Petersen, Steve & Gay (Spring 2011)

Dear Friends and Family,

Timothy & Faith with Grandma during a Spring Break visit to the Brevard Zoo!

We have been blessed to be able to help thousands of orphans through our Rescue Unit ministries in Africa. Our facilitators have taught God’s Word, cleaned wounds, taught nutrition seminars for young mothers and much more. Often, the simple needs can be overwhelming. In the winter months many children lack warm clothing and blankets. In December we shipped our first 20 foot container to Malawi with 22,000 pounds of clothes; in March it arrived at our base in Chipoka. Praise the Lord! On March 3rd a second container was packed and shipped with clothes and blankets to go to Zambia. We are told it will take 52 days in transit. Please pray that this container will pass customs quickly and reach our base in Ndola before the African winter months (June — August).

Florida Update

Steve is teaching Synthesis III this term at the BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW). This class covers the Old Testament books of I Samuel through Esther. We currently have 19 students with a large new class already registered to join us in the fall term. He continues to work on the ministry websites and is now joining the rest of the staff and students outside on Wednesdays to begin summer preparations and perform much-needed repairs on our buildings and equipment.

Gay is very busy this spring as she continues to homeschool the kids and cook on the weekends for the BMW students, various retreats at our Conference Center, and the spring work groups that come to volunteer. Gay is also coordinating volunteer housing on Heavenly Street and has recently been assigned a large data entry project for the BMW office. She has also begun planning and preparing for the Peanut Program (7-9 year-olds) which she will coordinate again this year.

Our Big Top tents are scheduled to go up this month and some of our overseas staff have already begun arriving. Oscar and Maureen Chama are here from Zambia and Lyudmila Litvinova from our Russia base is also set to arrive in the coming weeks. They are each assigned to lead teen teams back to their respective countries.

Currently, we are scheduled to lead the 2011 teen team to Indiana. It is an evangelistic team that will plan to join with youth from TTT ministries to do open-air evangelism at the state fairs in the Tri-State area. Our national staff in Russia are ready to plan and run the Boot Camp there this year without us. Although we will greatly miss going to Russia this summer, we know they will do wonderfully, and we are so proud of their growth and leadership.

The Russia Bible School staff and students conducted several local outreaches this winter. Lyuda (pictured center) is planning to visit the US Boot Camp this summer and then return to Russia as a leader on the Around the World Teen Team.

We are now planning for our fall trip through the southern US, midwest and out to Colorado. Please let us know if we might be able to share about Teen Missions with your youth group or church.

The kids are growing up way too fast. Timothy, 9 years old, is currently playing Minor 1 baseball and loving it. He is one of the youngest on his team, but is enjoying learning more about the proper techniques of batting, pitching and catching. Faith, 6 years old, is playing soccer for the first time this season. She loves to run and enjoys meeting new friends, so she is having lots of fun with her new sport.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support this year. We know that many individuals, families and churches are making great sacrifices to enable us to serve the Lord with Teen Missions and we pray that the Lord blesses you abundantly in return!

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


• For the safe arrival of our first container in Malawi • For two healthy children who are growing physically

and spiritually • For all who support us in prayer, finances and with encouraging notes, letters and email

Prayer Items:

• For unity and Spiritual growth on our Indiana Team • For a full Peanut Boot Camp and quality Peanut leaders • For our Spring Boot Camps in Philippines, India and Zambia (Lufwanyama) • For anointing on the Boot Camp speakers and teachers




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