Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake Relief

2006 Faroe Islands Missions TripDates: June 9 – July 28 — Work/Evangelism

After the steaming heat of Floridas swamps, you can cool off wintering “down under” in earthquake- devastated Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. Repairs and reconstruction are still the order of the day as the second-largest city in the country rebuilds. After Boot Camp training you fly across the United States to Los Angeles, and continue across the Pacific Ocean, the Equator and the International Date Line, to Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand), the “Land of the Long White Cloud”.

After disembarking in Auckland and going through customs, a domestic flight will take you still further south to Christchurch. The effects of the earthquakes are still everywhere! Here you will not only be helping with rebuilding this beautiful English city, but also sharing Jesus and His love with people who know what it is to have their daily lives totally disrupted and who need to know someone still cares. Come prepared to do anything, as there is plenty of work to do.

Fellowship will be enjoyed with the multicultural spectrum of believers and you may get to experience some of the Maori background and history of the area. While in Christchurch you will pay a visit to the Antarctic Centre, which is the next best thing to touring the world’s most inaccessible continent.

After blessing a needy community with some ‘real dinkum’ (practical help), you’ll go home having made lasting friends with a new understanding of what a kiwi really is!

Estimated Project Expense: $4490  U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Just wondering if there are still spots available for this trip? If not, do you all offer this trip every year? Also, does the price include airfare? Thanks!

    • Noah, Yes, there is still room. It does cover airfare to/from NZ. However, you will need the round-trip airfare to/from FL.

  2. Going through all of this stuff,I got interested but again it looks like all leaders must be a US/canadian nationals. huh, i am Africa and i have all it takes to make a trip to any country.PLs let me know if am allow to join?

    • Mbah, You are allowed to join, but you are responsible for your visas and travel costs, etc. to and from the US. We do have the same program in several places in Africa.

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you still have spots open to go on this mission trip.

  4. What camp will they be rebuilding? A friend going on this trip told me you guys are helping to restore a camp, and I’m just curios what camp it is. Thanks!
    Mells =:-D

  5. Everyone should put their hands up to visit the greatest city in the world. Although destruction played it’s part the people of Christchurch stay hard and proud of their own city. I was blessed by having been born and breed in Christchurch, and although not being there when the earthquakes struck, was a link for my family to contact each other. My sister, who completed 3 missions for Teen Missions in the late 90’s, including a year travelling the US and Canada sharing gods word had only recently returned home to Christchurch. It has been a challange for her as she is a junior school teacher and, obiously, her first priority is her students with disregard for her own family and property. She has since learnt a house she owned has to be destoyed as the land is to unstable.

    It would be awesome if ‘YOU’ put your hand up to travel on the mission to Christchurch as ‘YOU’ will make a big difference restoring the faith and helping the tired people of a beautiful part of the world.

    You will neer forget it, i promise.

    Tim, God Bless

  6. Is there still room for one more girl?

  7. Can girls still sign up to come? When do we have to have everything? And can you send me some info about it?

    • Rebecca, There is still room. If you check our website and the team copy, most of your questions should be answered. If you have other questions, please email them to .

  8. Are scholarships available?

    • Owen, We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. Sorry, but there are no scholarships available.

  9. Is there still room for boys???

  10. Is there enough room for about 10 more people to join? Also, when does all the money have to be turned in if I am going?

  11. can you tell me when registration has to be in? How many spots are left on the team? and how to get started? I am going to see if my youth group is interested in doing a teen missions trip this summer.

    Thanx for your help

    • Mike, There is still room on this team, but not a lot of spaces. You can register online. There is not room for a whole youth group, but several could attend.

  12. Hey guys, for all of you that are going and have Facebook, add me (Ainsley Steward) 😀
    Maybe we can even create a page for our whole group. My team from Greece in 2008 connected on there still uses it as a great way to fellowship and bond.

  13. My mom want let me go because she dosent want me going out of the country with somebody she dosent know , but is there anyway that i could just go to the training camp in Florida?

