Petersen, Doug & Barb (Spring 2011)

Dear Family and Friends,

It seems that the theme for this newsletter has to be “pressure”. Surely pressure must have some advantages. Pressure sharpens a knife, it molds a clay pot, it forms a diamond, and I trust, that it pushes us to new levels of trust and growth in the Lord. But sometimes it seems to just plain hurt. So where is the pressure? It is from a list of priorities and Doug asked the other day, “What are you supposed to do when they are all supposed to be, ‘Number One?’”

So what is happening with us? We are pushing to get into the new house. It is almost done except for the main bathroom. We have to hook up the fixtures and put up wall tile. Then the inspector needs to say “ok” to turning on the electric. We have some landscaping and steps to build outside, a little bit of painting to do on the new closet doors that are being built in the bedroom and kitchen. It has been a long time, but it will be really great to move in, the Lord willing.

Doug and Barb with Chief Mumena, Smart and Bornface, the Mumena Rescue Unit facilitators

We had a wedding recently between a facilitator and a matron from Muchinchi, Benson and Esnart. Doug was the marrying preacher this past Saturday. The wedding reception and the kitchen party (shower) were here at Teen Missions. All went very well and everyone and everything was beautiful.

There has been a big push to get our custom’s exemption through the hoops and the loops of many offices, most of which are in Lusaka. We are believing that it will happen and we will be approved.

The Lufwanyama Boot Camp starts next week. We will run at a new place in the area called Wangibasha. Teen Missions in Australia is giving toward this new Rescue Unit and we want to clear some of the land to make room for development, etc. This land is far away and the roads are horrible. The wear and tear on the trucks and car is adding up. They just got back this morning with our work crew that was building shelters and doing some clearing. The truck was in rough shape but they made it home. In one place, a vehicle was stuck blocking the hill, forcing our truck into the bush and rock in order to maneuver around it. It made it through without getting stuck. Doug is heading there tomorrow. The Boot Camp staff, under Nelson, went out today with all of their equipment to run the Boot Camp.

Finances are a huge challenge these last months. The wages have gone up and the taxes have gone up and the budget from the stateside has been cut 25%, so it is a stretch every time we look at accounts and try to make budgets.

The good news is that some of the people here are concerned for the ministry in Zambia and beginning to think of ways to help. A big boost came from Chief of Chiefs (Chief Mumana) in the Solwezi area. We were able to see him and talk with him, and he really thinks that the mines, which are making money on copper, should give back to the orphans. He is on the Board of one of the big mines in his chiefdom and will talk to them. So far we have not heard back, but we will follow up with him. He is a wonderful Christian brother. His daughter has been with Teen Missions at our base three times and his son once, plus nieces and nephews. His daughter is now a captain in the Air Force. She says that Teen Missions Boot Camp prepared her for her life work. I don’t know if that can be true, but it is her testimony that she shares with others. The copper price is very high at $10,000 US dollars a ton. We see tons and tons leaving the country on a daily basis.

Another local pastor, Pastor Nyirenda, is also picking up a burden for the work in Zambia. He is very pro-active and a great encouragement to us. Both the Chama and Kabwata families attend his church. He is also a friend of ours. So we do have some encouragement from within Zambia which is very refreshing. It is like someone is giving us a drink of cool water from time to time.

Thieves have attacked again. Someone stole the motor to our pump down by the stream. This Saturday someone stole Doug’s Thompson Chain Bible from his desk in the office. It was the day of the wedding and we had many outsiders within. Maybe it will turn up, but so far nothing. He has all of his own notes in it, which he will miss the most, even if we order another Bible. I think you know that it is just not the same as the old one, which fits like a glove.

God is good and our eyes are on Him. We read about the pressures that the Apostle Paul had and they were very many. (II Cor. Ch. 4 and Ch. 6) Ours do not compare to his. He felt the pressure as he wrote the verses we quoted above. We know that the Lord will see us through as we make Him our number ONE priority!

We say a special thank you for your prayers and your support. We press on toward the upward call of Jesus Christ our Lord. We take comfort in the fact that when we see Him we shall be like Him. Oh glorious Day!

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together in His Harvest. You are very precious to us!

Doug and Barb Petersen PO Box 71569 Email: [email protected]

Prayer Requests: 1) Quality time for just being with the Lord in praise and worship and in the Word of God 2) Three US teams coming this summer 3) That we move in our house during this month 4) Health, strength, and grace in abundance 5) Wisdom from God



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  1. my thompson chain disappeared in MEXICO and was returned a year later
    as i tell my kids “NOTHING IS LOST IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD”
    liberia 85 portugal, russia guetamala

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