Jesus is Lord in Siberia

All the classes take place according to the schedule. Those students that are involved in leading Alpha course (started on January 13, 2011) on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoon programs for local kids work sometimes one or two hours shorter than others because of the  preparation. Our main concern during cold winter months is work on firewood and running our furnace. Right now we’re running out of  DRY firewood. Those rough boards that we have got on January 10th, appeared to be raw instead of being dry as we have been promised. We may keep most of that amount for the future and for the banya, but for the furnace we need DRY firewood now, to mix it with raw birch trees to keep the fire burning.


It takes a lot of firewood to warm up banya also. When it is t-o-o cold, then our students join Rehabcenter – to get clean! Their new banya complex that they have built this summer is very good! Hot and steamy, that most of the students like.
Shower room sink got frozen on December 31, water does not go down. So, if someone needs to wash his or her hair they have to use a basin. But water is still running! Praise the Lord!
On colder days we have to use our SPACEHEATERS – at the boys’ room downstairs and in the loft. We give thanks to the Lord for having them!

Alpha course introduction meeting took place on January 13, 2011. Young people were invited to join it during Christmas Season concert in Krasnaya Niva, on January 8.  There were many people at the House of culture, the hall was full. Except our students there were some church members that were taking part in it. A few people repeated a prayer of salvation when Gosha gave an alter call when concert was over. Sergei, a 39 year old man, that came for Alpha course introduction meeting, had a deep discussion with our students and asked many questions. At the end Dima lead him in a prayer to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. He promised to come to a church service on Sunday morning.

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