Monthly Newsletter – March 2011

A word from our director, Robert M. Bland:

We are excited about all that has been happening at Teen Missions since the New Year began. Over 650 registrations for 2011 Teen Missions Teams have been received, and we praise the Lord that you are going to be part of His work this summer.

Each month you will receive a letter similar to this from our headquarters. Please read it very carefully. These letters are meant to be an encouragement to you, as well as an update for important information. Should 45 days or more pass and you have not received any information from Teen Missions, please call the U.S./Canadian Teams Department. After you and your parents or guardians have read this letter, please file it in the Teen Missions folder that you received in your packet. We ask that you pray daily for the staff of Teen Missions, the leaders, the mission with whom you will be working, your supporters and prayer partners and the other team members on your team.


A life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle, which was built by Moses in the wilderness at Mt. Sinai, is set up at the Lord’s Boot Camp. During Boot Camp, each team will be given a tour and Bible study of the Tabernacle. During this tour, you will learn how the Tabernacle presented the basics of the Gospel of Jesus as a wordless picture of Christ in the Old Testament. You will also learn how many of the things that Jesus said during His ministry alluded to the Tabernacle. For instance, when He said “I am the Door”, “I am the Light”, “I am the Bread that came down from Heaven”, as well as when He mentioned the blood sacrifice, atonement and the washing of water by the Word, He was referring to the Tabernacle. Visitors who come may also take a one-hour tour of the Tabernacle for a suggested donation of $9 per person. All donations will go to AIDS Orphans and Street Children to help benefit some of the 13 million AIDS orphans in Africa. Team members do not have to make a donation.



FINANCIAL REPORT – Each month you will receive a computer printout of your finance record with each monthly newsletter. The monthly finance records for Canadian Teen Missions members will be mailed from the Outlook office. If you have any questions concerning Canadian finances, please contact the Outlook office at: 306-867-9293.


FINANCE RECORD (Green Sheet) – Be sure to accurately complete your green Finance Record and have someone double check your accounting. The biggest problems at Boot Camp Registration are addition or subtraction errors.


FIRST $300 – Your first $300 in contributions is due 30 days after you receive your support packet. U.S. team members and leaders use the gold envelopes; Canadian members and leaders use the green envelopes.



*If you or your parents are personally contributing money in order to meet the $300 contribution goal in 30 days, it will be considered a contribution and cannot be refunded. It is important that you send donations from your sponsors first before contributing your personal money. Contribution goals include the first $300, halfway, three-fourths and May 10 for Early and Peanut teams, May 20 for Super and Preteen teams.


SEND MONEY NOW/DO NOT HOLD IT – Support money needs to be sent now, as Teen Missions has started making payments in advance for this summer’s ministry. Also, our Finance Department needs to process the money quickly in order to handle the load and keep your record up to date.


POSTDATED CHECKS – Please do NOT send postdated checks. Hold them until the negotiable date.


CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO YOU – If a check made payable to you is sent in for your support, it will be processed to your account as a cash contribution.


MAILING CONTRIBUTION – Please do not fold or attach checks to the coupons. EACH check needs an accompanying coupon. Simply match the coupon with the check and place them in the envelope. If more than one person from the same family is going on a team, be sure to send the money in separate envelopes. Please do not mail only one check per envelope or you will (or you already have) run out of these special envelopes. If you do run out of envelopes, you can use a regular envelope, and address it to Teen Missions, Attn: Finance Dept.


REGISTRATION PAPERWORK – The following should be mailed (in the blue envelope provided) to the Teen Missions office 30 days after you receive your support packet: Two Health Status/Release forms, the Prayer Partner list and the signed General Fact Sheet card. If at any time after you receive your Support Packet you choose NOT to go on your team, please call the Teen Missions office and notify us of this information to avoid any cancellation penalties.


DEPOSITS & DEPARTURE TAXES – Please do not send your deposits and departure taxes to Teen Missions since it cannot be applied to your account. This money will be handled by your team leader upon arrival at Boot Camp. It MUST be in cash. The unused portion of the cash deposit will be returned to you at the team termination point. Specific information will be mailed with the individual team.


ADDRESS CHANGE – If you are moving or changing your address for any reason, please return the address change card included in your support packet. Send both your old and new addresses, and the effective date of the change. Please do not call.


PASSPORT TEEN– ALL Teen team members are required to have a passport except for 11023 Indiana Drama. If you have not applied for one, do so today!


PASSPORT PRETEEN– ALL Preteen team members are required to have a passport except 11072 Old West Indian Reservation. If you have not applied for one, do so today!


TELL YOUR FRIENDS! As of March 10, 2011 all Teen and Preteen teams have openings except:


CHANGING TEAMS – If you decide to switch teams for any reason, there is a $30 ($35 Canadian) re-registration fee. Fee after May 1 is $55 ($65 Canadian).


TRANSPORTATION TO SUPER BOOT CAMP – Teen Missions will pick up team leaders and members at the Orlando International Airport (MCO airport code) on designated arrival days.


Team member arrival information:

Early Boot Camp – 10 AM Saturday, June 11 – 10 AM Sunday, June 12.

Super Boot Camp – 10 AM Wednesday, June 22 – 10 AM Thursday, June 23.

Preteen Boot Camp – 10 AM Tuesday, June 28 – 10 AM Wednesday, June 29.


Teen Missions will have greeters at the Delta Baggage Claim area on the B side of the airport during each of these 24-hour windows to meet team members. Please make sure your arrival times are within the designated times.


Leader arrival — Leaders please consult your paperwork for your arrival and departure information as it differs from team members.



