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2008 Wales Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 8 — Evangelism

Help us bring the light of the Gospel to a nation steeped in humanism.

After completing your evangelism training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, the team will bus to the Miami International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea before arriving in Milan, Italy, located at the base of the Italian Alps.

After settling in, the team will gear up and hike to neighboring villages that have no evangelical witness. This team will share the Gospel through drama, puppets, testimonies and one-on-one evangelism. You will trek mountain trails and witness to fellow hikers along the way.

Housing will be in tents, and showers will be available. Laundry will be done using buckets. There will be opportunities to visit famous cathedrals and monasteries and shop for souvenirs along the way.

The team will take a one-day excursion to Venice where you will find many magnificent churches, palaces, lively squares and interesting shops. You may even have an opportunity to ride in a gondola along some of the many canals for which Venice is famous.

Estimated Project Expense: $4490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Rev. Nick Granitsas

    One of your young men (Andrew Simonton) is now in Boot Camp. Could you please give us his mailing address(es) for now and for the rest of the summer? I know there are cut-off dates so it would be good to know that as well. Thank you so much.
    In His peace,
    Rev. Nick Granitsas,
    First Congregational Church of Revere (MA)

  2. Ok cool, so i would need to do the leader seminar thing first right.

  3. Hi, my friend and I are interesting in going on this trip, possibly, next year. I don’t know if this is a trip you guys do every year or not? We both love backpacking, so we figured why not do something we love while sharing Gods love with others. my friend will be about 18 and i will be 20 as of february 6, and i dont know if id still be allowed?

  4. My son is 13 and we live in southern Italy. Can he participate starting in Milan? IS there a way we can prepare him here as going to the states for bootcamp is almost impossible. He is completely bilingual and could be of great help I am sure. What date are you leaving Milan going back to the states?

    • Cheryl, All team members must attend Boot Camp and Debrief. It is essential for their training and in order to develop unity within the team.

  5. Okay thank you

  6. Okay so I got the news letter with the tool information and no one in my family knows what a large Maddox tool is.. Can you please help me?

  7. Hi, how can I get a copy of the general and specific fact sheets, do you have them online?

  8. I am so excited for this trip! I went on the Switzerland team last year and was so amazed at how much God works through the team. I will be 16 in may and Im commiting to going with Teen Missions every summer. Im praying for everyone on the team that our hearts are prepared for what God has in store for us! Can’t wait to meet everyone!
    God Bless,
    Ashleigh P.

  9. On the backpacking trip would it be better to have a hiking style boot rather that a work style boot?

    • Carter, As long as they are all leather, six to eight inches in height and are lace up, then they would be fine. A lot of hiking boots have gortex on the body of the boot.

  10. Can I book a flight for August 8th, or is that that last day of Debrief?

    • Ahnie, Please read your monthly letters as that information has been in the last three or four. You may book a flight out of Orlando International (MCO) on August 8 between 9 AM and 3 PM only.

  11. I don’t know what it’s called, but i read about a meeting at the end of the trip that was called “down from the mountain top” or something like that… is that part of the dates that are set, or is that after the august 8th end date? what airport would we be flying into and out of to get home? and do they provide transportation?

    • Alana, You are talking about Debrief. The dates are all-inclusive (includes Boot Camp, project time and Debrief). Please read your monthly letters as the travel information (dates, times and airport) are in there. You fly in and out of Orlando International (MCO).

  12. is it too late to sign up for a trip this year? and what could i do to convince my parents to let me go?

  13. Is this trip full? I am looking for room for two male teens. If not, what do they have to do to secure a spot?

    • Tracy, It is full to girls, but open to boys. You need to register in order to secure the spots. There is technically only one boy spot left, but I will put both on if no one registers in the mean time.

  14. Thank you, Miss Beth. Does TMI mail the health and staus release forms to be filled out? I’m not sure where to find them and no one I’ve asked has even heard of them.

