Southern Sudan/Uganda

2010 Malawi Preteen Missions TripDates: June 9 – July 28 — Work/Evangelism

Meet an orphaned generation, recovering from war and hungry for the Gospel, as you serve the Lord this summer in the newly-formed nation of Southern Sudan. Be a part of the first Teen Missions team to bring hope to the people of Yei, who endured unrest for over three decades.

After Commissioning, the team flies from Orlando, to JFK  International Airport in New York. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean to ParisFrance, before continuing across the Mediterranean Sea, and the Sahara Desert to NairobiKenya. A connecting flight takes you to Entebbe International Airport, located on Lake Victoria.

From Entebbe, you take a nine-hour bus ride to Koboko and spend a night at the Teen Missions Upper Nile base before crossing the border into Sudan. Your project will be to construct housing for the Teen Missions New Hope base in Yei. Housing will be in tents at the nearby YWAM base and bathing and laundry will be done in buckets. It will be a joy to spend time sharing Christ through music, puppets, drama and testimonies to these former refugees.

Embrace this unique culture as you get to meet one of the world’s tallest tribal groups, the Dinka, who grow up to seven feet and more. Following your project, you will take a safari at the Kabarega National Park along the Nile River near the Murchison Falls.

Here you will experience the African wild and be able to see the “Big Five” (leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, cape buffalo and lion) that dominate the African jungles. Do not miss shopping for souvenirs such as carvings, handcrafted drums, jewelry and African clothing.

Estimated Project Expense: $4690 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Hi, Beth,
    I am a parent and my 16 year old left for Uganda on Tue this week. There has not been any team report. Where are they and are they OK?
    With whom should I talk to on concerns during the next 3 weeks? Thanks for all your updates.
    Linda Lau

  2. hey am so happy about your involvement
    in charity and preaching the gospel to
    nations .am a Ugandan youth here in kampala
    the capital city i work in ministry look on
    God ministry we also have a team of youth
    who really love God and love doing God work
    we thank you for all your doing for the people
    may God bless you mighty that’s all i just wanted
    to say thanks

  3. Hi, my name is Cody, and I was wondering if there was still room on this trip and what the deadline is to register. Please respond as soon as possible, thank you 🙂

    • Cody, Please call our office on Monday morning. Registrations at this point require at least 1/2 of the project expense before we can register you.

  4. Rachel Luzader


    The mother of a teen in my church who has gone to Teen Missions before, mentioned that when her daughter went she didn’t use the bucket that she brought, but used one that was already there at TMI. She suggested that I probably didn’t need to bring one. I know that many people will leave that stuff behind when they head back home. So should I still bring a 5 gallon bucket, or do you think there will be extras that I can use that are already there?
    ( I will be flying to TMI, so I have limited space in my tub.)

    • Rachel, We do not have enough buckets to hand out this year. It doesn’t have to be a five gallon one, but that is what we recommend. It can be smaller and will fit in her tub and she can put her shampoo, etc. in it on the her trip to Boot Camp.

  5. Angi Courville

    Thanks for the response to my earlier question. Is there still room on this trip? My 15-y-o daughter is very interested, and already has significant support raised for a solo trip to South Sudan that was supposed to take place at the end of this month.

  6. Evelyn Krippner

    Hi, I have commented before on wanting to go and I still do more than anyone can imagine!!! However, I will not be able to go this year and I was wondering if you would be offering this trip net year. thank you so much!!!

  7. Rachel Luzader

    Hello, I am going on this trip, and I am VERY excited!
    My parents were wondering if I would need a mosquito net for my tent. Do you know if this is recommended?

    Also, I received the rest of my support today, and I’m amazed how fast God brought it all in!I recieved close to $4000, this weekend! And before this weekend, I was worrying if God would provide. God is showing me everyday, that NOTHING is impossible with HIM! 🙂

    Thank you. 🙂
    Rachel Luzader

    P.S. Thanks for praying for my team!

  8. I just signed up for this trip! I’m so excited!!! I heard about something like a fact sheet-where can I get this? Thx!

  9. Is there an age limit? I am 22 years old.

    • Aaron, At 22, you should probably go as a leader. Please call our office and ask for the Leader Placement Department.

  10. The note on your front page indicated this has been changed to November? Is this true? My 15-year-old was set to go to South Sudan with a Kenyan missionary, but God seems to be moving in other directions. Her heart is still set on S. Sudan in particular, and she has about half the money raised that your trip costs, but there’s no way we could raise the remainder in a little over a month. But if the trip is in November, it would be more doable.

    Thank you!

    • Angl, The travel aspect was changed in November, not the trip itself. We can switch her to a cheaper team if needed. Please call the office on Monday.

