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2010 Madagascar Missions TripDates: June 9 – July 28 — Evangelism

On guard!! Be a servant for the Lord this summer on the island of Madagascar (where you might see King Julian and the penguins). After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp on how to make puppets and mastering your puppetrey skills, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Miami then across the Atlantic Ocean to LondonEngland. From London, you will continue across the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahara Desert, and the Equator to NairobiKenya. A connecting flight across the Mozambique Channel takes you to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

A 14-hour truck ride will then take you to the northern coastal city of Mahajanga, where Teen Missions in Madagascar BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center is located. You will teach the local kids how to make puppets and share Jesus Christ through music, drama, puppets and testimonies. Teaching phonics and English will also be a big part of your ministry.

Housing will be in dorms; bathing and laundry are done using buckets. During your free time you may visit a natural spring and waterfall or swim in the Indian Ocean. Try your hand at bartering for items including hammocks, drums, knives and woven baskets.

Estimated Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Matthew Harwell

    nevermind I got everything to fit.

  2. Matthew Harwell

    My last question I promise! So we have about 10 suit cases no joke. I was wondering if I could pack in my suit case and leave it at boot camp. Also I am having trouble packing everything in a cardboard box. Then I got everything in one but the box was pretty big and I couldn’t really pick it up.

  3. Matthew make sure it’s not one you have to plug in to blow up. Self inflating or one you blow up on your own is best.

  4. Matthew Harwell

    Ok thanks that’s what I was thinking.

  5. Matthew Harwell

    I can’t find anywhere what size air up mattress we need to bring. I already own a full size would that be ok to bring or not?

  6. This looks like something I would be interested in doing in the near future. Do you do this same trip every year or not?

  7. Matthew Harwell

    Ok thats what I was thinking! Thank you!

  8. Matthew Harwell

    Hey I have a camera but the only way to charge it is through an outlet in the wall, would there be a way to charge it? I also have a cheaper camera that runs off of batteries,would it be better to just bring that?

    • Matthew, You definitely need to bring the camera with batteries. Outlets will not be available at Boot Camp or on the field.

  9. Okay thanks.

  10. I got my shots but I saw in kenya they have yellow fever and my Dr told me not to worry about getting that shot, but I got the Team Fact Sheet and it said were staying over night in Kenya so should I go get the yellow fever shot?

  11. so is the team set? or do you think there will be more people?

  12. I’m soooooooooo excited about this trip God has shown soooooo many signs that hes telling me that he want meto go Madagascar.

  13. How many suits of clothes are needed for Debrief? Can girls wear long skirts or do they need jeans and pjs again?

  14. is there like a page where the people can get ta meet each other thats been signed up for the madagascar trip can get ta start ta know each other.

  15. Haha okay!

  16. Ok this may be a silly question….my return flight from Orlando back home on July 28th is available at 8:59am. You said in an earlier post no earlier than 9am. Does 8:59 count as 9am?

  17. hey Beth, um is there any tips on fundraising and how I should go about it?

    • Brighten, Send out the letters! Also, go to businesses and to your doctor/dentist/insurance agency. Another thing is to have a garage/bake sale. Do a spaghetti dinner at your church and ask for donations from stores for the food. Don’t have a set price, but do donations for the dinner. A car wash is also good.

  18. Oh okay great! I most likely will be going! I am very exicted. Thank you so much for getting back to me.

  19. I just found out about this mission and I would love to go. But do you have room for one more girl?

  20. Is there room for one girl and one guy on this trip still?

  21. What kind of luggage do we need to bring our stuff home?

  22. Do we keep the duffel bags that are given to us at boot camp?

  23. Will we be able to do a work project in Madagascar?

  24. how can i get to know them before

  25. wow thats cool i hope to meet some friends to hang out with

  26. i agree with janie i am a little scared to go but i am excited to go at the same time…….. do you meet friends

  27. how many people are considered in a group

  28. Hello Iam making a Facebook group for this team so we can get to know one another.All you have to do is friend me on Facebook under this name and ill be the picture with a little girl in pink footie Pjs. 🙂

  29. Are we allowed to wear any kind of long shorts or capris? Are yoga pants considered too tight? And are we allowed to wear a capped sleeved shirt underneath sleeveless dresses?

  30. how may people do you have signed up yet

  31. Ok I’m kinda scard but I really wanna do this so here I go I will raise the money and I’m goin ta do what God wants me to do so Madagascar here I come! And will I be able to call my mom, just wondering?

    • Janie, You will be able to call her from the airport before flying out and when you arrive back in the States. Snail mail is what you will use while overseas.

  32. how many people have signed up for the trip so far?

  33. How many people will be in our group?

  34. I was wondering I went on a team last year and we wore skirts on Sunday only. Is it different for this team?

  35. Are there there still any girl spots available?

  36. I was wondering where is boot camp, how long will we be there and what will we be doing?

  37. Is there still room for girls

  38. Oh okay thats what I wanted to know, thanks!

  39. Im flying, but when I get to the Orlando International Airport how do I get to were boot camp is going to be? Taxi or will there be someone to come get me?

  40. Thank you! and how will we get to the boot camp?

  41. it says the trip starts june 9th. does that include boot camp? and what does it mean when it says france?

    • Logan, The dates are all inclusive which means they include Boot Camp, the project time and Debrief. You will be traveling through France.

  42. Im buying a roundtrip plane ticket to get to boot camp and back. I just need to know what day and time I need to be in Flordia, and what day ill be back and what time so I can order my ticket. And another thing, when we get to Flordia to go to boot camp how will we get to boot camp?

    • Matthew, If you are on Madagascar, you will need to arrive at the Orlando International Airport between 10 AM on June 8 and 10 AM on June 9 (anytime in that 24 hour window) and you can fly home between 9 AM and 3 PM on July 28 (no earlier and no later).

