Eyeglass/Medical Cameroon

Cameroon Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 8 — Evangelism

Ashya! Welcome to Cameroon, also known as “Africa in Miniature”, which reflects the diversity of this country. Be on the first-ever Teen Missions Eyeglass & Medical Team where you will help those whose vision is out of focus, to see clearly, by giving them eyeglasses which you will bring from the U.S. At Boot Camp you will receive training from professionals, who travel with you during the summer, teaching you how to fit individuals with the proper glasses in order to help them see clearly.

Following training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, the team will fly from the Orlando International Airport to Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, then over the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, arriving the next morning in Douala, Cameroon. From Douala your team buses 225 miles north to the Teen Missions in Cameroon BiBle, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center in Nsongwa, located near Bamenda.

The team will travel to three Rescue Units to fit patients with eyeglasses and also help the facilitators with their daily medical treatments. The medical needs are great in these areas, as the children often have severe wounds, worms in their feet and knees, skin infections and common childhood illnesses. You will enjoy playing soccer and other children’s games with the orphans at the Units.

There will be ample opportunities to proclaim the Gospel and bring spiritual light through puppets, drama and singing to those who are spiritually blinded by sin. You will have an opportunity to shop for jewelry, drums, spear heads, baskets and wood carvings. Housing is in tents; bathing and laundry is done using a bucket.

Estimated Project Expense: $4890  U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. so will you guys do this same trip next year in 2013

  2. Are there any spots left for girls for this 2012 trip?

  3. Hi Beth,
    Do people ever register for Travel Insurance when they go on a mission with TMI? Also, it looks like from the visa application that the team will arrive in Cameroon on July 10. That is three weeks after they have arrived in Florida. Is that accurate?


    • Julie, Yes, there are some that get Travel Insurance. Yes, it is three weeks. They will have a three-day Missions Conference and then Boot Camp and then travel. Not all teams leave right away. Some leave 1-2 days after Boot Camp is over (depends on the airlines).

  4. Elizabeth Leduc

    I was wondering if there would be any French spoken since that is one of the languages in Cameroon and I’m fluent in French. Also, is it mainly helping with eyeglasses or helping with general medical needs, such as wounds and illnesses? Thanks!

  5. hey! i’m so excited for this summer, but i’m pretty nervous about snakes and spiders. I would love to get to know all of you before the trip so it’s a little less awkward. my email is [email protected] and i am on facebook (my pic. is me w/ sunglasses sitting in the middle of the lake w/ a lifejacket… i AM sitting in the boat… it just sunk) 😀

  6. Hey everybody!! I would love to get to know some people before the trip! Find me on facebook (mine is the only Michal Armao) or email me at [email protected] ! I would love to hear from you…Thanks!

  7. Is this filled up for girls?

  8. Are we supposed to collect glasses for the trip?

  9. Hey, I’m going on this trip and i was wondering When we will get the flight info for our going home time because I would like to book my flights soon. And when will we be getting the team lists?

  10. I registered yesterday and was wondering how I know if I am on a waiting list or signed up for this trip?

  11. Is there still any room for a guy?

  12. Hi Beth, My son and his friend just registered for their choices for missions for this summer. This is their first longer mission and they are hoping to go together. How soon will they find out which trip they will be on? Thanks!

  13. Are there any spots available on this trip for boys?

  14. How long after the trip do I have to wait to sign up for 2013:)

  15. Beth,

    I have registered my son Aaron to this mission trip online 5 mins ago. I hope this registration goes through successfully. He will send you his picture by this weekend with his digital camera (he prefers not to do snail mail) sorry for the delay.

    • Nancy, If I got it, you should get an email from me tomorrow. If the payment or registration is missing, I will also email.

  16. I was curious if there’s any spots left on this trip for girls?

  17. Can I be placed on the waiting list for this trip, please?

  18. Beth~ I have had many people offer to donate their extra prescription eyeglasses. Any thoughts?

  19. I was wondering what your opinion of bringing a guitar along? Will I have much chance to use it, or will it just be excess baggage?

    • Kimberly, It depends on how many on your team bring guitars. Some teams have several kids bring guitars and others don’t have any. If there is already one, then you can leave yours and pick it up at Debrief.

  20. Is there still room available?

  21. Also, I am supposed to fill out a health status and release form. I can’t find it and am wondering if I can find it on the website somewhere.

    • Rachel, It should have been in the packet with your prayer cards and letters. If not, email the office and we will send it to you after everyone gets back in the office.

  22. When I tell people what I am doing this summer they all ask if they can give me old glasses for the trip. My dad’s work also volunteered to collect glasses. Would this be allowed and/or useful?

  23. So is the team completely full of guys and girls already?

  24. Oh and if any of you people have any questions about bootcamp or just want to talk you can shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] . I hope to see you all at TMI 😀

  25. Hey y’all I have already signed up! This will be my fourth year. I can’t wait to go and see what G-d has in store for all of us. Is there any FTM’s that are going on this trip?

