Maher, Tom and Linda (Spring 2011)

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews ll:6

Dear Friends,

The new Rescue Unit in Gom, Cameroon

We hope and trust you all enjoyed the Easter season with family and friends. We had a wonderful time with our children in celebration of a risen Savior. Since the beginning of the new year, we have been separated as a couple for 57 days. Although we had different experiences in all of our travels and adventures, God was faithful!


Tom led an adult team to Cameroon from February 1-16. The team actually ended up being only he and one other lady, Karen (this was Karen’s third trip to Cameroon). Our three national staff and a former BMW student along with his wife and son, joined Tom and Karen on a four-day trip to our Rescue Unit in Impalim. They did foot washing, treated medical issues and taught Bible stories. Above all, they shared Christ by loving on lots of orphans. During the rest of Karen’s stay in Cameroon, she helped by tutoring some of our BMW students who struggle with reading. One student, Jarvis, had about a 5th grade reading level and he really benefited from the tutoring. Karen really enjoyed her time in Cameroon. Tom remained in the country a few more weeks handling the various aspects of running the base and Rescue Units. He and several of our national staff were able to put in the foundation of our fourth Rescue Unit in Gom. Tom was so moved by the poverty in this area; everywhere he looked, there were children. He noticed lots of women and few men, many of whom were hungry and struggling to survive. Since Tom’s return, our national students and staff have completed the Unit and Lord willing, it will open in September. There is one clinic in this area that usually has empty shelves and it is supposed to service 18,000 people. The medicines we will supply for the Unit will save lives, especially the malaria medicines. There is also a great need for the Gospel. We are trusting as our facilitators move in and get to know the people, that they will be able to point many to the Truth. Papa Tom had the joy of meeting our newest national staff family member, Daniel Anesek, as he was born on November 1, 2010 and Mama Linda can hardly wait to see him in July.

Linda having fun with the children of South Africa


Part of the time that Tom was in Cameroon, I was with my family in Pennsylvania. My mother, Eleanor, went through a 16-hour surgery for the removal of a cancerous tumor in her spine. It is difficult to explain the range of emotion experienced in those three weeks. We had highs and lows as we watched Mom go through not one, but two surgeries; the second surgery was to stop bleeding. She spent seven days in ICU and then it was another week until we could transfer her to a rehab facility. In total, it was 45 days before she got to go home. As a result of this surgery, Mom will set off airport scanners as she is now outfitted with quite a bit of hardware. They replaced much of her right hip socket and put a bar up her back. She did loose much of her right foot control as nerves were cut. She is using a walker and foot brace and most likely they will be her friends for quite sometime. She still has stage two cancer and we will soon make a decision on future treatment. The doctors are suggesting a period of low dose radiation. We covet your continued prayers. All in all, I am so grateful for the opportunity to go and serve my parents in this way. We give God glory that Mom is still with us. I was the steady presence with her in the hospital as my other siblings could not leave work. My father and I had a treasured time together and I was so thankful to be there with and for him as well.

The South Africa Adult Team, aka The Flag and Bag Ladies

On April 5, I left with an Adult Team for the country of South Africa. I traveled with three other ladies, Sabrina, Candace and Leah. The Lord went before us the entire way and the trip was good. The ladies sewed 30+ school bags for children and two sets of flags to be used in evangelism with national teams. I am sewing challenged, so I spent my time cooking for the team and working with the base coordinators. In the afternoons, the ladies joined the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Riders and helped with the Sunday schools. It was such a blessing to work with the children. They sang songs, played games and helped with the phonics classes. One of the ladies, Leah, was physically challenged, having been born with spinal bifida. She was truly amazing, actually she was a sewing genius. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was so grateful Teen Missions accepted her on a team. It was a wonderful time of fellowship both with each other and with the South African base staff and Bible school students. They had a wide range of experiences including black churches where the worship team leaped four feet in the air, Africaans churches that had a white pastor, the national meal of chicken feet and corn meal mush (pap) and the pleasant surprise of an Africaans barbeque with lamb chops. They went on a Safari and I loved seeing the lions. Our Zimbabwe staff made it to the base to meet with me while I was there and that was an incredible blessing.


Our offices are quite busy as we prepare for the summer Boot Camps and U.S. Teams. And YES, we will be leading a team together! We are leading the Cameroon Pygmy Team this summer. The team will be building the surgery building right behind the clinic we built with a team in 2007. We are looking forward to another trip to minister to the Baka Pygmy. They are truly beautiful. After the team leaves for the States, we will return to the base. Our time in Cameroon this year will be spent doing lots of travel and meetings. First on the list is the national Debrief and then the BMW graduation. I will run a refresher (training course) with our Rescue Unit facilitators and then we plan to visit each Unit, including our newest in Gom which is six hours from the base. We will be in Gom for a few days to help photograph and register the orphans. We will also be setting up and placing our first MSSM Circuit. I will train the Circuit Riders and then travel out and ride the Circuit with them—Yeah Mama Linda Motorcycle Mama! Our base is blessed with an intern couple until December, Taylor and Becca along with infant son, Malachi. It will be fun settling them in and starting up the Bible school for another year.

The South African Bible School Students

We plan to return to the States around September 16. We will then fly to Indiana on September 19 for the annual YEA conference where Linda serves as the board secretary. Following our time in Indiana, we will begin a month on the road with The Lesson to raise Sunday schools and awareness for MSSM. Keep praying with us for 111 Sunday schools by 11/11/11. We plan to return to Florida October 25th.


We have the best prayer and financial supporters on the planet! Thank you! Thank you for your love and care of us. What a blessing to know that you are standing and serving beside us! To God be the Glory!


Praise: 1. God’s faithfulness during our separation. 2. The set up and establishment of our 4th Rescue Unit 3. Our own children are doing well!

Prayer 1. Eleanor’s (my mom) continued healing. 2. The Lord to go before us in all we do this summer and fall. 3. Safety and health for the tasks ahead. 4. Zach and Daniel will both be at Brevard Community College this fall and Kalah will be doing her student teaching. 5. Consistent monthly support.


Tom and Linda



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