Snell, Andy & Carrie (Spring 2011)

Warmest Greetings From Sunny Florida!!

BMW graduating class 2011

We are starting to count down the days until the team members arrive for all the summer teams. Boot Camp preparations are being made: putting up the Big Top tents and Obstacle Courses; water bottles, T’shirts and bug spray ordered, and the saints readied to pray for the 40 days leading up to the arrival day. It seems like just a little while ago that we were in Hong Kong with nine great teens doing evangelism on the streets and planting seeds of the gospel. Now we have to ask ourselves, “What does the Lord have in store for us this summer?” With five leaders and twenty-seven team members (Bekah & Drew too!), we should be able to accomplish a big work on the construction site; however, we are more concerned about reaching the orphans and the 40,000 people at the nearby tent city with the gospel.

Here is our summer schedule: June 7 Our three other leaders arrive

June12 Team member arrival & registration day

June 13 – 25 Boot Camp training

June 26 Leave for Haiti

July 26 Debrief (in Florida)

July 30 Go Day (team members return home)

Please pray for us and the team as we prepare to do a mighty work in Haiti. We would love to hear from you this summer. You can write

to us in Haiti:

Teen Missions Team 11004,  c/o Grace Village,  PO Box 1778,  Carrefour, HAITI, W.I.


Presently eighteen students are studying at the Florida Free BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center with four other students completing their internship portion of the training. Five of the current students will be finishing the academic part of the three-year program in June. Each of them has begun looking toward their internship by raising financial and prayer support. As interns they will be completing the practical, hands-on phase of the education representing Teen Missions at the Florida headquarters and the overseas bases of Ecuador, Canada and South Africa. We both feel so blessed to have a direct influence in these students’ lives by living and working with them on a daily basis. What an awesome privilege it is to help train tomorrow’s pastors, missionaries and teachers. We get to see firsthand all the spiritual growth in their lives. As we look toward the future of the Training Center, we are excited for all the Lord has in store. We already have nine new students going through the acceptance process for the academic phase of the BMW next fall, and nine former students joining us again to complete their internships after raising all of their needed prayer and financial support. One couple will serve in Malawi, another couple in Australia and the others at the headquarters in Florida. Praise the Lord!!

We shared a little with you last time about the evangelism ministry that we are helping to oversee with the students: The Way of the Master. This has been an eight-week program that we have done in conjunction with First Baptist of Cocoa Beach. Each Saturday the students studied a section of the evangelism curriculum and then went door-to-door in local neighborhoods to practice what they just learned. They then reported all of the trials and triumphs of sharing their faith. Some were surprised at the fact that they encountered fellow Christians in need of encouragement and prayer. While many doors were closed in their faces and even some cuss words yelled at them, many gospel seeds were planted in the hearts of those they spoke with. The evangelism tools acquired through this lesson has made all of us aware of so many around us in need of salvation through Jesus. The mission field begins here, right now. The lesson really made us think, “When was the last time I shared my faith with someone?” or “Why don’t I do it more often?” “What is keeping me from sharing Jesus with others?” Many of the fears and apprehensions during the first couple weeks have been conquered. I have seen their fears be replaced with boldness and a deeper love and concern for the lost. It has also brought them closer as a student body, bringing prayer and spiritual discussions to the forefront. I have to chuckle when I think of a testimony that one of the students told about evangelizing on the beach. For one of the afternoons the students went to share with all the ‘Spring Breakers’ on Cocoa Beach. What a great mission field right here in our ‘backyard’. Travis and Seth approached a couple of young men while they played volleyball. The young men took one look at the students, mumbled the word, “Christian!” and took off running in the opposite direction. Believe it or not, that was a compliment to them, that they were seen as different. It spurred them on to be even bolder with the next group they encountered.

2011 Student Body


We will be doing a quick trip through the Atlanta, GA area up to Nashville, TN and back to FL again at the beginning of August. If you would like for us to speak at your church, youth group, or school event while we are in your area, please let us know. We are also open to just a quick visit to say, “Hi!” Andy will be in Rockford, IL for a few days in the middle of September. He hopes to see many of you in that area then.

Thank you

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given toward our finances on a monthly basis or for Bekah & Drew’s travel expenses. Praise God

that we have all the money in to cover the summer costs for the kids to go to Haiti with us. Likewise, praise the Lord that we have seen a steady increase in our monthly support. This is a big encouragement to us that we are to remain steadfast in our ministry here. Thank you for being such a vital part of this ministry. We can honestly say that we could not continue without your financial support and especially your prayers.

In His name,

The Snells Proverbs 3:5&6

Praises: – Bekah & Drew’s team costs paid in full

– Increase in monthly support

– Good health

– Bekah & Drew doing very well in school

Prayer Requests:

– Preparations for Boot Camp

– Haiti team (health, safety, hearts to reach the lost)

– Spiritual growth, consistent devotions

– Opportunities to share the gospel


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