Chambers, Amyann (Spring 2011)

Hello again,

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote to you. I had asked prayer for my trailer to be fixed and for me to get a car. Well, all I can say is, things start to happen when people start praying! I am now in my trailer and have bought a van for an amazing deal! Thank you so much for your prayers.

Biker puppets
Teatime at my house

I have been staying very busy the past few months. I was able to make a stage and finish some biker puppets for our Motorcycle Sunday School Missions. Right now, I am designing Bible Character puppets for something called the “Proclaimer,” a device that enables people to hear the Bible read in their own language. So far, we have a little over 700 kids signed up for 32 teams this summer and I am getting the evangelism stuff ready for them. There is a lot of work I have a head of me. Please pray I finish it all in time.

Of the 32 teams going out this summer, I will be leading the one going to Zambia. They arrive in Florida in June; we’ll be here two weeks for training at the Lord’s Boot Camp before heading to Zambia and return to the U.S. in August. Please pray that I will have wisdom as a leader and I will be submissive in following God’s leading. I actually was very nervous when I was first asked to lead the team. My biggest concern was not being in Zambia with the kids, it was bringing them through the airport! So far, I have led only teams that drive to the location. I know it is such a minor thing, but it was my biggest concern. It was only about a week ago that I remembered something. It seems like I am constantly having to relearn that God will never ask me to do something without knowing I can do it. God is so good! There are some people who doubt I will get all the money in on time. To be honest, I have specks of doubt from time to time myself, but I have seen God pull though every time in the past and I know He is going to be faithful now as well. If God wants me to go to Zambia this summer, He will provide the $2600.00 I need for the trip. At times I do not think the money will come in and I think I may have heard Him wrong, but God has my best interest in mind and will never ask me to do something I cannot do. He also will never ask me to do something I am incapable of doing.

My house buddy and me

In September I am going to do a little deputation in the states around Florida and I’ll be in Texas this December. If you would like me to come to your church, talk to your youth group, or share about Teen Missions in either September or December, just let me know. If you would like any more information about what I am doing or what Teen Missions does, I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. I also have a blog I write in once a week. It is my way of keeping people updated on what is going on and my way of challenging people in their walk with the Lord. So if you would like to check it out, you can find it at: puppetlady. Until next time, I pray you all find peace and joy under the Arms of the Father.

In His Loving Arms,

A puppet I made

Amyann Chambers

Please Pray for:

• Me to finish jobs before the deadlines

• Finances for my trip to Zambia

• Good health physically and spiritually

• Me to continue to stand on Christ as my solid foundation


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