Myers, Anthony & Shawna (Spring 2011)

Greetings to all our family and friends!      VISITS FROM FAMILY MEMBERS

This Spring has been very busy with visits from family members. Shawna’s brother, Len, called us one day and said he was in Orlando for a conference so we went over one evening to see him. It’s been three years since we have been able to see Shawna’s brother, Stephen and his family. They came down for Spring Break, which was the same time as our kids’ Spring Break. We were able to stay with them in a place on the beach. Shawna was off with the kids and Anthony took a couple of days off so we could do some things together. We went to Medieval Times and enjoyed a great meal while watching the show. Just being able to spend time together was a blessing. We hope that it isn’t another three years until we get together again. Anthony’s parents came two days after Shawna’s brother left, and we enjoyed having them here for a week, also.

Shawna, her twin brother, Stephen, and their families


Brandon has enjoyed his first year playing on the high school tennis team.He has gotten better as the season has progressed and even mom and dad have been giving him some good practice. At the time of this writing, they just won second place in Districts and are going to Regionals next week. Darin is very busy playing Little League baseball and county tackle football. It is a new eight on eight instructional league. He seems to like football better than baseball. Jessie is doing well and is jumping at the chance to get her driver’s permit in September, which motivated Brandon. He got his permit just before his 16th birthday in April! Brandon and Jessie are looking forward to being in Pennsylvania this summer. They will be going up on the train with Amy and her family on June 29th, and will fly back to Florida on August 3rd. They start school on August 10th.


May 9-13, Anthony will be in Harrisburg, PA to help put up the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. This is an awesome opportunity to learn more about the Tabernacle and how each piece of inside furniture points to Jesus Christ. Please pray for nice set-up weather. At this time, he is also scheduled to make a trip to Toronto to put up another Tabernacle (which is being built in Florida as we speak) at Crossroads Communications. They had the Tabernacle a few years ago and would like to have it up for the summer in celebration of their 50th anniversary. Pray for the many hours of travel and for safety in working on these projects.

Anthony & Darin


We plan to have all five Big Tops up and ready for training young people here at the US Boot Camp by the end of April. The first Boot Camp starts with leaders coming in on June 11th, and the last teams returning home on August 19. This will include five Boot Camps, four Peanut teams, four Preteen teams, eight Early Boot Camp teen teams and 18 Super Boot Camp teen teams involving over 750 young people and leaders. Pray for traveling safety, wisdom for the leaders, spiritual growth, and that they will be a witness to the Lord Jesus Christ wherever they go and to whomever they meet.


As we mentioned in our last letter, Anthony, Shawna and Darin are scheduled to go to Hope School in Beit Jala, Israel, just outside of Jerusalem. The valley seen from the school is the traditional battleground of David and Goliath! We will be doing some renovations and painting the school dorms and classrooms as well as repair the fencing around the property. Sundays will be spent sharing Christ in local Arab Christian churches. We will enjoy seeing some of the sites including the Church of the Nativity, Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, Golgotha and The Garden Tomb. June 18-25, Darin will be on his own Peanut team called “Nehemiah Trusses”. He is a little apprehensive, but we know he will enjoy it. His cousin, Micah, is on the team, which he is excited about. We are thankful for all those who have sent in money to cover the expenses for Darin’s two teams. As staff members, we have the responsibilities of running the Boot Camps as well as having a team here, which can be difficult at times. Pray that we will be strong spiritually, physically, and emotionally as we serve the Lord this summer.


If you would like to write us this summer you can write us at (until July 25):

Teen Missions Team 11018

Hope Secondary School

Box 5 Beit Jala, West Bank ISRAEL

Upcoming events to pray for: *Tabernacle set ups in Harrisburg and Toronto *Summer Ministry June 11-August 17 *Brandon and Jessie in PA for the summer *Traveling safety and protection overseas


We will have a few weeks off at the end of August and beginning of September. The kids will be in school, but we are planning for Anthony to go to PA to do some deputation between August 20 and September 12. If you would like for him to share at your church any day of the week, please let us know so we can work out a schedule. We are so encouraged by all of you who are a part of our lives and ministry here, and are blessed to be able to serve the Lord here as a family. We hope and pray that you will also have a safe and blessed summer as you serve the Lord however He would have you.

In His Service,

Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin

[email protected]


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