Malawi Guitar/Ethiopia

2010 Malawi Preteen - MissionsDates: June 9 – July 28 — Work/Evangelism

Novice or Pro — come one, come all!

Bring your enthusiasm for music and guitar to the AIDS orphans in Malawi this summer. You will be touched by the welcoming hearts of the orphans as you use your talents to make music together for the glory of the Lord. Your training begins in Florida at the Lord’s Boot Camp where you will prepare for your summer abroad.

After Commissioning, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, via Washington D.C. and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the airport in Lilongwe, you bus two hours to the Teen Missions in Malawi Bible, Missionary, & Work Training center in Chipoka, which is located on the shores of Lake Malawi.

This great lake’s tropical waters are reportedly the habitat of more species of fish than those of any other body of freshwater on Earth! From here you will journey to the AIDS Orphan Rescue Units where you will instruct the orphans in basic guitar music.You will be amazed at their keen ear for music and rhythm as they play with you. Through this ministry you will share the Gospel message with them in English, an official language of the country.

Your housing will be in dorms while at the Bible school and then in tents while at the Rescue Units. Bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket.

You will have the opportunity to travel to the Liwonde National Park where wild game such as elephants, hippos and crocodiles are abundant. Before your summer is over you will also have the opportunity to buy local handcrafts such as drums, paintings and wood carvings.

Estimated Project Expense: $4690  U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. is this trip going to be during 2013 as well?

  2. Hey Beth,

    Did someone try to call me today from Florida? I had a phone number from Kissamee FL. I just wanted to know for sure that no one called. Thanks

    Jen Saylor

  3. Jennifer Saylor

    Yes, the rallies are fine but it was fun watching them be themselves. I told Talan to figure out where all the cameras were and get his group to be foolish in front of them for us parents. haha Could you find out if they have them this year?

  4. Jennifer Saylor

    Hey Beth,

    I can’t find the video cameras that you had all over the campus. When Jake went, I could watch any video camera on base. Where do I find those or did you get rid of them??


    PS. I hope Talan is doing well. I miss him tons already. Thanks

  5. Beth, one final question before we arrive at boot camp: does Wynter need to bring a tool since they are not working on the field?

    • Terrie, Yes, the tool list was sent with the last newsletter. If she does not want to bring that tool, she can bring a gift card from Lowes or Home Depot.

  6. are we allowed to bring gum only for use when flying? my ears pop a lot when the plain takes off and lands when I fly and gum tends to help.

    Two weeks until BC!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

  7. is this trip full for boys? is this trip full for girls? (my sister is also interested) thanks!!

  8. Jennifer Saylor

    Hi Beth,

    What times can i call. I might not be able to call until Tuesday. Thanks

    • Jennifer, We are open 8:30-12 and 1-5 EST. He can wear cotton pants or jeans when doing evangelism. Dockers, cargo pants or any lightweight type would be good. They have a type at the camping stores that sometimes have the zippers on the legs. Sorry, but I don’t know the material, but they dry really easy.

  9. Jennifer Saylor

    Hi Beth,
    I need to find out how to find out about Talan’s account. We know that people have been giving online and so we need to know a total at this point or at least a list of how much was given online. How do we do that? This would help me to know how much I have to make up the difference.



    (PS. Could someone describe better the “cotton pants” that Talan needs for evangelism? We have no idea what to get him. There are not very many choices out there. I don’t even know. We have looked and looked. We can’t even guess. LOL )

    • Jennifer, Please call the office tomorrow and ask for the Finance Department. After you speak with them, ask for the US/Canada Teams Department and we will answer your questions about pants.

  10. Jennifer Saylor

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for the info. I will be providing Talan with some missionary insurance. Any companies you find useful or that I should avoid? You can send the answer to my email. I don’t know what your email is. Thanks a lot Beth, 1 month from today, 🙂 Bittersweet.


  11. Jennifer Saylor

    Hi Beth,

    I was reading and rereading the most recent letter for the Malawi team and I have a question re: the Delta baggage claim on the B side of the airport. Talan will be flying in and doesn’t’ need a rep to meet him on his side but before he goes over to the B side, should he pick up his baggage at his baggage claim? I didn’t see that in the letter and I don’t want to guess wrong. I will have to show him how to do that so could you let me know? I which that you gave us a contact email so that I could ask this more personally. Thank you for your help.

    Jennifer Saylor
    Talan Saylor

    PS the Construction video has two dead spots so Talan could only watch the first 20 mins or so. Is it on Youtube?? We could watch it there.

  12. Do the flight times in our general fact sheet include the time difference, and when it says we need to bring a tray and a bowl does that mean just a plate and a bowl?

  13. Beth, Wynter has not received a construction video yet, should we have gotten that already or does it come later?

  14. Thanks. One other question does our team have a tool we need to bring? The general fact sheet said that that info would be in our specific fact sheet but nothing about tools was mentioned in my fact sheet.
    Thanks Beth
    Got my boots today. time to start breaking them in:)

  15. My Mom has a question about leaving stuff in storage for debrief. The Dec. update video said that the teams would each have a place to store stuff until debrief and she is manly wanting to know if I would be able to do that since I will be waring skirts in the field so I don’t have to take my clean clothes for debrief with me to Africa.


