South Africa is reaching the lost through soccer


South Africa Boot Camp

South Africa Boot Camp

We visited 4 of the teams and checked on their projects. Two are doing a lot of door to door evangelism. They are cleaning church yards, painting, installing windows and burglar bars. The construction team has finished putting in a perimeter fence for a church and started digging and leveling for the foundation to be built. The Lion team was warned about stealing in their area. They concreted poles for a fence during the day only to find them pulled out the next morning! They have had some rejections but many open doors to the gospel and one lady even offered them food. They are having success praying for drunks, sick and jobless people. Many children attended the special VBS service. Soccer is bringing many salvations.

A sangoma (witchdoctor) lady gave her life to the Lord. She got sick and was told to become a sangoma to be healed, but she wasn’t healed. The Orioles team prayed and she was healed!

Two days after arrival on their project, the Water Buffalo team had a man walk in the church and claimed to be Jesus. This incident caused us to realize that we were not there for holiday but to seek the face of the Lord. After the guy left, the team prayed together and from then we were alert and knew that prayer was the only tool to sustain us and it did.

South Africa elephant

South Africa


The Hyena team was warned about robberies and house breaks in the area they were staying. The boys and leaders slept in an unfinished building without doors and God protected us. On New Year’s Eve we ministered to the police who then were interested in giving us security. They actually offered without us asking and they kept their promise and came every night and checked the area and patrolled almost the whole night.

The Lion team was ran away for doing balloons and were told they were devil worshipers.

When attempting to witness to a violent man, they prayed in the name of Jesus and he ran away. There was healings, miracles and some of the team members had visions and prophecies. They Holy Spirit was moving in a mighty way.

Shrock’s are having a ball with the Australian team. They are keeping busy around the base finishing projects not completed from our Boot Camp. We took them to visit the orphanage which will be their project. The team cleaned the yard of cow manure and trash. They swept and mopped the inside which was a mess. We cleaned up dog, chicken and human waste inside since there are no toilets installed yet. Tomorrow they go to do work tearing down incorrect walls and taking out and replacing correct size window. They gave an awesome presentation at church and a 15-year old team member shared the Word.



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