Yost, Bob and Paula (Spring 2011)

Dear Family and Friends,

Time flies! It seems like it moves faster and faster each year.  Maybe it’s all the things we try to pack into our days and weeks that make time go by so quickly. Do you get so busy doing things for God that you forget to be still and enjoy God? Psalm 46:10 comes to mind, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Can you hear God saying, “Enough already! Just be still and get to know Me!” In fact, one version of the Bible on our bookshelf translates this verse as “Desist, and learn that I am God.” We are trying to slow down enough to see and recognize what God is doing around us and in us. It is a challenge, but worth doing.

Paula and friends at her surprise birthday party

Bob and I are both involved in Bible studies where we are hopefully learning to know God better and enjoy Him more. We both get to do Tabernacle tours on occasion. It amazes me that, even though we say nearly the same thing each time, what we say is still new and fresh—we don’t get tired of it. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that “The Word of God is alive and powerful.” We enjoy sharing the new things that God has shown us and look forward to sharing these things with the preteens we will have with us this summer.

Before we know it, our team of preteens will be arriving, excited to go out to the “Old West.” At the time of this writing, we have 25 preteens on our team and three other leaders. We will be doing a project at a Navajo church in Burnt Corn Valley, a small town about 15 miles or so from Pinon, Arizona. We will be building porches at the church and pouring sidewalks. Even though we will be in the U.S., it looks like we’ll be fairly isolated. I had to do an internet search to find Burnt Corn Valley. On the map it looks like the last leg of our journey will be on dirt roads, but we know that when we get there, we will find family (God’s family) and are looking forward to helping our brothers and sisters in Christ at this church and making new friends.

Getting ready to make matzoh balls for the Seder meal

Getting to Burnt Corn Valley will be an adventure. Pray with us for a smooth running bus and no mechanical difficulties. We have two bus drivers now, a big praise! Even so, it will be a long trip with all those preteens. We are looking now for Bible word games and puzzles for the kids to do on the bus. I’m thinking about how we’re going to feed everyone as we go across country. We have a place to stop in Louisiana, but have a long way to go after that before we reach our home for the summer.

Bob continues to be involved with singing. The Space Coast Oratorio Society just had their concert where they sang Beethoven’s “Mount of Olives” and Bruckner’s “Te Deum”. He also sings with a select group of singers who often join one of the area’s orchestras or community bands. His last concert before the summer will be with the Brevard Community Chorale where they will sing hits of the 60’s and 70’s. We find it odd that the younger members of the chorale are not familiar with the songs!

My latest project is planning and cooking a Passover meal or Seder for a group at the local church we attend. We haven’t had one there for more than ten years. Many people are looking forward to experiencing it. I’m thinking of making 100 matzah balls for the soup! As New Testament believers, we have a rich heritage in the Old Testament. I’m looking forward to sharing the ritual and ceremony and of course, the food, with church family who are not familiar with the Seder, as well as learning new things myself. I praise God for the many friends He has given me to help put this together.

Home improvement continues to be on the list. Painting the outside of the house (it’s been 20 years since we painted last) will hopefully be done before the summer. We had a yard sale last month and are slowly getting things cleared out of the family room (more commonly referred to as the junk room). The goal is to make it a usable room. When you don’t have a garage, the stuff ends up somewhere and that seems to be the room. We read somewhere that when you get older (which we’re not ready to claim) you need to simplify. Besides simplifying a bit, I want to be able to enjoy the family treasures from my dad’s house.

At Teen Missions, Bob is busy in the Literature Warehouse getting literature, pencils for Bible marking, verse packets and Gospel coins ready for summer teams, both for U.S. and Overseas Boot Camps. Today, he was copying documents in Russian in the morning and in Portuguese in the afternoon. He works with a man in California in getting Gospel coins in many different languages. One side says, “Where will you spend eternity?” and the other has John 3:16 on it. We have Gospel coins in a multitude of languages and we try to send them out with all our teams. Bob has also helped this man to get translations for some of the languages.

Bob with his mother, brother John and sister Louise in December 2010

One of the joys of this time of year is that many of our overseas staff arrive for the Florida Boot Camp. We look forward to seeing many of them each year and getting to know some of our national staff from other countries. This year Oscar and Maureen Chama from Zambia; Dave and Janet Chale from Malawi; Innocent Sebit from Uganda; Claimet Sibanda from Zimbabwe; and Lyuda Litvinova from Siberia are coming. The world becomes smaller when you get to know God’s family from other places.

We will be heading west the end of August and plan to get to Fresno and Modesto to see many of you. There is still much to do at my father’s house in Walnut Creek, so we will spend time there, also. We pray God’s blessings upon you and thank Him for your faithfulness to us over the years.

It is with a great deal of sadness that we need to let you know that Bob’s mother, Jeannette, passed away early April 16, 2011. We are still in the process of making plans for a memorial service on May 14 in Sun City, Arizona and also one in Pennsylvania for the East Coast relatives. Thank you for your prayers.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

955 Butia St. Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]


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