Testimonies from Tanzania

Tanzania Boot CampThere has been a heavy out pour of rains while training the leaders. They have freely shared about the inconveniencing rains that wet their beddings, with fun, after knowing that this was to be part of Gods training for them.

Also, one male leader attending the team leader training seminar testified and said that his personal goal of coming to the Lord’s boot camp is know the Lord and have a right walk with him.

Many children from various backgrounds have turned up at the Lords boot camp and amazingly, most of them are accepting Jesus Christ. The evening rally is wonderful as teens invent drama and songs which keep the team spirit high and exciting. About 4 team members on average from each team per day have either complained of malaria, headache or stomachache. First aid has been administered and they are doing much better. We still need more first aid to catch up with the demand which comes from bruises after running the OC bare foot. First aid and water are the medicines that have helped the kids to go though the boot camp. The weather portrays no rain for drinking water, but we have emphasized that kids drink lots of water.

We have 5 teams, 15 leaders, 81 team members, and two volunteers.




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