Can God use a broken sinner? See what He is doing in Brazil!

Brazil Staff & Students
Brazil BMW Staff & Students

The Lord has been working in the lives of many of the BMW  students here in Brazil since they arrived. Most come from broken homes and very hard backgrounds.

The three 2nd year students have begun their ministry in town. They leave after lunch on Saturdays and return on Monday mornings. The two guys, Edson and Eli, are assisting at a Drug Rehab Centre. They have both been through rehab themselves in the past, Edson even went to this same centre where they are ministering. Praise God for his redeeming work in the lives of these young men! What satan meant for evil, God is now using for good! The guys are relieving the staff on the week-ends. They supervise and counsel the men on Saturday afternoons and hold a Bible study with them on Saturday nights. On Sundays they take the men to Sunday School in the mornings and Church in the evenings. There are about 20 young men in the Centre. Mariana, our female 2nd year student, is working in a church in Sao Miguel. She assists with a teen ministry on Saturday evenings and teaches Sunday School on Sunday mornings.
Another story of God using these students He has redeemed, to spread His Gospel, comes from Junior, a 2nd year BMW student…  After a church service one weekend I went across the road to witness to a group of young people. I saw that they were sincere in listening, so I explained to them the plan of salvation. They didn’t know anything about salvation and one of them decided to accept Christ as her Savior.I felt so much joy in leading her to Christ. How many people in this town are willing to accept Christ, but don’t know the simple plan of salvation and so have never made the most important decision of their lives. For this reason we need people trained, who can explain the gospel in all its simplicity and purity, just as Jesus taught us.

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