2011 Early Boot Camp

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  1. Thank you for all the work you are doing on behalf of our children. The rallies in the evening have been great. I especially appreciated Oscar Chama. It was a very powerful message. We can see in our son’s letters, how God, through TMI, is maturing him spiritually. Thanks again!

  2. Haley’s Dad here…. she is very excited about super boot camp and the Mongolia team. We know it will be a life changing trip for her and her brothers are looking foward to going next year. We are praying for Degil and Mongolia and the whole team.

  3. The pictures have brought me great joy and a sense of connection with me and my son and the other fine young men and women. Thanks for doing this. It is first class!

  4. Hi Brad and Susan, you must be Braxton’s parents; I am Tracey Murphree, Brittany’s mom, she has spoken with Braxton prior to the trip, I am very excited about what God has in store for the kids this summer! This is Brittany’s first trip, I was a member of 8949 Guatemala Orphanage; and an assistant leader on Honduras Horseback ’98. I am praying for the whole team and their leaders. We will be flying in for the commssioning service so if there is anything special for your son we can take him let me know. Brittany got there yesterday

  5. Hello
    I believe you are our sons team leaders to Cameroon. We are very excited for him as he sets off on this adventure. We are praying for you and the team. Thank you for your commitment and time sharing Christ’s love to Cameroon and all those teens.

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