Small Beginnings Making a Global Impact

My first time out here was eight years ago. I was a Peanut on the 2003 cookie cutter wall team. For 10 days I would be learning, working and training as a missionary. That experience really changed my life. It helped mature my relationship with God, even as an 8 year old. Just last year I finally mustered up the faith to sign up for a team again, Peru Church. We witnessed lives being changed, people being blessed and miracles being performed. It was amazing! Teen Missions has definitely helped me grow in the Lord. My faith has tripled, my personal quiet time with Him has become more enjoyable and now I have more of an understanding and burden for the lost and needy. I would suggest to anyone, and challenge everyone, go on a team. It’s not just a missions trip, it’s not just something to do over summer break , it’s life changing.

Ashley M.

Bethlehem Bible – 11005



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