Hames, Blair & Carrie (Spring 2011)

Dear Friends and Family,

This year has been quite busy and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. There have been many changes for our family so far this year as some doors have been closed and some may be beginning to open.

Blair’s grandfather passed away in March, which was very hard on Blair because he was very close to his grandfather. The promise of eternity in Heaven is such a blessing in the midst of sorrow and it was a comfort knowing that Pa knew the Lord. Blair’s grandmother asked him to share at the funeral and it was an honor and privilege for Blair to share about his grandfather’s godly example that he watched while growing up. We were able to see the Lord use this time to reach others, and it was a blessing to spend time with family and friends.

Pa's Funeral


We thank all of you who have prayed for us as we sought after what God would have us do. God has not opened the door for us to go to Australia. We really hoped that it would work, but it was not God’s timing. We praise Him and are thankful for the promise that he will make all things perfect in His time. We know that the Lord has some great things in store even if we do not know what they might be, so continue to pray that we we continue to seek His will for our lives and that we would be faithful to follow after Him.


As summer quickly approaches we are getting excited about our preteen team to Sicily. As of early April we have 20 team members and six leaders! Our project is to do landscaping and to lay a sidewalk at a Christian camp on the southern coast of Sicily. We will also be doing door-to-door evangelism and presentations in local churches to share the love of Christ with the Sicilian people. Please pray for team unity, clear communication as a leadership, safety in travel and for hearts to be open to the Gospel. Our greatest desire is to have an eternal impact on the island of Sicily and in the hearts of the kids on our team. If you are interested in supporting us financially for this trip, please fill out the coupon below and mail it to Teen Missions.

Blair & Carrie


Blair has been working with the rest of the computer department, or the “geek squad” as they are affectionally called around here, on Teen Missions website. The goal is to design our website in a way that will get more people to visit the site. The internet has become one of our greatest recruitment tools, and we are wanting to find ways to reach out more in hopes of getting more kids registered for teams. With more and more of the world doing everything online web design and content have become a very important part of the ministry. He is blessed to have a part in the web, among other things.

This year Teen Missions has tried some new things in regards to promoting the ministry, and the Lord has really blessed our efforts. We currently have 709 people participating this summer, which is up from the last few years. It is so vital for youth to hear the Word of God and to get a taste of what it is like to serve Him full time overseas and in their homes. We pray that the Lord would bring even more young people to this ministry and that they would go home equipped for a life of service. It is amazing to see the impact God has on their lives.

We also want to share some of the impact that Teen Missions is having around the world. Boot Camp only happens once a year in Florida, but we have Boot Camps running during different times of the year all around the world. We also have BiBle, Missionary & Work (BMW) training centers that are running year round to teach young adults about missions and the Bible. One aspect of the BMW training is having the students do outreach projects in the local communities. We would like to share a report from our base in Brazil.

Blair & Riley

Brazil BMW Graduates Sharing Christ one family at a time… The Lord has given us a great victory in being able to start a new project of evangelism in the nearby community of Carrapatinho. “Project Zaccheus” is run by staff and students on Saturday nights with the objective of holding Bible studies in the homes of the families. After five years of reaching out to the children in student ministries we are starting to see fruit that is impacting families as we minister in the homes teaching them God`s word. Besides the weekly children`s program run by the students, one of our interns, Mileide, has been working with the teens on Saturdays and Sundays. She runs studies on Saturdays and the art and craft courses on Sunday afternoons. Please pray that we may continue persevering in this open door that the Lord has laid before us.

Learning a Lesson from life on a Garbage Dump Tarcilene Souza, one of our interns, heads up the work we do with the people who live on the town dump. She wrote this… “While ministering on the dump God made me stop and think about the life of Mrs. Maria. She is an elderly lady who works here on the dump. She is a believer, however her husband is not. Sister Maria has suffered a lot because since childhood she has worked on the dump site separating things that can get money for them to survive and she has never experienced a better life than that. Yet she is never sad, but rather shows a lot of joy and peace in her heart. She says that her joy is Jesus. Mrs. Maria eats the food that she finds on the dump and dresses with the clothing that is given to her. It impresses me so much that sister Maria never questions God about her situation, always being grateful to God and never complaining. Sister Maria has taught me that we should always be grateful to God in all things and for all things that we have because God takes care of us and gives us His grace. Sister Maria is an example of a Christian who is faithful to God.” God is at work! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness. We are so blessed to have even a small part in it.

Skyler,Jaden, Liam and Riley

Because He’s Worthy,

The Hames Family



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