Monthly Newsletter – February 2011

A word from our Director, Robert M. Bland:

We are excited about all that has been happening at Teen Missions since the new year began. Over 550 registrations for 2011 Teen Missions Teams have been received, and we praise the Lord that you are going to be part of His work this summer.

Each month you will receive a letter similar to this from our head- quarters. Please read it very carefully. These letters are meant to be an encouragement to you as well as an update for important information. Should 45 days or more pass and you have not received any information from Teen Missions, please call the U.S./Canada Teams Department. After you and your parents or guardian have read this letter, please file it in the Teen Missions folder that you received in your packet. We ask that you pray daily for the staff of Teen Missions, the leaders, the mission you will be working with, your supporters and prayer partners and the other team members on your team.

FIRST $300 — Your first $300 in contributions is due 30 days after you receive your support packet. U.S. team members and leaders use the gold envelopes, Canadian members and leaders use the green envelopes.



*If you or your parents are personally contributing money in order to meet the $300 contribution goal in 30 days, it will be considered a contribution and cannot be refunded. It is important that you send donations from your sponsors first before contributing your personal money. Contribution Goals include the first $300, halfway, three- fourths and, May 10 for Early and Peanut teams, May 20 for Super and Preteen teams.

SEND MONEY NOW/DO NOT HOLD IT — Support money needs to be sent now, as there are many expenses Teen Missions has already begun to pay. Also, our Finance Department needs to process it quickly in order to handle the load and keep your record up to date.

REGISTRATION PAPERWORK — The following should be mailed to the Teen Missions office 30 days after you receive your support packet: Two Health Status/Release forms, the General Fact Sheet card and Prayer Partner list in the blue envelope provided. If at any time after you receive your Support Packet you choose NOT to go on your team, please call the Teen Missions office and notify us of this information.

FINANCES FINANCIAL REPORT — You will receive a computer printout of your finance record with each monthly newsletter.

CANADIAN FINANCE RECORD — The monthly finance records for Canadian Teen Missions members will be mailed from the Outlook office. If you have any questions concerning Canadian finances, please contact the Outlook office at 306-867-9293..

FINANCE RECORD (Green Sheet) — Be sure to accurately complete your green Finance Record and have someone double check your accounting. The biggest problems at Boot Camp Regis- tration are addition or subtraction errors. Keep this finance record up to date and bring a copy to Boot Camp.

POSTDATED CHECKS — Please do NOT send postdated checks. Hold them until the negotiable date.

INDIVIDUAL TEAM INFORMATION — In April you will receive an individual fact sheet with information pertaining to your specific team. At that time you will get the names of the registered team members going with you. Many of you have already found team members on facebook and other websites. This is fine, however, we do not want you to solicit funds from each other. Please do not make appeals for your financial support through facebook with existing team members. Raise your funds through personal contact, emails, phone calls and letters. Please direct all questions through the Teen Missions office.

CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO YOU — If a check made payable to you is sent in for your support, it will be processed to your account as a cash contribution.

THIRD-PARTY DONATIONS — Teen Missions is aware that new opportunities exist for fundraising for summer teams. Guidestar, Network for Good, and social networking sites like facebook and My Space all now include options for making charitable donations and creating “causes” that people can donate to. In most cases, however, a service fee is charged that reduces the donation total. Also, personal information and mailing addresses of donors are then under the third parties privacy policies rather than Teen Missions policy. For these reasons, Teen Missions advises/encourages direct donations by check to TMI. Online donations are possible by credit card at: Please link any online appeals for support to Teen Missions donation page.

MAILING CONTRIBUTION — Enclose three or four checks in each envelope. Please do not fold or attach checks to the coupons. Simply match the coupon with the check and place them in the envelope. If more than one person from the same family is going on a team, be sure to send the money in separate envelopes. Please do not mail one check in one envelope or you will (or you already have) run out of these special envelopes. If you do run out of envelopes, you can use a regular envelope, addressed to Teen Missions, Attn: Finance Dept. Please insure that every donation has a donor coupon.

DEPOSITS — Upon arrival at Boot Camp each team member pays a $20 refundable deposit on the tent they will be using and a $10 refundable deposit on literature. These deposits need to be in cash and will be returned at the end of the summer if the tent/living facilities are not damaged and the team member has all literature issued to him/her. Do not send deposits to Teen Missions.

