Kostner, Paul and Beth (Spring 2011)

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

Kostner Family

Well, it is April and time for our last prayer letter before the summer. Wow!

We are excited about what the Lord has in store for all of us this summer. “Summer staff” will be our ministry this summer. We have the privilege of ministering to team members, their parents, fellow staff members and missionaries this summer. We should be moving out to our “home” (a motel-type room) full-time at the beginning of June and we will not be moving home until after the last Debrief on August 14. Colton and Danae begin their teams on June 12 and BJ begins on June 29. As of this writing we have almost 700 team members and leaders signed up for teams this summer!

The weather is reminding us that our summer ministry is just around the corner. The heat has arrived and we are sure the mosquitoes are just around the corner. Next week we will begin setting up all the Big Top tents. Thankfully, we have a couple of “work groups” that will be helping us with this feat.

Once again, the phone calls and emails are starting to increase in number and fervency. I really enjoy encouraging these parents who are sending their children away for the summer, many for the first time. I sometimes think it is more of a faith-stretching experience for the parents than for the kids going. I know it is for  me.  Maybe it is because I am not as “pliable” as I was when I was younger. It’s one thing for Paul and I to go traipsing all over the world. It is a totally different thing for me to send my kids there without me!:)

Colton is doing well. His last report card left a lot to be desired, so he is now “grounded” from anything “fun” (TV, electronic devices, etc.) until at least mid-term. Now, he is reading for “fun”. He is getting excited (and somewhat nervous) about his upcoming trip to Haiti. He has all his support and is working hard at cutting grass to get his spending money. We are waiting till the very last minute to buy his boots for fear they won’t fit him when he starts his ministry!

Danae just turned 13. She will be getting braces at the end of this month. She cannot wait to go on her team to Israel. She also has all her support and has been dog and house sitting to get her spending money. She is more of a “saver” than Colton and BJ…She continues to do well in school.

BJ will also be getting braces at the end of the month. He chipped a tooth a couple of years ago and it recently “died” and had to be pulled. Unfortunately, it was a “permanent” tooth, but fortunately, it is one of the bottom teeth. Braces should help fill in the hole and also take care of the crowding. We are thankful that he has all his support and he is trying to beat Colton out of the grass cutting jobs for his spending money. He is excited!



Lindsay…Wow! She is a senior with a BAD case of “senioritis”! She has the days and hours counted down until graduation day! Her high school soccer team made it all the way to the State Finals this year before losing in overtime. It was an amazing run for an amazing team! During her four years of high school, her team made it to the State Finals three times, winning once and coming in second the other two years. The only year they didn’t make it to State, they went as far as the Regional Finals. She (and us) have had a hard time with the fact that this aspect of her life is over. She has played with many of these girls since she was eight years old. We are already missing the camaraderie we shared with the parents.

She is running track this year for the first time. She is a part of several events, but her strongest event is the 4 X 100 relay. She is very excited about attending Bryan College (Dayton, Tennessee) in the fall and is looking forward to playing soccer again. She has to be at school at the beginning of August for soccer training, but classes don’t actually start until the end of August. Please continue to pray for her as she begins this new phase of her life. She is applying for several “small” scholarships to help with the many expenses of college. She will continue working at an assisted living facility until she leaves for Bryan.

Lindsay's Senior picture

Class of 2011

Announcing the graduation of Lindsay Ann-Angelie Kostner from Merritt Island High School on May 20, 2011

We are so humbled when we think of the part you play in our lives and ministry. You have been so faithful in giving and praying for us. It can’t be “easy”, especially in today’s economy. Thank you for listening to His still small voice and being faithful to the call He has given you in being a vital part of our ministry. We couldn’t serve here if you weren’t serving Him also. THANK YOU!!!!

Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner




  1. So nice to read about your family and to see pictures! Thank you for all your help over the summer making sure our kids had a great experience once again with TMI

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