  14. Ok thanks an does your parent have to attend u on this trip?

  15. Hi I am interested into going on this trip and I was wondering when ALL the money is due. Thanks

  16. is it too late for girls to register?

  17. Alright, sounds good. I have not received my general facts sheet yet, nor my packet. I registered six days ago.

  18. What kind of boots do we need? And are they only for boot camp, or are they for the entire trip?

    • Brianne, Did you receive the General Fact Sheet? If so, that information is in there. They need to be construction boots, lace-up, six-eight inches high (from the ground), all leather (no gortex or other material) on the body of the boot.

  19. Ok, I commented earlier that my General Fact sheet had not come, I got it on Friday of last week so I will send my stuff in as soon as possible.

  20. My mom just read the news about all the aftershocks of the large earthquake near Christchurch. She’s wondering if the aftershocks will prevent our team from accomplishing the work that we’re setting out to do.

    • Brianna, There is still several months before you leave. We have staff in NZ that will keep us posted on the situation. Right now, they need a team even more than they did before.

  21. so i went on a pretten trip 2 years ago, do i have to learn extra still have to learn extra memory verses for 2nd years

  22. so im gonna go on this trip. im an experiecned puppetier at my home church, would i have to go through the courses/ help teach them?

    • Janathan, Thanks for offering, but we already have puppet teachers. You will need to go through all classes with your team.

  23. How will I travel with my guitar?

    • Brianna, It depends on the airline. If it is a very good guitar, I would suggest not bringing it. Airlines can be pretty brutal with them sometimes.

  24. Beth, what kind of presentations?

    • Brianne, You will learn puppets, music and maybe some drama at Boot Camp. You will be doing EV presentations using the music, puppets, maybe drama and testimonies.

  25. Would I be allowed to bring my guitar? And if so, would I have time to play it?

    • Brianna, Yes, you could bring it. If you do, you will need to play for presentations. There should be time to play during free time also.

  26. is there still room for boys on this trip?

  27. How long after we register do we get our packets?

  28. It has been more than 30 days since I got my packet, I needto send my stuff in but I haven’t gotten my Gereal Fact sheet yeat. Should I send the stuff or wait?

  29. When do we find out whether we fly out of Miami or Orlando? Does that come out in the spring?

  30. Is it too late to join?

  31. do u know what souvineirs and shopping we will be able to do

  32. whats the housing and bathing situations???

  33. I am curious, I got my packet a little while ago and so I need to send my paperwork in but I haven’t gotten the General Fact Sheet yet. Should I send my other stuff in or should I wait for the fact sheet?
    Thanks, Kelsey

  34. Is there still room for girls?

  35. Hi Beth, I have two questions
    1. When is the final project costs/airline info going to be released
    2. When will the general fact sheet be sent out?

    • Kelsey, We are working on both. The Finance Report is due out in a week or two and the cost will be on it. The General Fact Sheet should be coming at the same time.

  36. Are the spots for girls filled?

  37. Is it okay if I bring underarmour to NZ as long as I wear it under a t-shirt?

  38. How long does it take for the prayer cards/support letters and the rest of the packet to get here after regestration?

  39. I am registered for this team!!!!! Anyone else going? I would be happy to share my experiences with Teen Missions and give tips!=) I have facebook look me up! Kelsey Pearson=)

  40. Hi as a Kiwi living in Canada I really appreciate what you guys are doing for my family done there, thank you sooooooo much! I personally am going on the Zambia Water Filters trip. But I think it is great what you are doing! GOD Bless!!!
    God’s little princess

    p.s New Zealanders name themselves Kiwis after the amazing Kiwi bird not the kiwifruit. I am just saying that so you will not offend them.

  41. Also, when will findout if this team will need Visas?

  42. Beth, my prayer card picture is on a disk that we are going to get tomorrow. Can I still register today or do I have to wait until tomorrow?

