Group from Oregon makes an impact in Honduras!

Agriculture Project: Coffee Plants at Teen Missions in Honduras
We were blessed to have a team from Oregon come and help us here at the base in Honduras and with ministry. During the time the team was here, the students rotated between working alongside them and taking care of our coffee plantation – we have to fill 20,000 plastic bags with dirt for when the coffee plants are ready to sell!

The men on the team were able to build new trusses and get them put up, as well as put the new roof on the girl’s dormitory building (which houses eight). The women painted the classroom, the kitchen and some shelves – which all look much nicer!

Saturday, March 19 was an exciting day as the team joined the students for an afternoon of evangelism in the outskirts of Santa Cruz. We separated into five different groups and visited homes for about two hours. At the end, when we got back together, we were all thrilled to find out that a total of nine people had prayed to accept Christ that day! Others had asked for prayer and so it was a great day in the Lord!

The next day, Sunday, we all went to a different area, also in the outskirts of Santa Cruz, where the students held Sunday School for about 20 children. The Oregon team also participated by doing a choreography to a very evangelistic, cute kid’s song.

The following Sunday the students held a special program for kids and 25 kids came. They used clowns, dramas, songs, and games. Among the adults, four people accepted Christ! Praise the Lord!

It is always such a great experience when people come to visit from the U.S. The night before they left, we got together and most everyone shared something about how their life had been touched in one way or another. New friendships were made, differences in culture caused laughter at times, and God’s Word was shared. So we all learned something from one another.


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