Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Spring 2011)

Dearest Friends and Family,

How wonderful it is to know that we serve and love a most Awesome and Holy God! His love and mercies endure forever and without Him, we can do nothing. It is to Him that we hope and pray you are all well and it is to Him we give the praise for all the blessings He has given us.

These past few months have been spent in preparation of our summer ministry. This year, Sean will have the privilege of leading the Trinidad Team this summer. Their project is to build a new home for a pastor in Trinidad. This project holds a special place in Sean’s heart. It has been 10 years since Sean first went to Trinidad and worked on the very church the pastor ministers to. I only wish I were able to share this special time with him, but it looks as though the kids and I will be staying in the States this year due to the pregnancy. It would have been difficult for me to be the head female leader this year considering the living arrangements and having the kids at the same time. It was found safer for me to stay in the states this year.

The pregnancy has been going very well, with the exception of a minor scare in March. There was a moment when I thought my water had broke. We were in the emergency room worried that something had happened to the baby, but it turned out to be nothing. There were no signs of amniotic fluid in the liquid so it was not my water breaking. This was a relief to know that the baby is safe and healthy. In a few weeks we will find out what the baby is. Kieley really wants a baby sister and to name her Sarah. We asked her if it would be okay with her if God gave her another baby brother. She looked really sad, we think she would really prefer a sister. Which ever the baby is, we are more than excited to know that we are having another one and picking out a name will be top priority once we find out the gender.

Kieley has signed up to be on Mustard Seeds this year. Mustard Seeds is the summer ministry Teen Missions has for 4-6 year olds. They will be staying on the property in tents and learning the basics of salvation. They will be taught this using the Wordless book. The kids will also be running a mini Obstacle Course every day and doing crafts, along with learning memory verses and different Bible stories and songs. They will also meet people from other countries dressed in their national costumes as they share about their nations. The kids also get to dress up in different national costumes and try to identify the countries on the large World Map. The theme for this year is about being a prince or princess for our Lord. This makes it even more exciting for Kieley since she loves being a princess every day at home. Because of the young age, it is required that the children be accompanied by a parent or adult approved by the parents. Since Sean and I will be very busy during Boot Camp, we will not be able to accompany her during the program, so we asked a friend of ours to be her guardian. Kieley is getting more and more excited every day. I just can’t believe she is already at the age to be a Mustard Seed. We also can’t believe how much our little man is growing. Aiden is going to be two this June. He isn’t talking as much as Kieley did at that age, but certainly has a lot of personality. With him being more mobile, his chunk is starting to go away a little more but he his still our little hunka chunk.

We can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have given our family throughout the years. More than anything, your prayers have been most appreciated. We have seen the Lord do amazing things throughout our time here and we know we will continue to see His marvelous works for years to come. We ask for your continued financial and prayer support for our family as we continue our work here with Teen Missions. We are still not reaching our monthly budget for a family of four and soon to be five and we ask for your help in this. We have calculated that if every one who receives this letter were to donate only $5-10 a month we will be well into our monthly budget. We ask for your prayers as we try to reach this budget. Please also keep us in your prayers throughout the next few months as our summer ministry begins, and for us as a family while Sean is away for the summer. Pray for strength, safety and guidance for us a parents that our children will grow in the knowledge of Christ and serve Him as we do as a family. Thank you again for all your support and prayers and we pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your families as well.

Thank you again and God bless!

The Deegans


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