    • Tabitha, That is available for all team members. However, you will need to make sure the stuff is clean and COMPLETELY dry or it will mold.

  16. Got my specific facts sheet today! So excited, and praying for all of you on this team- finally by name 🙂 CANT WAIT!

  17. When will we be getting our final fact sheets before the trip?

  18. which ones are still open?

  19. Is there anyway for bursaries to happen to those who can’t afford mission trips but would really love to go on one?

    • Zerka, Everyone (including staff kids) have to raise their support. We do not have scholarships available.

  20. Do you know when we will be receiving a list of our potential team members?

  21. are all the teams full?

  22. I sent in several check two weeks ago and I just received the march news letter and they did not show up on the fiance report. Did they just not arrive in time to make the report or what?

  23. Do we get to swim at all on this trip? Still having trouble deciding on which one to go on.

    • Leslie, Hopefully, your team will win the piggy award during Boot Camp and then you will be able to swim in the pool. I am not sure about swimming in Malawi. My daughter went there a few years ago and they swam, but I am not sure if this team will.

  24. How is money being rased for this missoin?

    • Jennifer, Every team member is given prayer cards and letters to send out to friends, family, churches and businesses to help them raise the needed support.

  25. Alright thanks, and yes i sent the registration fee as well i payed by visa on here. When should i get my packet by?

  26. Hey i just registered for this trip today, assuming there is still room open for me, can i bring my own guitar, or am i not supposed to? Also, how many other guys are going on this trip?

    • Anderson, There is still room. If you also sent in the registration fee, I will get you registered tomorrow. You can bring your own guitar. However, depending on how many bring their guitars, you may need to leave it behind and pick it up at Debrief.

  27. Do you need to know how to play guitar to be able to go on the Malawi Guitar/ Ethiopia trip?

  28. How full is this for guys and girls?

  29. When is this trip again? Thanks!

  30. Hello- I was wondering if I can still sign my 16 year old daughter up for this trip? Thanks- Cindy

  31. Beth,What eles will we be doing on this trip other than playing the gutiar? and who is the leader of this trip?

  32. If you cannot play guitar, what would you be doing?

  33. What teams June 9 through July 28 teams have spots left for females? I really hope this one does!

  34. Are there still spots available for girls on this team, the Germany, Russia, or Zimbabwe ones?

  35. I just switched to this team and was wondering if my Team Number would still be the same? And If i could keep sending checks the same way I have been?

    • Jessica, Your new team number is 12001. You can still send in checks the same, but mark out your old team on the coupon and put your new team name and number down.

  36. When am I supposte to get the construction video? Bast on the December update video I should have gotten it with my first package but my mom thinks it comes with the info I will get around April with my team fact sheet. Please let me know and can’t wait until boot camp.

    • Tabitha, You should have received it with your original packet. Please call or email the office and we will send you one.

  37. Is this trip full to girls yet?

  38. Is there still room for girls? and if so how many avaliablitys are there?

  39. Do you have to be able to play the guitar to attend this trip?

  40. Meredith Chatfield

    Ok, thanks

  41. Meredith Chatfield

    ok thanks, and like to double check um if we are in Africa and something dangerous happens would we be sent back to the U.S. ? Or would they allow that?

  42. Meredith Chatfield

    And one more thing haha, um I just signed up yesterday for this trip, when do you think I will get the confirmation and the sponsership cards in the mail?
    If anyone else is going on this trip they should add me on facebook!

  43. Meredith Chatfield

    Ok thanks!

  44. I have a had for Africa for a long time and have a love for worship. I love to sing and play guitar though I haven’t played in awhile. Since, i’m 21 am I too old to go on this missions trip? And I would still need to get a passport do you think it would be here in enough time to go?

    • Alyssa, Yes, you can go at age 21. However, you might want to go as a leader. If interested, call the Leader Dept. A passport is required and takes about six weeks, so you have plenty of time.

  45. Meredith Chatfield

    Hey also are we doing any construction work at the bible school or is it like strictly guitar?

    • Meredith, Right now, it will just be teaching guitar. However, if there is something that needs to be done at a Rescue Unit or the base, there is the possibility that you will be helping with that.

  46. Hi! Does registering for a trip completely commit me to a trip? My parents just want to know if I would be able to “not go” once Im registered. (Not that it’s likely, theyre just wondering)

    • Sally, If you decide not to go, any monies received (including the registration fee) are non-refundable/non-transferable. Once we call you right before ticketing and if you confirm, you are responsible for the costs of the airline tickets regardless of whether you go or not.

  47. Thats amazing 🙂 I know God will provide for me, I have thought and prayed about being a missionary for a long time now. I am blessed to have been saved early so I have the chance to make God a part of my career and life. It’s hard for a teenager,like trying to live a Christian life in high school… but I know I’m reaching for a goal beyond just finances. I’ll just have to see what God does! Nothings impossible, even when it seems to be.

