India Boot Camp Progress

Report received January 21, 2011

India work
Boot Camp Training class

The Manipur Boot Camp is in progress. Boot Camp was Jan. 8-18 and they will be on their projects until Feb. 8. Debrief will be Feb. 9-11.

During the camp we had heavy rains almost two days day before the commissioning the rain was pouring almost all the kitchen was under the water we hardly managed to cook the food. It was an wonderful experience in the rain running a camp. The next day the temperature has fallen down to 2 Celsius we almost freezed. By God’s grace we are able to complete the camp in a successful way.
There are 6 teams.

lunch time
lunch time
Moreh/Burma Republic – work team. The team will go inside Burma, helping Anal Naga with the Baptist Church guest house.
2. Imphel East Evangelism team. They go around the Imphel town and marketplace to distribute tracts.
3. Imphel West Evangelism team. This team will also do EV in the west part of the town, to the locals, the Hindu communities.
4. Thoubal Evangelism team. They will do district evangelism.
5. Thoubal Work team. They will do a church – Meitei Baptist Church. Natu Manipuries, who are the Hindus that have converted and started a church – for them we are building a church.
6. Aeillmaram Evangelism team. They will do EV with the plantation.
95 people have come to know the Lord.


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