  15. Can I be placed on the waiting list for this trip, please?

  16. I received the General Fact Sheet in the mail, but I don’t think I got a blue envelope. Can I just send the prayer list, forms and agreement in a regular envelope?

  17. Will they be doing this next year in 2013

  18. Are there still available spots on this trip?

  19. Hi, im going on this trip, for the backpacks would we need like full frame? or what?

    • Allie, That information will come out in the spring in the Individual Team Fact Sheet. We are still working on details.

  20. Hi, when will we receive a complete breakdown of the total trip cost, i.e. $1000 for food, $2500 transportation, etc? I need this information for fundraising.

  21. Hi I was wondering if it’s too early to sigh up for 2013 trip.

  22. Im So Excited For This Trip!! Cant wait to meet all of you and see what God hs in store for us! God Bless! 🙂

  23. I really want to go on this trip, but my dad isn’t home right now so they haven’t got to talk about it yet and i was wondering if there were any spots left.

    • Madison, It is full to girls. I would suggest you register for another team to start raising support and ask to be placed on the waiting list.

  24. how long is boot camp and how many slots are left for this trip?

    • Brett, Boot Camp is just over two weeks long including Missions Conference. There is only 1-2 girl spots, but plenty of boy spots.

  25. I have a backpacking pack, would i use it on this trip or will teen missions provide one?

  26. Beth – I am interested in leading this team. I am a FTM (Europe Choir 2002, Honduras Backpack 2003). I am a 23 year old college graduate. My fondest memories come from my experiences with TMI. How do I start?

  27. Hi, I’m interested in this trip and a few others – I was wondering if there were any other trips to Austrailia besides the preteen one??

  28. Are there still openings for this trip?

  29. I live in CT and I want to go on this trip, how am I going to complete Lord’s Boot
    Camp if I don’t live in FL??

  30. Hi, I’m from Australia and will be 15 at this time. How would i go about going on this trip?

    • Brookstar, You can register online. You would be responsible for your round-trip transportation to/from Florida. We had a guy from NZ come on a team last year. We do have a base and Boot Camp in Australia also.

  31. Hey, I’m going to be on this team. Find me on facebook

  32. hi i would Love to go on this trip i will be 16 on june 27 can i go or will i have to wait until 2013?

  33. Karly you can send me a facebook message and we can talk.

  34. cool! I’ll see you there

  35. Karly, There is a teen missions page on Facebook but if you what one for this trip we would have to make create are own.Bye the way i have signed up for this trip already. 🙂

  36. Does Teen Missions have groups for the trips on Facebook?

  37. I am 20 would i be to old to go as a team member??? or would i have to try to become a leader???

  38. Hello,I have a Question will there be a host missionary on this trip???

    • Courtney, There should be a host missionary, but you may not have a lot of contact with him/her since you will be backpacking. The definite information will be sent in the spring with the Individual Team Fact Sheet.

  39. Hi, I was wondering if there were certain states that were invited or if it is everyone, i ,am from Texas and I am 14 but I will be 15 at the time. I was also wondering if it will be finished by august 1st because I have summer marching band, if not then that is fine

    • Misti, All teen teams (except OA and you have to be 16) are open to anyone from any state or country and you must at least turn 13 before or during the summer involvement. Since you have to be back by Aug. 1, you would need to choose an Early Boot Camp team.

  40. Beth, who will be leading this team? Or is it way to early to know for sure? I was just wandering in case I went this year.

  41. I am a Very interested Can A single teen go on this trip or
    not I am from Colorado.I am 17 This year and will be 18 as of July 27 2012
    Please Let me know thanks so much
    God Bless- Riley

  42. my sister & i would both like to go on the trip. how exactly does the payment work? & is there fundraising?

  43. Erin, do you mean you’ll be 13 of july 1st, 2012? If so, you can go on this trip.

  44. My dad is wondering if he is allowed to come as a leader if thats possible?

  45. I am going to be 13 on July 1st. Can I go on this trip?

  46. Will this team be using full frame backpacks or just the TMI backpacks?

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