New Births in Chiyao Malawi

Report received January 21, 2011

Malawi Base
I just want to share the great passion that I have observed from our two male students as they reach out in the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have great zeal in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with other people. Whenever they have little free time they will either use it for studies or reaching out to people in the society where we are located. They have established a great friendship with the community in this way creating a positive environment for them to share the gospel. I hope these guys are growing up in faith and courage. I am happy that the slow results are not discouraging them from continuing to share Jesus with the people. I hope they will remain still until the day of Jesus Christ.

Malawi animals
God has blessed us with many animals. We have four goats, two sheep, four ducks and four chickens. Out of all of them, we haven’t had any new birth in the last  year of 2010. We are excited that in the morning of January 01,2011 we only realize d that we had a new born lamb when we did not even know that the mother was pregnant. The same morning we also realized that our chickens had nine little ones when we thought that the time of hatching was too short per our calculations. The Lord our God has allowed us to start this year with joy. We believe that this is the sign that our ministry is going to give birth to something great this year. We are so grateful because of your prayers.
I want to share a short testimony about someone who has been resistant to accept Jesus Christ. Janet has been helping in the word of God that she can see the need of accepting Jesus Christ in her life. Three weeks ago Janet invited her to come to church with us, she accept and brought her cousin a long side, her name Adidya Machemba. After the first church service of her life she was very excited and vowed to accompany us at any time we are coming to church. She told us that the most interesting activity in the church was the singing, more especially the Chiyao songs. She like chiyao language and always very proud of it. She has been pushing us to form a choir so that we should be singing together as we go to church. We are working on that hoping that soon we would come up with a good choir. Right from that time she has been going to church with us at any time we are previledged to go. I am happy to report that she has finally accepted Jesus Christ but she still lacks growth. She needs more prayers. It is a gradual process by and by we will realize an abundant harvest . May God bless you for your prayers.

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