Aronson, Emery and Linda (Spring 2011)

Big Top Tent

It’s April, where did the time go. Emery is working a little in the print shop but with Boot Camp just around the corner he is outside more then in. We had fun the first of February moving my mom from the home she lived in for 10 years. We had to move in 14 days to be out. I was not sure how it was all going to happen but my sister came down from Canada to help pack up all the small things.

My mom seems to be liking where she is at now. She goes out shopping, church meetings and just more mobile which is good to keep the body moving. April 13th it will be a whole year since daddy died.. hard to believe time goes by so fast.

The Saturday before my birthday we spent the day with Ava. We took her to IKEA a big store in Orlando and then to Bass Pro, an outdoor store. We sat her on the four wheelers and she looked like she would like her daddy to get her one, not sure she could reach the peddles and gas but it would be fun. She does so many cute things now and you have to watch her close.

We have had several work groups here helping us with the things we need to get ready for Boot Camp. The week before Easter all of the big top tents are going up with the help from the work groups. It is a big help to us so each department can keep up with our daily work.


We have two life-sized replicas of the Old Testament tabernacle. They have been very helpful in getting the word out about how the Old and New Testaments work together. There is a donation ask for which has brought in money that helps out the orphans ministry. We are working on a third tabernacle that we hope to have done and set up in Canada by June 6th for the 50th anniversary of Huntley Street ministry which is like the US 400 club program. It takes alot of work building the courts and getting all the cloth embroadered and sewn together. I can’t imagine how long it took for the people in the Bible and all the hard work it was.

With summer coming soon and having the hot and muggy weather more often we have been using the air conditioning, well one day we turned it on and it would not turn on, we had a guy come and look at it and have found out we will need a whole new unit. We are asking you to pray with us that we will be able to raise enough money to get a new one.

We are very thankful for all the prayers and support for us.

Take care.

The Aronsons



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you again at bootcamp. Praying daily for the Mustard Seed team members as we all prepare to come.

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