  43. how many spots are left?

  44. This website was made for us to get to know eachother before we see each other in the spring

  45. so how do i switch my trip to another one? also i have the madagascar package coming in the mail is there a way for it to cancel or something?

    • Austin, If your packet has been sent, then there is a $30 switch fee. We are busy mailing the brochure. Call tomorrow afternoon or on Monday.

  46. Hi I just registered a few days ago and found out that the first week of boot camp is my exam week in school…I already talked to the teachers if I could change the date for my exams and they said that i couldn’t at the most i could do one exam….is there any way that i would be able to go to boot camp a week late or maybe a few days late….lol tay I didnt kno that was u it just said leeia lol bahahaha

    • Austin, You cannot come a week late. However, you can go on a Super Boot Camp team as those teams don’t start until June 20.

  47. hey everyone who’s going to be on the Madagascar team 🙂 I will be joining you this summer 🙂 feel free to add me on msn [email protected] cant wait to meet you guys! 😀

  48. Devan is paid for, I just sent her money in!

  49. HI, I ‘m a little confused. I just registered I was wondering when is boot camp is it before June6? also. you guys were talking about tenting but it says we will be sleeping in dorms..? also.. what is bartering? & It says Madagascar| France… will we be going to France? I also read that we can send out letters.. do we have to provide our own paper, pencils , stamps.. ect? & is there phones that we may use in case of an emergency?

    • Leela, The dates are all-inclusive which means Boot Camp, project time and Debrief are in the dates listed. You will be in tents during Boot Camp and in dorms in Madagascar. Bartering is when you go back and forth over the price of souvenirs. We will provide the support letters and prayer cards, you will need to provide the stamps. You will need to bring an international phone card for emergencies.

  50. hi beth. i registered a little over a week ago but i didnt pay the registration fee. how can i go back and attach the fee to my registration?

  51. hello, everyone I am hollis I will be going on this trip God willing and feel free to email me at [email protected]

  52. Hi, is there still spots open?

  53. How long is early boot camp I will hopefully the be signed up for this trip by the end of the week

  54. Do yall have the exact price yet?

  55. I ask because I would love the opportunity, but I live in Michigan.

    • Emma, Not a problem living in Michigan. We have kids coming from all over the US and Canada and even a few from overseas.

  56. Would one have to provide transportation to the boot camp?

  57. beth, wait im confused. so now we’ll be stopping in london on the way there but still overnighting in paris on the way back?

    • Devan, We are finalizing the travel plans now. Please go by what is on the web site. We will put the changes in there.

  58. hey hollis, yee i went to sicily last year(:
    praying you can come!<3

  59. I want to go so bad but I am 13 I will turrn 14 during the trip but I have been before but as a pre teen and well since I wont know anybody and I have asthma and the obstacle course takes me a while to do and then the team well get an SB and it will be my fault but I really like teaching little kids and I think it would be fun to finally go out of the country but since I am only 13 I have mixed feelings about and I keep praying about it but I havent recieved an answer or I wonder if God is telling me to choose I dont know but I would know devan if she goes because we were both pre teens please just pray that God can help me with the choice

    • Hollis, We have been out of the office this week. We will look into it on Monday. Being slow does not get an SB on the OC—not following the rules does.

  60. Devan did you go on sickly last year if so I was on the old west team and was with rocky and Judah.

  61. hi 🙂
    this is the team im going on this summerr, i just need to wait til i get paid to pay the registration fee 🙂 sooo excitedd, GOTEAMMADAGASCAR !
    ohh & abby .. alot of people bring sponges or cups and do like a sponge bath . a couple of times last year i even asked a friend to come and dump my bucket on my head to rinse out the bubbles .. hahha its actually quite an interesting experience 😉 i think youll love ittt<3

  62. how do you shower with a bucket? I don’t mind! I am just wondering. =)

  63. oops I guess that was 3

  64. Hi, Beth I have question not like the last time I said 2 more questions also what happens if you dont have 300 dolars in 30 days and sice i went on pre teen do i sitll have 2 do FTM verses also this might be my friends first year is there a way that we could be tent partners or do they always assighn them

    • Hollis, The $300 date is a “goal”. Just send it in ASAP. You will be a first-year teen team member. You will probably not tent with your friend. We want you to get to know everyone on your team.

  65. This will be my first Mission trip and my mom is very worried/scared to let me go. She wants to know if there is any way she could accompany me.

  66. what is the requirements for the group size and what are the age groups of the teen members and the how many adult members have to come allong?

    Thank you and god bless!

  67. When is the first payment due? How much longer after registration do you have to pay the trip off in full?

    • Jackie, The “goal” is to have the first $300 in in 30 days. We would like the total amount in by May 1 or Early Boot Camp and May 15 for Super and Preteen. However, as long as you have it all in by the day you arrive, you will be fine.

  68. Cant wait to be back at TMI as a former team member!!!!! <3

  69. Cant wait for this, team Madagascar here I come!

  70. Are there any scholarship of financial aid opportunities? And how long are you actually there working?

  71. While the students are on the trips is there ways they can keep in touch with family?

  72. Just wondering, will there be organized fundraisers or do we have to raise the money on our own.?

  73. hello everybody, God is good for us i’m to happy to see brother desire in email,,,

  74. If I want to go on a mission trip when is the deadline to sign up?

  75. Does the date and price include training camp??

  76. This sounds very interesting! I’de like to know a little more detail about it when possible 🙂 Is it just a evangilism team and no work? What classes would this team have to specialize in? I’m assuming drama and puppets 🙂

    • Kim, You can check the team copy on our web site for the more information. It is an evangelism team, but if there is a small work project that needs to be done, we would have the team do that also. However, the main project is evangelism.

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