Fast, Ryan and Erin (Spring 2011)

Dear Friends and Family:

Between promotional trips to Northern and Southern California, presenting at the largest mission conference in the Pacific Northwest, visiting Christian colleges to recruit leadership for our summer mission trips, and seeing over 700 people register for mission trips with Teen Missions, we can truly say that God is amazing! So while there is no way we could possibly recount everything that God has done in and through us since last we wrote, we will attempt to pass on some recent highlights from our ministry.

Promotional Travels:

In February we took a whirlwind trip down to Northern CA to speak with a variety of Christians Schools, churches, and youth groups about Teen Missions. What an amazing trip! We were able to successfully see both adults and teens sign up for summer mission trips as a result of it. During this trip we were able to talk with over 700 youth and adults about our ministry! From March 18-31st we traveled to Southern CA to perform our last major promotional trip of the year. This was a very full trip, as we made stops in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Joshua Tree National Park while in route between San Diego, the Los Angeles area, and Portland. Ryan was able to speak 11 different times at Christian schools and churches along the way and challenge kids to prayerfully consider fulfilling the very words of Christ by “going into all nations and making disciples of all men.” Highlights from this trip included having a student from one of the schools run out to the parking lot as we were preparing to drive away and pray for our ministry, receiving a rousing round of applause from over 125 students upon completion of one of Ryan’s presentations, and receiving an email report that it was through a “chapel service at their school” (one Ryan had just finished speaking at) that one student heard about Teen Missions and registered for a summer missions trip!

Summer 2011 Promotional Season Wrap-up:

Over the course of the last 8 months we have been actively engaged in sharing the gospel and recruiting youth and adults for our upcoming Summer 2011 mission trips. It has truly been an amazing journey and we’d like to share with you, our partners in ministry, what this has looked like for us. Here’s a few statistics:

From August 29th, 2010 – April 3rd, 2011 we have visited:

11 – Churches

13 – Youth Groups

19 – Christian Schools

11 – Homes

4 – Christian Colleges

2 – Small Groups

8 – Major Conferences (Missions, Music & Education)

5 – Lead Instructional Seminars

Seen the following take place in the 2011 Promotional Season:

6,000 – Approximate number of 2011 Summer Brochures handed out

4,800 – Approximate number of Youth we have talked with about TMI

1,200 – Approximate number of Adults we have talked with about TMI

25 – Number of Youth we have prayed with to receive Christ

25 – Number verifiable Youth we have recruited for Summer 2011

We have traveled to the following states:

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota & California

Isn’t it amazing what God has done?!! Here’s a note that we got from a chapel coordinator from one of the schools that we spoke at concerning our visit to their school:

Ryan, I just have to say you are “Awesome” 🙂

Thanks for making a stop at Cornerstone Christian School. I personally enjoyed talking with you and listening/watching your dynamic and exciting message.

Following lunch I asked for feedback from one of my classes. I received several positive remarks and so far a couple students who are very interested in joining a team….With that in mind, I will be encouraging all of our students to …continue asking questions about joining a team with Teen Missions International.

Thank you again! You are a blessing.

On the Home Front

Micah and Abby continue to keep us on our toes! Abby was excited to participate in her first “Mommy & Me” swim class, and we have a little fish on our hands! Micah loves school & has been making many friends. His latest report card expressed the teacher’s joy as she has been seeing tremendous improvement in his letter recognition & basic reading skills. He loves school!

On a more exciting note, we chose to coordinate our promotional trip to Southern California with Micah’s spring break. The kids enjoyed following Daddy around while he shared about Teen Missions. Abby would often ask, “Where’s Daddy? He talk about Teen Missions?” Micah in turn would question why he couldn’t go talk about Teen Missions too. A highlight of our time in Southern California was a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Micah loved climbing around on the large rocks, spotting Joshua Trees & completing his “Jr. Ranger Notebook.” He was so proud at the end of our visit when the park ranger pinned his Jr. Ranger badge on him.

Video Projects from Ryan

Ryan released a “Teen Missions Summer 2011 Movie Trailer” on the Teen Missions Facebook site, which was very well received. If you’d like to see some of Ryan’s handiwork in the field of editing please visit the following website: http://www.

God’s Provision:

We continue to be amazed at God’s daily provision for our lives and we want to thank all of you, but especially those of you who have recently joined our financial support team. Thank you so much. We are so grateful for your support and happy to report that we have nearly 85% of our minimum required support base raised! As noted in last month’s report, God continues to work in amazing ways by providing for Micah and Abby to come with us this summer on our mission trip to Switzerland. Currently we have about 90% of the $3,800 that we need to raise come in!

As we look ahead at the future, we appreciate your prayers for our ministry this summer. Ryan will be heading down to Florida on May 9th to prepare for the arrival of the first team members. Erin & the kids will follow in June. Please pray for our team members & leadership team as we prepare to minister at the YWAM base in Switzerland. Pray that God will do amazing things in & through the team this summer.

May God richly bless each of you!

Ryan, Erin, Micah, and Abigail Fast

Prayer Requests

1.  Financial provision for Abby & Micah, as we are beginning to raise support for them to come with us on our trip to Switzerland for this upcoming summer.

2.  Pray for the kids signing up with TMI for summer teams. Pray for spiritual growth, financial provision, and a vision for the lost and unsaved.

3.  Pray for healing of Ryan’s lower back. Ryan has been diagnosed with a compression fracture in his back which is causing multiple disks to bulge and his sciatic nerve in both his legs to be pinched.

4.   Please pray for our (Ryan and Erin’s) health insurance situation. Currently we have purchased a temporary catastrophic health insurance, which is difficult for us to afford.



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  1. Ryan and Erin are AMAZING and AWSOME leaders!!! Thank You Ryan and Erin!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

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