  26. I am praying for this trip already. God will use you all in a mighty way.

  27. wondering if the list is ready already waiting to see all of u in cameroon we need to make new friends email me at [email protected]

  28. Hey guys you can also email me at [email protected]. I’d love to get to know all of you!

  29. Hi everyone! I signed up for this trip a little while ago and I am interested in connecting with all of you before going. I am from Vancouver Canada so if any of you want a Canadian friend please add me on facebook and e-mail me ([email protected]) thanks and I hope to be in touch!

  30. Ok! so should i just register with any other trip then?

    • Zeaven, Yes, but make sure it is some place you would be willing to go just in case a spot doesn’t open up. However, most likely you will make it off the waiting list. All of your support will transfer. If you want new prayer cards and letters, there will be a $30 switch fee.

  31. How long is the waiting list as of right now for girls? I heard about this trip and was super excited! Im planning on going into pre-med next year, and thought this would be a the perfect team to join. Should I register for the waiting list? Or are the chances too slim?

    • Zeaven, I think you would be 3 or 4 on the list. Go ahead and register for another team so you can start raising support. We will call you when there is an opening. Make sure you indicate on the registration form that you want the waiting list for Cameroon.

  32. no thank you, i feel like God may be calling me to go on the other team.

  33. Hey guys! any one that’s going can add me on Facebook. I have red hair and my profile picture is of me and my friend. I am dressed up as a fairy with a blue tutu and blue wings. 🙂

  34. When is the last day for registration? Also how many spots are left on the team? Thank you!

    • Yaisa, This team is full to girls. It is still open to guys. The sooner you register, the better—the more time you have to raise your support and more choices will be available.

  35. Mrs. Kostner, I was wondering what the likelihood of TMI creating another medical team to go to cameroon was if the waiting list becomes really full. I would love to go on this trip, but I saw that it is full to girls. Also, what is the chance that if I signed up, I would be able to go on the trip? I know that some kids cannot raise the project expense and so get switched to another team, so I was just wondering if you think I might be able to go on this trip after all if I signed up asap. Thank you so much!

    • Faith, If that is where the Lord wants you to go, NOTHING can prevent that, including a long waiting list. We have had everyone get off the waiting list and other times, only some got off of it. At a point later in the spring, if not enough guys sign up, we will open it to more girls. Right now there are 2-3 on the waiting list.

  36. Is this team full for girls? I signed up for this team as my first choice, but i received an email saying i was registered for my second choice.

  37. just signed up! if you guys want to add me on FB send me a message http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Young/1620155668 i’d be nice to get to know some people before the trip!

  38. if anyone would like to email me my email is [email protected]! i would love to get to kno you 🙂

  39. Anyone who wants can email me at [email protected]!!!

  40. Just registered last night!

  41. Hey, I have a quick question. Do you know who are our leaders are going to be yet? My sister went to TMI two years ago and she is curious as to if she knows any of them. Thanks! (:

  42. if anyone else who is going wants to you should email me at [email protected] or add me on facebook. my profile picture is of me holding my baby cousin. she is holding an easter egg 🙂

  43. Got my package today 🙂 I can’t wait!

  44. I’m signed up! Can’t wait for another exciting summer with TMI!! 😀

  45. Hey! Morgan, Polly and Kimberly you should email me! my email is [email protected] 🙂 and i have fb to ! my pic is me and like its in sepia color and i’m wear sunglasses 🙂 if you cant find meee just tell me in an email lol

  46. Waiting for my packet to come!
    I can’t wait until next summer!!! (:

  47. I am signing up today!!!! I am so excited! =)

  48. So excited! I just got my support package yesterday 🙂 find me on facebook or email me at [email protected]!

  49. Thanks 🙂

  50. One question! when were the support package sent? and when do you think i should expect it? thanksss 🙂

  51. I just signed up…WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I am soooo excited!

  52. Ok thanks…I’ll sign up as soon as possible!!

  53. When should we sign up by? I just found out today but I’ll have to pray about it for a while still!

    • Michal, The sooner you sign up, the more time you have to raise your support. The teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and Cameroon is one of the more popular teams this year.

  54. how many people will be going on this trip?

  55. kierra… Email me! my email adress is on here lol.

  56. Signed up! 🙂 super excited!!! XD

  57. hey melody you should email me do we can talk! mine is [email protected] thanks!

  58. so did i!!!! i can’t wait either!!!! 🙂

  59. Just signed up, I can wait!

  60. For this trip will it mostly be fitting people for glasses, or will it be a pretty even mix between medical treatment and the glasses? Also when it says helping out with the medical needs, to what extent would we be helping?
    Sara Marhon

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