  43. I am going on this trip!!!! I am sooo excited! My parents just approved and all I need nowis to register!! This will be my first teen trip (I went as a preteen this summer)
    I am also excited because I may have convinced my 12 year old sister to go to Sweden this year and I think she would love it!

  44. Thanks Beth, I know that you never know for sure which it will be. When will they put up which airport we are flying out of and the final price? Sorry I can’t remember when they put those up last year..
    Thanks alot!

  45. posting for a friend

    so if some one wanted to sign up for this team but wasn’t sure if they would be able to raise the full amount what should they do should they wait till they know that they could or ahold they go ahead and sign up a pay the reg. fee and see what happens from there… and does the first $300 HAVE to be in, in the first thirty days,
    Bc I have a teens who really wants to go but isn’t sureif they can raise all the money

    • Sparklet, They should go ahead and sign up. The GOAL for the first $300 is 30 days, but we will not cancel you if you don’t make the goal in time. We will call everyone before doing the final booking of the airline tickets. If you do not have the needed funds, at that point, you would need to switch to a cheaper team.

  46. Do you have an idea of wether we are going to to have tents/dorms buckets/showers? I know that it is never 100% positive that it will be one or the other=)

  47. Ok thanks I am excited! I went on the Sicily team with your son BJ this summer=) I was his SPP =) tell him I say hi

  48. Is this team full yet?

  49. stoked and ready for a summer in NZ


  50. Rachel, If you register please send Stef and I your support letter. I will be praying that God places you on the team he wants you on.

  51. I went on the Around The World Russia team last year and it was an absolutely amazing experience and really helped me grow closer to God. If anyone is feeling overwhelmed with costs and the huge changes in environment that will take place, pray about it, and don’t be intimidated, it is an awesome opportunity. I am interested in this trip and praying about it myself. 🙂

  52. I’m signed up and so excited! Beth, do you know if the debrief is gonna be the regular Florida debrief? Someone suggested to me that there’s a possibility it could be somewhere else.

  53. will there be a time for us to go shopping and site-seeing?

  54. I have a friend who thought this trip sounded cool but he’s in his 20’s he could be a leader, right!!! If so how would he sign up to do so?!! 😀

  55. I’m really interested in this trip. what’s the email address to get a registration form?

  56. It says interdenominational, I am a Catholic Christian is that fine to be part of this?

  57. I am really considering this trip! This would be my first teen trip (I went to Sicily this summer as a preteen) It looks really cool

  58. say, that i were to sign up online w/i the nxt 2 wks. would i get the packet w/ the prayer cards and prayer list and stuff by say….late oct?!! and can we have our “preferred name” only on our name tags NOT our prayer cards?!! 🙂 🙂 😀

  59. Nike attitude Elyssa (they use to say just go for it in the Nike TV adds) when your lead by God you just have to go for it.

  60. I’m not…… I’ve prayed and feel strongly that this is what the Lord wants….I’m just curious, I kinda just like to know what I’m getting myself in to that’s all 🙂

  61. How soon will the information on dorms/showers be available now that debrief is over…. or will that information be out next year?

    • Elyssa, Please do not choose a trip based on the accommodations as that can change. Pray about where the Lord wants you to go. EVERYONE is in tents at Boot Camp.

  62. How soon will this information be available, now that Debrief is over?!?!?!

  63. i know u guys are busy with debreif. trust me i know i went to tmi but is it tents or dorms and is it showers or bucket baths.

  64. I’d love to go on this NZ trip….but none of the info tells if we will be in tents or dorms of if we’ll have to bathe and do laundray in buckets or not???? How can I find this info??

  65. Madison Raurell

    how do i get involved in one of these trips and how much is it to go? I think this would be a wonderful way for me to serve

  66. Charity Metzger

    Buckets or showers?

    • Charity, Please send us these questions in September. We are in the middle of Debrief and VERY busy, so I don’t have time to look the information up.

  67. Tents or dorms?

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