ADDRESS CHANGE — If you are moving or changing your address for any reason, please notify us of the address change. Send both your old and new addresses, and the effective date of the change. Please do not call.

PASSPORT TEEN TEAMS — 11023 Indian Drama does not need a passport. ALL other teen team members/leaders are required to have a passport. If you have not applied for one, do so today!

PASSPORT PRETEEN TEAMS — 11072 Old West Indian Reservation does not need a passport. ALL other Preteen team members/leaders are required to have a passport. If you have not applied for one, do so today!

CHANGING TEAMS — If you decide to switch teams for any reason, there is a $30 ($35 Canadian) re-registration fee. Fee after May 1 is $55 ($65 Canadian).

TRANSPORTATION TO BOOT CAMP — Teen Missions will pick up team members at the Orlando International Airport on designated arrival days.

Team member arrival information:

  • Early Boot Camp – 10 AM Saturday, June 11 – 10 AM Sunday, June 12.
  • Super Boot Camp – 10 AM Wednesday, June 22 – 10 AM Thursday, June 23
  • Preteen Boot Camp – 10 AM Tuesday, June 28 – 10 AM Wednesday, June 29

Teen Missions will have greeters at the Delta Baggage Claim area on the B side of the airport during each of these 24-hour windows to meet team members. Please make sure your arrival times are within the designated times.

Leader arrival — Leaders please consult your paperwork for your arrival and departure information as it differs from team members.

TRANSPORTATION HOME — Teen Missions provides transporta- tion to either the Orlando International Airport (airport code MCO) or the Titusville Greyhound station. Book your transportation home arrangements between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM on your “Go Home Day”. No exceptions.

*Early Boot Camp – July 30
*Preteen Boot Camp – August 6
*Super Boot Camp teams – 11009 – 10018 – August 10
*Super Boot Camp teams 11020 – 11028 – August 14

LEARN YOUR 10 COMMANDMENTS AND THE 66 BOOKS OF THE BIBLE TODAY — Start learning the 10 Commandments and the books of the Bible, so you will have them memorized when you run the Obstacle Course at Boot Camp.

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor thy father and mother.
6. Thou shalt not kill.
7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
8. Thou shalt not steal.
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
10. Thou shalt not covet.

MISSIONARIES TO CANADA – We are excited to announce that the Missionaries to Canada team, will be here for Early, Super and Preteen Boot Camps! They will be sharing about their countries and singing in the evening rallies.

SHUTTLE LAUNCH – NASA has been granted a third shuttle mission and the last mission of the shuttle will be launched on June 28 during Boot Camp. We will watch it from Boot Camp. Pray that it goes on schedule. We will have a big BANG at Boot Camp with the launch of the…….

PARENTS & FAMILY COMING TO COMMISSIONING – If parents are coming in for Commissioning with an RV, there are spaces available at this time from SonRise Palms 321-633-4335 or Forest Village which is owned by Teen Missions.

BOOTS — All leaders and team members. Don’t forget to buy your 6-inch (8-inch are preferred if you can find them) all-leather lace-up construction boots now and break them in before you come to Boot Camp. If you have difficulty locating 6”- 8” construction boots, you may contact Al’s Army Store, Inc., 400 W. Church Street, Orlando, FL 32801, telephone: (407) 425-4932.


TEAM LEADER TRAINING SEMINAR — If you know of any singles or married couples who might be interested in being a leader on a summer Teen or Preteen team, let them know that there are still openings. There will be Leader Seminars running up until June 23. Call the Teen Missions office at 321-453-0350 and ask Leader Placement for information on dates and locations.

TMI VIDEO — A DVD of the Teen Missions program (Boot Camp Scrapbook) is available for a donation. This can be a great help in raising your support. To order the Boot Camp Scrapbook call 321- 453-0350 and ask for the Video Department.






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  1. I just would like to say. When I went on a team in 1988 to Hawaii and then to Bermuda in 1990 that I those times taught me a lot. I am recently involved in a church plant. Things are going well. We r actually in the process of finding a building for growth. Any way the main reason for this message is to get some addresses or emails from my former teams. I’d like to get in touch with my old team mates to let them know what God is doing in my life. So if you all could help me out it would be so great. I had the addresses but when my mom passed away in the summer of 1991 my dad cleaned out the house and we are not sure what he did witheverything. He recently passed away in the summer of 2003, I have tried to get addresses before but never get any response. So, any help you can send would be awesome. Thanks and God Bless:-)

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