2008 France Missions


Dates: June 20 – August 12 — Evangelism

France is a country that hungers for Truth! Come and invest your summer in people who are asking for believers to come and show them how to have devotions, pray and live for Jesus! After completing Boot Camp training, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris. From Paris you bus to Nantes on the west coast of France. Nantes (pronounced Nant), has a population of 600,000 people, has the most parks of any French city and is the sixth largest city in France. Your project will be to run vacation Bible schools and English clubs for French and Arabic kids in the neighborhood. Distribution of Gospel films, Gospel coloring books and Bibles will be an important part of your outreach. Many evenings will be spent sharing testimonies with the community and leading youth meetings. Singing and puppets shows will be performed in the busy and beautiful town squares beside stunning castles and cathedrals. Enjoy a trip to Paris where you will have a chance to see some of the famous and historical sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. Visit the shops while you’re there and see what souvenirs you would like to take home, such as miniature replicas of the Eiffel Tower, hand-painted porcelain and sketches of the different sights
Project Expense: $3990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Beth, can someone Please email me the France address

  2. This is my first time going on a over seas missions trip if i can go and sharing my testimony any advise

  3. Where do you recommend buying the phone card and how much do you recommend putting on the card?

    • Wendy, Walmart or Target would be a good place. Make sure it is an international one in case of emergency overseas. I have no idea on how much time.

  4. 24 more days tomorrow, everyone 🙂

  5. we had 22 kids on my team last year! Only 6 weeks till bootcamp!does anyone have an email address so we can get in touch? Mine is [email protected]

  6. oh OK either way it is a pretty small team last year we had like 29 kids

  7. All girls team wow I have never seen this before hopefully I will have enough money to be on this team.

  8. I went to the old west indian rservation and I was so homesick this is a big step to leave the country

  9. I went to Honduras with TMI last year….and it was the most incredible summer of my life…can’t wait to meet all of u!

  10. Hollis, I am also nervous about going….but i will pray for u if you’ll pray for me!

  11. Hollis, I am also nervous about going….but i will pray for u if you’ll pray for me! Last year i went with TMI to Honduras…and it was the best experience of my life! Can’t wait to meet all of u!

  12. I’m getting really nervous please pray for me

  13. Is there still room for 1 boy and 1 girl on this trip? My brother and I are interested in attending this one(it’s our first mission trip) and would like to get all the information possible. I saw in earlier comments that we would need to sleep in tents- do we provide our own tents? Also- will there be showers provided on this trip?

  14. Aloha, I’ve been checking out TMI’s trip scehdules and noticed that many of them say in red “Project Changed”. Does this mean that those trips- like France was moved to January & China to November -are still in 2012, but they’re the official dates? Oo, I have somany questions, but I need to talk with someone who’s had personal experience with TMI’s trips. I can’t wait to join!

    • Heather, The dates are listed under 2012. None of the dates changed. Some of the travel changed and France had a change in their project. You can call the office with your questions.

  15. I’m just looking at my options for mission trips and this one seeems to fit me best at the moment…is there still spots for girls and time to sign up for this 2012 trip?

  16. Are we still sleeping in tents now that the project has changed

  17. I’ve taken two years of French. I saw that there is going to be an English camp. Do you think my experience with French (thought limited) will be helpful during the English camp and at other times or does that not really mattter? (I’m still trying to decide which trip to go on)

  18. Just registered last night

  19. Is there still room on this trip

  20. Will this trip be done again next year? I really want to go this year but I don’t think I have enough time to raise that kind of money.

    • Susanna, You still have plenty of time to raise the required support! We are not sure if there will be a team there again next summer.

  21. What mission organization will we be supporting/working under now?

  22. How can my daughter, 20 years old, be a team leader?

  23. Are you a WYAM outreach? or branch?

  24. The new project seems to be mainly evangelism, but I noticed under the title it still says work/evangelism. Does that mean there will still be a work project?

  25. Are there still spots available on this trip?

  26. Now that the project changed will rooms be in tents or hostels?

  27. Which teams need people to sign up for most?

  28. Will you be having this trip in 2013? 🙂

  29. I really want to go on a missions trip! And i’d love to go to France on one. I’m just kind of confused. Whats the point of boot camp? Do you have to do it? And where would we all meet…Im from Washington so i’d obviously be flying by myself to Orlando International Airport? I hope there is still room. Im 16, and will be 17 on June 20th. Thankssssss.

    • Mollie, There is still room. Boot Camp is vital as that is where you are trained in construction and evangelism skills. It is also where you bond as a team and learn to live without amenities. You would need round-trip transportation to Orlando Intl. Airport and we will meet you there.

  30. My friend & I would love to be on this team. Is it possible for us to be on the same team?

  31. What are the requirements? Where will you stay? Do u have to learn much French and who are the superviseds? Do lots of girls usually go? Lots of questions(: thanks

    • Kennedy, There are no requirements. The housing is listed (France is in tents). No, you do not need to know French. We are in the process of placing leaders. Yes, a lot of girls go.

  32. If I go on this trip I will most likly be the youngest team member because I was born on 8-4-1999 .Have a Happy Thanksgivving everyone!

