Devastating Flooding in the Philippines

Editors note: received Jan. 21


January 6: We always experience a heavy rain, and now the water is getting higher and higher. It’s a big flood happen in Butuan down to Agusan Sur, many people were affected  and their crops and livestock were so damaged. Many people are homeless due to the flash flood. No bus travel going to Davao because the bridge was  destroyed. There are three families that evacuated and came into our TMI camp ground just for safety for their family. They stayed here for two nights  until the rain stopped. There are many people who have died and some still missing. Some agencies have distributed relief goods and clothing, not only that, some churches they gave used clothes and noodles and also rice for the victims. We praise God it’s because our place is on top of the mountain, but we had one student who stranded in San Francisco located at Agusan del Sur for two days waiting for a vehicle to pass on the road. It’s overflowing water in the bus terminal.

Fernando went to Bukidnon today to attend agricultural training for a week, he will be able to learn new systems  for natural farming and management. Pray for this training to be useful for our Philippine base.
January 16: Greetings from Philippines! Indeed the rain stopped and we are now experiencing a sunny day. People are happy after the calamity hit in Mindanao, especially in the Butuan City area down to the Ca raga region. Many agencies sent their help for those people who are victims. Our President visited Mindanao just to see the area that was very affected, the farm and the livestock were gone and the people had lost hope in their lives. Pray that the Lord will do miracles upon this people of God.

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