Early, Peanut & Mustard Seed teams – Saturday, June 25

Super & Preteen teams – Saturday, July 9

Super Boot Camp II – Saturday, July 16


TEEN & PRETEEN TEAM MEMBERS FLYING AS UNACCOMPANIED MINORS – Parents, if you are paying extra for the Unaccompanied Minor service for your team member to fly, please call the Teen Missions office the day of your flight to Boot Camp to get the name of the Teen Missions representative meeting the team member upon arrival at the Orlando International Airport. If your team member is NOT flying as paid Unaccompanied Minor, they need to proceed to the Delta Baggage Claim area on the B side of the airport, where they will be met.


TRANSPORTATION TO BOOT CAMP & TRANSPORTATION HOME CARDS – These cards need to be returned to Teen Missions regardless of the method of transportation you will be taking to and from Teen Missions. Please fill out BOTH cards completely, as one stays at the Teen Missions office, and the other goes with the team. Make sure a parent/guardian signs BOTH cards. The Transportation Home card must be signed by the parent/legal guardian to whom you will be released at the end of Debrief. If being picked up by someone other than your parent/legal guardian, then two signatures are required. The signatures on this card must be those of the parent/legal guardian completing the card AND the person who accepts custody of the team member upon release at the end of Debrief.


TEAM MEMBERS BEING PICKED UP AT TEEN MISSIONS – Parents/guardians picking up team members after Debrief may pick them up before 9 PM on these dates:


Early Boot Camp – July 29 between 8 & 9 PM.

Preteen Boot Camp – August 5 between 8 & 9 PM.

Super Boot Camp teams 11009 – 11018 – August 9 between 8 & 9 PM.

Super Boot Camp teams 11020 – 11028 – between 8 & 9 PM.


MISSIONARY BARREL DONATIONS – Each year after Boot Camps are over Teen Missions staff washes the clothes that are left behind in the “Missionary Barrel”. At this time the Barrel is EMPTY, as we have shipped two containers of clothes and blankets with approximately 10,000 pounds of clothes each to Malawi and Zambia to be distributed at AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue Units. We are in need of MORE to fill the next container. We are looking for donations, and would be happy to have you bring anything you can to be added to the next shipment.



BOOTS – ALL leaders and team members. Don’t forget to buy your 6-inch (8-inch are preferred if you can find them) all-leather construction boots now and break them in before you come to Boot Camp. If you have difficulty locating 6”- 8” construction boots, you may contact:


Al’s Army Store, Inc.

400 W. Church Street

Orlando, FL 32801

Telephone: (407) 425-4932





TEAM LEADER TRAINING SEMINAR – If you know of any singles or married couples who might be interested in being a leader on a summer Teen or Preteen team, let them know that there are still openings. There will be leader seminars running up until June 23. Call Teen Missions office at 321-453-0350 and ask for Leader Placement regarding dates and locations.


VOLUNTEERS FOR JESUS – What helps make Boot Camp successful? Over 100 volunteers who come each summer for two to eight weeks to serve the Lord as cooks, kitchen helpers, bus drivers, instructors, security guards, maintenance workers, mechanics, general helpers, etc., make it successful. Help us spread the word that Boot Camp Volunteers are needed!! Tell your parents, church, relatives and friends. You must be at least 21 years or older (18 if a FTM) to volunteer at Boot Camp. For more information and a brochure, write or call Teen Missions 321-453-0350 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.


HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS & GRADUATES – If you are looking for a Bible school, why not consider Teen Missions Florida Free Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center located in Merritt Island, Florida. Florida Free is a unique opportunity for those who feel called to full-time missions and want the academic program of a Bible institute without the financial obligations involved. For information and a brochure, write or call Teen Missions 321-453-0350 and speak to the BMW Administrator.


TMI VIDEO – A VHS video or a DVD of the Teen Missions program (Boot Camp Scrapbook) is available for a donation. This can be a great help in raising your support. This video “scrapbook” contains one hour of candid shots of the ‘10 Boot Camp and a 30-minute film: Teens Getting Dirty For God Worldwide. To order the Boot Camp Scrapbook, call Teen Missions and ask for the Video Dept.


TEEN MISSIONS PRAYER CLOSET – You are a part of Teen Missions prayer vigil. During the 40-hour work week, a staff member is always praying in the prayer closet at the Merritt Island office. Your prayer card is in our prayer closet and you are brought before the Lord in prayer every business day. Each of the teams going out this summer also receive prayer to prepare everyone involved with the project. The team leaders, mission, missionaries, national believers, local witness of the team and building supplies are all prayer concerns for the teams. Prayer is unquestionably a vital, necessary part of all mission boards and ministries such as Teen Missions. “But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:6).




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  1. Hi, my daughter Ezzie Jensen is going on the Zimbabwe trip and I would like to fly down with her from PA to register. Can I get a ride from the airport to Merrit Island with her, and a possible ride back on the bus, or do I need to rent a car? Thanks, she is SOOO excited!

  2. Beth, Taylor is leaving ORlando on the Aug 10th at 2pm will he have to leave BootCamp at 6am or will there be a second run to the airport later?

    Thanks so much! What a blessing to see all the new registrations. Thanks for serving HIm.

  3. Hey, how are you doing Beth, I am sure things are getting busy for TMI staff. What a blessing to see the #of Kids coming this year. Thanks for serving our Lord

  4. What is the date they can be picked up from super boot camp teams 20-28? Is it August 13th between 8 pm and 9 Pm? and what if wepick them up on the 14th? Just checking so we can make final plans for pick up and fill out the transportation home card.

    • Tracey, They can be picked up on the 13th between 8-9 PM and on the 14th before 10 AM (the earlier, the better). The ones going to the airport leave at 6AM.

  5. Michaela Lidstone

    when will we get the transpotation cards?

  6. There is no info on which teams are open under tell your friends… Can anybody tell me wh any details on this?

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