Vanderpool, Kathy (Winter 2011)

The Lord is good a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in Him.

Nahum 1:7

Dear Family and Friends,

The new year has come and we don’t know what we will encounter, but it is good that the Lord knows.

Motorcycle Sunday School Missions
Motorcycle Sunday School Missions

I am writing this newsletter on January 15th, and the adult team will all be in tomorrow to start a day of orientation and to pack up their bags for our flight to Malawi. There will be two guys and five gals that will be going with us to our base in Malawi. We will travel for three days and then be met at the airport in Lilongwe by the base coordinators. After a three hour drive to the base in Chipoka, we will have a day of turn around time before heading to the Dedza Mountains to join the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission circuit riders. Some of the team members will sew school uniforms and teach sewing while the other team members help with the Sunday School. Then we will head to our new base that has been operating for almost a year. It is in a strong Muslim area, but the Lord has opened the door for us to be there. We have an Orphan Rescue Unit operating there and the Bible School has four students. This will be my first time to visit our base. Here the team will work on fencing in the base, teaching sewing and sewing uniforms. This is going to be a very quick trip so we have to keep moving. The team will fly back to the States, but I am going to remain in Malawi for a few days. Then onto Uganda to visit the base there; onto South Africa for three days and then onto Madagascar to meet with the coordinators from our northern and southern base. I will return back to the States on the 23rd of February.

Kathy with the Mustard Seeds

Please pray for good health, safety as I travel, and wisdom for all the situations that the Lord will bring into my pathway.

When I return back to the States, I’ll be making preparations for the Mustard Seed Camp this summer. Our theme will be Kings and Queens. Dad is going to build a castle background for me and Mom is going to sew some princess dresses. I already have crowns for the Mustard seeds. We will use the wordless book colors to tell the story and to teach the plan of salvation to the children. By the time they leave camp, we want them to be able to share the plan of salvation using the wordless book. It is a real joy to spend time with the Mustard Seeds.

This summer I am not scheduled to take a team out. I will remain here in the office, continuing to cover our department responsibilities and help wherever needed.

Mustard Seeds

Dad and Mom are working on building another Old Testament Tabernacle. There are volunteers that have come to help with this task. Dad did a lot to get things ready during the Christmas break so things would be in order and move quickly when the volunteers came. Mom has the ladies working on the linen and dying the veil, gate, and top covering. Then the linen will have to be embroidered with angels. The goal is to have the Tabernacle ready by May and we would really like to have it travel out to the West Coast.

I thank you for all your prayers and financial support that make it possible for me to continue serving the Lord. It is a privilege to be a part of Teen Missions.

In Christ,

Kathy I Timothy 1:12


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