  48. Ok thanks, I have been praying fro a long time. I feel like God is really pushing me to full time ministry. I just don’t know how or where yet.. I just feel like this is a good place to start 🙂 and I trust he will provide for me. It’s just hard to raise 5000$ in a small town :/

    • Meredith, I totally understand. Several years ago, we were going to China and had to raise $12,000 for our kids. We live on faith support every month and also had to raise the $12,000. It was amazing to see how God provided above and beyond our expectations. He expects us to do our part (send out the support letters, seek support from businesses, etc.) and He will provide!

  49. I was wondering.. if I sign up and don’t raise the money in time can I back out? Because you said it was a first come first serve baisis :/ I really want to go but I just don’t know if I can raise 5000$ in 5 months..

    • Meredith, If that is where the Lord wants you, He will provide. I have seen kids raise that amount of money in two weeks, so you have plenty of time. We call all the team members before doing the final ticketing. At that point, you can switch to a cheaper team if needed.

  50. Hi everyone. I am an FTM and I saw someone else here is too, someone named Hannah. I have posted comments on this page under my girl name, by the way. I’m not sure if you know about what an FTM is, but would an FTM have to stay with the girls?

  51. I was wondering if we have our own guitar, would we bring that, or would you give us one to use for the trip?

  52. Mrs. Kostner.
    Are you going to be the leader for this team? I am an FTM, and have been to Malawi once before. I am looking at going this summer,but still praying about it. I have limited experience with a guitar, but am willing to learn. Are the girl spots filled yet?

  53. Are the spots for girls filled?

  54. This would be so much fun I’m 17 and have been playing guitar for 9 years. I would love to share my love for music and God with others. I am nor sure my parents can afford it though.

  55. Thanks Mrs. Kostner!

  56. Hey Mrs. Kostner,
    I just got my package from TMI and got gold envelopes to send the cheques in.
    Last year, because I live in Canada, I got green envelopes the send the cheques to the Canadian TMI. For this year, do I send the cheques to Canada or the USA?

  57. I am so excited for this trip! Can’t wait till next summer! 🙂

  58. How many people go on each trip?

  59. Thank you very much for the quick responses and answers.

    Have a wonderful day in the name of Jesus!

  60. Hello. I am very interested, however, I have a question or 2.

    1. Is fitness something that is generally required?
    2. By what day must we register and have passports? (I do not have a passport yet, so I will also need to know how long that will take.)

    Thanks so very much, and God bless you for your hard work as his faithful servant.

    • Natalie, No, fitness is not required. You will need to register as soon as possible. Teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the sooner you register the better. Plus it will give you more time to raise your support. You will need to apply for your passport soon after registering. Sometimes passports arrive quickly and other times, it may take longer. Some teams require visas which must be acquired ahead of time.

  61. Hello. I am 13, and I was wondering up until what day is the deadline for registration? Also, if I do not yet have a passport, how quickly on average can I obtain one? My final question is: Is much physical fitness required? If so, I will not be able to, as I am not very fit.

  62. Hello, My oldest son, Jake Saylor, served with you for two years and now my youngest is interested. He turns 13 in Decemeber, I hope that that is soon enough. He is a musical young man who sings and percussion (learning the trumpet) and he has wanted so badly to learn guitar. Would his voice be instrument enough or would he have to bring and learn guitar prior to the trip?
    Also, do you still supply the awesome letters and prayer bookmarks? (he also is experienced in puppet ministry)


    • Jennifer, We will supply the guitars and he does not need to know how to play. Yes, we still supply the prayer cards and letters. He does not need to know how to sing, but that will be helpful. Since he will be 13 before (or during the trip), he can go on a teen trip.

  63. I am highly interested in this mission trip. Do we have to know guitar before we go to boot camp or it is required to know some guitar before hand?

  64. Hi, I have two questions :
    Is this trip available to Canadian students as well? And also, does the price of about $ 4000 include airfare?

    • Steph, Yes, it is available to Canadians. It does include your round-trip airfare from Florida to Malawi. It does NOT include your round-trip airfare to Florida.

  65. I can play guitar, but not nearly as well as I play percussion (drums, marimba, djimbe, ect.) Would it be possible for me to go and play a bucket or another type of drum instead of guitar? Or is this strictly guitar oriented.

  66. I am very excited about this Teen Mission Trip! It’s so exciting to see the teenagers of the USA being a blessing to the nations, in line with Psalm 117:1-2 “Praise the LORD, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD.”

    I grew up for 8 years in Malawi in the 1970’s and 1980’s and it is a country with wonderful peaceful people (no civil war or coup since independence in 1964, which for Africa is a sign of God’s amazing grace), but they are desparately poor: GDP per capita is $313 per person p.a. (1% of the USA). (Source: Operation World 7th Edition)

  67. Do we need to know how to play guitar or will be learn?

  68. Wait, so what would be the cost to go?

    • Ashley, The “range” is listed. We will not know the final cost until October when the airlines come in with their costs.

  69. Is their a number for more information ?
    I am interested and I need more information before I am allowed to go farther.

  70. Do you need to own a guitar to be on this team?

  71. I love how TMI is broadening their ministry and creatively thinking of new ways to interact with people. This trip sounds awesome!

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