Chicas, Chico and Kathy (Spring 2011)

Dear Friends and Family,

Praise to the Lord for another opportunity to share many of the great things that God has been doing here in Honduras!

From the writing of our last newsletter in January, we still had teams out on their projects and so we couldn’t give any final reports. But now we are very happy to report that 77 people gave their lives to Jesus during the time of the 2010-2011 Boot Camp in Honduras! Thank you all so much for your prayers – now you can see the fruit! There were also 61 of the team members and leaders themselves who committed their lives to full-time Christian service. It would be good to continue to pray for them, that they will be faithful to the commitments they made to the Lord.

After there were so many young people interested in coming to the Teen Missions Bible School in Honduras, we ended up only having one new student join us this year! Some plan to come in May after they are able to get the necessary permission. So, we began in February with five students, one intern, Dunia Martinez, and one national staff couple, Benjamin and Ana Calderon. The Calderon’s baby was born on February 2, a beautiful little girl they named Ana Kadisha. Our daughter, Abigail, turned two on February 15, and she thinks Kadisha is her own dolly!

We heard about an opportunity to participate in a nurse’s training class that is being held on Saturdays in Santa Cruz. Because of a scholarship fund from our church in Oregon, we are so thankful to be able to take advantage of the class and are sending the four second-year students along with the female staff members. Our purpose is to use the knowledge to help others and that it may be a tool to carry the Gospel to many who are dying without knowing Christ as their Savior.

In March, we were blessed abundantly with the visit of seven members from Salem Evangelical Church, who came to help us with some work projects and evangelism and we had some great fellowship! They put a new roof on our girl’s dorm, painted the classroom and kitchen, and did some gardening around the property. It looks so much prettier here now – thanks you guys! We were all thrilled by the experience we had when everyone joined the students for an afternoon of evangelism in the area where our students have been doing their weekend ministries. Nine children and adults prayed to accept Christ in one afternoon! Thank you also to those in the church who sent so many loving gifts along with the team. You guys truly never cease to amaze us – God is glorified through your love, prayers and gifts for all of us!

Right after they left, we were blessed by the visit of former Honduras staffers, Jim and Angeles Burnham and their boys, Eugene and Noah. Daniel and Samuel sure enjoyed playing with their boys, and of course, we all enjoyed visiting with the family. They also helped with the project on finishing the girl’s dorm by painting the bathrooms and screening the windows. Thank you for your help! An interesting twist during their visit, was that we invited those who had been students here at the very beginning when Chico was a student and Jim and Angeles were on staff between 1995 and 1997. We were able to see nine former students, many of them even brought their families. Their children are the new generation here in Honduras.

As mentioned above, the students are carrying out a ministry on the weekends in two different neighborhoods in the Santa Cruz area. On Saturday afternoons, they do door-to-door evangelism, and in the evenings they meet in homes with small groups of believers. They spend the night and hold a Sunday School the next morning for the children. This is a great ministry opportunity that God has allowed them to be a part of because most of the people in these areas were not attending any church at all and now we have seen 18 people accept Christ as their Savior, including the nine when the group was visiting, and two who rededicated their lives to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Looking into the future – well, the near future, anyway. Daniel and Samuel are getting excited about going on the Indian Reservation Pre-teen team this summer. Please pray with us that this will be a good experience for both of them and that they won’t fight as brothers so often do! Also, if you are able to donate to their cost, please note that on the coupon when you send it in with your donation. Chico and Kathy are planning to take Abigail with them as they lead the second Honduras Horseback team in a very remote part of Honduras called La Mosquitia. We would appreciate your prayers for safety and health, and that many more lives will be added to God’s kingdom!

As we head towards the summer months, we pray that God will take care of all your needs and bless you as you continue to be faithful to Him. We are all in a constant process of learning more about trusting and obeying in our Lord, isn’t that true? And as He shows us His faithful love, may we all honor Him with our lives and desire to share Him with everyone!

Love to all, from your family in Honduras,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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