed, thanks to Michael.


• Boot Camp recorded 313 salvations

• Jenn will be relocating to another NICS school in Nairobi, Kenya in July

Prayer requests:

• Pray we can get the bread printer from Cape Town for our preteen team

Pray for financial means to get the girls flights paid for and deputation costs

• Pray for wise stewardship on our base finances for this next year


Grace and Peace,

Jason, Karen, Joy and Jolie Psalm 46:10

Contact details: [email protected] P.O. Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120 cell phone 027-079-393-0492




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