2009 Germany Preteen Missions Trip

Dates: June 9 – July 28 — Work/Evangelism

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the land of Germany.

After Commissioning you will travel to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Frankfurt, Germany. As you bus to Siloah Youth Camp in Neufrankenroda, you will be able to see castles and beautiful German mountains along the way.

Your project will be to aid the camp in their summer ministries as they host family and youth camps from all over Europe. Many of the people who come to the camp are not saved and you will be able to shine the light of Christ as you work. You will be sleeping in tents with hot showers available.

There will be opportunities to share the Gospel using music, puppets and drama. Sightseeing may include Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther secretly translated the Bible into German. The castle is located on top of a mountain were you can take pictures of the German countryside.

After seeing the castle, head off to sample some of Germany’s world-famous pretzels, which can be up to three feet long! German cuckoo clocks, wood carvings and knives are just a few of the souvenirs you may want to take home to remember your summer.

Estimated Project Expense: $3990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Could a person go on the mission trip, then add an extra week on the end for a vacation in Germany? Could a person start beginning of July instead of June? And are tax deductable donations to pay for a person’s trip processed through your organization? Is age 25 through 30 O.K. to participate in the ministry? Thank you for all your answers! JOANNE, IF THE PERSON IS 25-30, THEN THEY WOULD NEED TO GO AS A LEADER AND WE DEFINITELY NEED LEADERS. NO, THE DATES LISTED ARE THE DATES YOU WOULD NEED TO ATTEND. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO THROUGH THE TRAINING BEFORE GOING OVERSEAS. IT IS ESSENTIAL. AND DEBRIEF IS JUST AS ESSENTIAL. NO, YOU COULD NOT STAY OVER. AS A LEADER, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR TEAM MEMBERS FROM THE MINUTE THEY ARRIVE AT BOOT CAMP UNTIL THEY ARE ON THEIR FLIGHTS HOME AFTER DEBRIEF. YES, THE DONATIONS FOR THE PROJECT EXPENSE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

  2. I read you will give a carry-on bag for use during flying. What will be in this bag? Can they put some of their toiletries or clothes in it if their duffel is over 35 lbs?

    1. Connie, They will put as much of their personal belongings in the carry-on. The rest can go in their duffel. They are still limited to the 35 lb. weight limit. The rest of the weight will be used to transport food and equipment.

  3. Your information says to pack and bring all my daughter’s stuff in a large cardboard box or plastic container. Are airlines okay with this, if we are flying down to Florida for boot camp or should we ship it ahead of time to you?

  4. i’ve only been on one & it was germany i think about 2 or 3 years ago.
    i don’t remember where i exactly went with my team, but germany was probably the best expierence ever.
    if it’s not too late to sign up, i 100% recommend it.
    the people at the campsite i went to were super nice & friendly (spoke english mostly)
    you got to bond with team members really well and usually the weather was super nice.
    i loved it, and i’m pretty sure everybody else would love it!

  5. Is a 5-gallon bucket recommended or is 3-gallon sufficient? Will the team members use his/her bucket for laundry in the field? The Fact Sheet only mentions a scrub brush. Thanks for your help.

    1. Gena, Either would be fine. Yes, unless there is a laundry facility which would cost. A bucket is also good for transporting shampoo,etc. and getting souvenirs back to the States.

    1. Brooke, You should be receiving the Individual Team Fact Sheet soon with the names of the team members. You can look them up on FB if you want, but we don’t give out phone numbers, etc.

  6. I was wondering….if we can’t make it this year…will you have this trip next year? I live in Alaska, and any travel that I do has to be pre-pre-pre arranged, due to the flying, funding, and other things….Just wondering!!! THNAKS!

  7. I’m hoping that you still have space to join the Germany team. I have taken a year of German and have a heart for it’s people. My Mom and I just happened across your website as we were discussing the best use of my summer before going into the 11th grade.

  8. hello,

    My sons in 13 and 14 and would like to participate in this project. We actually live in Germany about 2 hours from Frankfurt. Is it possible they could meet up with the group to work?

  9. I noticed the forum has been down several days. Is it going to be up soon? I have several questions about the packing list. May I get a recommendation for an email to ask my questions?


    1. Margaret, If she is sick more than 24 hours and it is obviously not a minor problem, the leaders will take her to a clinic/doctor. If she is hospitalized for any reason, her parents will be called. With it being Germany, their medical care is very good.

  10. my daughter is on the germany team (june 9-july 28). she needs to be in florida by 10am on june 9, correct? can i visit her the next day? what is date and time for the commissioning/candlelight service?

    1. Connie, Commissioning is Sunday, June 24. It starts around 7:30. Yes, you can visit her the next day. However, we advise that you wait a few days to give her a chance to settle in. The more you visit, the harder the homesickness is. She can arrive between 10 AM on June 8 and 10 AM on June 9.

    1. Jen, Teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you sign up, the more choices you have and the more time you have to raise support. We will accept registrations up until Boot Camp, but by then your choices are VERY limited.

  11. hey guys !:) im hannah! these past two years ive been on two teams so far with teen missions! malawi africa footwashing and honduras horseback ! this year im goin on this team(: germany camp team I am soooo soooo so excited ! i know a few people who are goin on it too(:

  12. I have a 13-yr old son (he’ll be 14 in Jan.), and he has a 12-yr. old cousin (boy) who will be 13 in Nov. who lives in Germany. How would it work for the German cousin to join the group without having to come to Florida?

  13. And has this company ever lost a missionary or ever had a missionary get seveirly hurt? Also does this company make sure that all its missionarys are well watched and protected from any danger? My mom wants to know everything about this company if she is going to let me go on this trip.

    1. Bryce, Yes, you will have your packet by that time. We should starting sending them out by late September. Have your mom email our office with her questions. Also, we might be able to put her in touch with a parent in your area.

  14. Is the “Estimated project expense” all inclusive? For example, not only the expense for food, and travel to and from Germany, but does that price include to Florida, etc? I understand about the spending money though, that’s all us…

    1. Bronser, The money you raise covers your food and transportation to and from Germany. You are responsible for other costs (transportation to and from Florida, spending money, etc.).

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