  33. Is it possible for me to make a payment with an American Express credit card?

  34. Is it possible for oyu guys to run out of spots on this team. And how many people do you already have going?

  35. Ok thank you very much i am trying to convince my parents to let me go on this team 🙂

  36. Caleb only people signed up for the team get the list and it does not come out till the spring.

  37. and if my friend went on this trip would wwe definately be traveling together or are there seperate teams for each mission?

    Thank you

  38. Do you have so sighn up to get the list?

  39. I was just wondering is there any way i could get a list of people who have already sighned up for this team. Because i will turn 13 a couple months before this trip and i would like to know if there would be other kids my age or if there would be a lot of 17 and 16 year olds and me be the youngest.

    Thank you.

  40. Hi I am really looking in to doing this mission trip but my dad said he need more iinformation so where should I go to get that??

  41. Got my package the other day! So excited! Add me on fb or email me [email protected]!

  42. Beth, my parents would like to know if there will be any local meetings before the trips?

  43. Elizabeth you do not need to know French!

  44. I am sensitive to peanut butter and so please plan accordingly. (Meaning I am healed but sometimes my flesh might respond to even the smell of it.)
    My mom wants clarity on the nurse-
    What knowledge will they have, like if there is an allergic reaction?
    And thanks i registered last night.

  45. Sorry 2 more-
    8-How do I submit my picture?
    9-How do we subit a digital check?

  46. My parents had questions-
    1- How many team leaders to the group?
    2- Will there be any other kind of communication other than a letter. (Like if my mom gets unction from the Holy Ghost to call me while I’m there)
    3- When is the commisionary service like when is the last night I will be able to see my parents before I leave?
    4- Where is the food going to be from, who is cooking it, will it be french?
    5-Will there be a medical person on the team?
    6-It what form should i bring spending money? ( What kind of currency, does it need to already be converted, should it be in cash, debit, credit card?)
    And 7- What is the weekly schedule? (Like will we be working 7 days a week?)

    • Karaline, 1. 3-6, depending on the size of the team 2. The leaders will email the office twice weekly and we will post the reports. Only emergency phone calls are allowed. 3. July 7 for Super Boot Camp 4. You lady leaders will cook. It will be American, but I am sure the missionary will have a least one French meal. 5. There will be a designated “nurse”, but they will not necessarily have more than basic knowledge 6. Bring cash 7. You will work about 5 1/2 days a week.

  47. This looks like a wonderful oppertunity. I hope that I get a chance to go on one of these trips!

  48. Beth, are we allowed to bring mp3 players or novels for the plane/bus rides?

    • Claire, No electronic devices, except for a digital camera, or books. Believe me, you will be sleeping on the plane ride!

  49. Thank you so much for answering my questions it means a lot!

  50. Thank you Beth for ansering all of the questions on this website. Do the girls wear their swimsuit when they arrive at boot camp?

  51. Ok are there still avaliable spaces for girls on this trip? I’m pretty sure im going and the latest i want to sign up is Saturday to make sure. How long does it sually take till i get my package letting me know if im able to go or not along with the prayer cards and coupons?

    • Karaline, There is still room. We will get you registered on Monday if your registration is complete. Your packet will go out within 24 hours.

  52. On the packing list I saw that it said Construction Video, what does that mean??

    • Karaline, When you register, you will get a construction video in your packet. You will need to watch it and bring it to Boot Camp with you to turn in.

  53. What do use for the bathroom at bootcamp? How many people are in each tent?

    • Claire, We have a regular bathroom, but the toilets are flushed with buckets of water. There are usually two to a tent.

  54. I think I might be going! I believe it is in God’s purpose for me to go! I am actally taking french this year! I also know ASL which is rooted in French Sign Language! What is the average number of people who usually go??

  55. Beth– is there a deadline for signing up? Or a number of available slots?

    • Elizabeth, There is not a deadline. There is still plenty of room on France. However, there are times periodically where we need to decrease airline seats and if you wait too long, it may become full due to the number of airline seats available.

  56. I want to go so bad! My bestfriend is going but Im not sure if my mom will let me? PLEASE HELP! ive been praying but I dont know , Ive never wanted anything more than this!

  57. I have always dreamed of going to Paris, and this may just be my chance. I’ll be praying and trying to save as much money as humanly possible. Au revoir!

  58. Does the price include what money you “earn” through prayer cards?

  59. i really want to do this but can anyone give me suggestions on talking my parents into letting me go

  60. Ok, thanks. What is boot camp like?

    • Toni, It is two weeks of training. The kids sleep in tents, bathe and do laundry out of a bucket, have just three meals a day, classes, etc.

  61. How old do you have to be to do this Mission? I also have another question. What is Boot Camp like?

  62. i am going this year, fingers crossed, if God gives me the will to raise enough money for me and my bestfriend to go <3

  63. Can’t wait for this! More than likely attending! [=

  64. I went to this same place in 2008 (that’s our team picture!)–and no lie, I bought a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower… this is exciting! I’ve always wanted to see what happened with our shutters and landscaping!

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