Continued Faith in God

Last year I went on the China team with the Kostners. While on the trip in China my faith in God started to build up my relationship with Jesus Christ and it started to grow each day.

This year, I have the chance to go on another team, the Cambodia/China team. At first I did not know that I would be returning to TMI, but I did and I love it. Everything about TMI I love. For example, the Obstacle Course. I really like it because the OC is not just for exercising, it teaches each team to work as a team and not to rely only on yourself. It teaches you the books of the Bible and everything that you need to know in the Bible. Also, the classes because they help you to go deeper and search who you really are and where are you with your relationship with God. Furthermore, I love the Rally in the evenings. It’s fun and serious at the same time.

It all sounds great, but really there is a lot of work and hardship put into coming back to TMI. I really worried a lot about getting all my support in on time. I worked a lot next door to get the support I needed. It’s hard thinking that you have to rely on supporters to donate money to you. I learned to trust God and not worry too much and I praise the Lord I actually got everything in.

Amy W.

Cambodia – 11002



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