  11. Hello, I have many many questions and I was wondering how I would be able to contact a TeenMission’s personnel. Either through email or phone, and my parents also have some questions. I know it is a little late in this process and whatnot but I am very determined to go this year. I hope that this is still an open opportunity for girls. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Donglin, You can call our office tomorrow between 8:30 -2:00 PM EST. A lot of the staff will be outside putting up Big Tops, but I will be in during those hours.

  12. If I am trying to fundraise for this event, who would the checks go out to?

  13. Thanks. Trusting that you guys have the bead on that, and that the kids would never be sent into a questionable situation. Praying God’s preparation and protection over this team…

  14. Beth,
    What’s the latest on the safety situation? My son is on the team, and I’m a bit nervous.

    • Pam, I just spoke with the Uganda Coordinator and she said it is very safe where the team will be. If there are any issues, we will just keep the team in Uganda.

  15. I am really looking forward to this mission trip, but my parents are worried about safety. Do you know were I could contact someone who understands political climate of the city so that I can reassure my parents? Thank you!

    • Abram, Have your parents call the office. We have just had staff there and one of our Uganda bases is just across the border.

  16. I would love to do this. It sounds amazing. But when is the dead line for the money and sign up? I want to go so bad.

    • Olivia, The sooner you sign up, the more time you have to raise your support. The deadline for the money is the day you arrive at Boot Camp.

  17. I’m on the team! I’m super excited about this trip!!!

  18. Hi, I went on the 2010 Zambia Bridge team and so I was wondering if there would be anyway I could be an assistant leader for this trip?

  19. Hi, I was wondering if there is still room left on this trip, and was also wondering how long the trip is? Thanks!

  20. Is there still room? I would really love to go!

  21. Meredith Chatfield

    Is there still room on this trip? I really want to go to someplace in Africa, but there are so many trips I am having trouble decicing! I wanted to go on the Zambia building a Well one, but its full. I really liked it because we are working with orphans. Will we get to do anything like that on this trip too?

  22. My parents are concerned about me going on this trip, because they do not want me to go to Africa until I am 18. How can I ensure them that this is a safe trip for teenagers?

    • Katie, Have them call our office so that we can answer their questions and reassure them. The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will!

  23. Brendan Standaert

    How long does it usually take to obtain the funds for a trip of this cost?

    • Brendan, It depends on your support base, how quickly you send out support letters, how aggressive you are at raising the support, etc. I have seen kids raise over $4000 in less than two weeks and others take longer.

  24. Brendan Standaert

    Thank you very much!

  25. Will you be going here again in 2013 ? Bc I can raise enough money to go this time

    • Alayna, How do you know you cannot raise enough money to go this summer? Have you signed up and sent out your letters? If the Lord wants you to go, He can provide the funds (as long as you do your part). You still have plenty of time to raise your support! We have not set the teams for 2013 yet.

  26. Brendan Standaert


    Do you have to be Protestant to go on a mission trip. I am Roman Catholic and I am very interested in this trip.

    Brendan Standaert

    • Brendan, No, you do not have to be Protestant. We have had many Catholics attend. However, you will not be attending Catholic churches during your project time.

  27. Are dates provided by the website for this trip (June 9th – July 28th, I believe) the dates for just one trip? Or will multiple shorter trips be conducted during that time frame?


  28. Hello! I was wondering about the dates of this trip…I know the website said June 9th – July 28th: does this mean that the trip itself is that long, or that multiple trips are held within those dates? Thanks!

    • Morgan, The dates listed are all inclusive which means they include the Boot Camp dates, travel dates, project time and Debrief.

  29. Hello, my name is delanie, im 16 years old, and will be 17 in april of 2012, I was wondering how much i would have to raise to be apart of this trip, and if this trip is in the summer?

  30. I am interested in the trip to Southern sudan/Uganda but i was wondering how much room is left or if your already filled

  31. How many spots are left on this trip? Do you have to sign up fast?

  32. Is there still room on this trip? Also, if the student applying is still 17 (will be 18 by the trip), but graduated early, can she still go?

  33. i heard about this at winter jam and i feel that god wants me to go but a was wanted to know how to go and how much it is because were tite one money.

    • Dylan, You can register on our web site. The “range” (we are still confirming with the airlines) of project expense is listed with each team.

  34. I want to help these people with my whole heart, and not just by donations and raising money/awareness. I want to be involved with these people and bring them love. I feel that God is calling to me to go on this mission, yet my parents say they cannot take me being away for so long, which I completely understand, but I feel as if God wants me to go. HELP!!!

  35. while here where will they be sleeping? dorms or tents

  36. Do i Have to be on a team from my church or can i just go by my self in terms of my church or with like me and another friend from church

    • Kasten, Most of the kids on your team will not know anyone on the team. Therefore, you do not have to go with anyone you know.

  37. Thanks alot this means alot to me 🙂

  38. Hey my name is Alayna I am wanting to go on this trip but my dad said I have to raise alot of money befor I sign up I was wondering if there was any room left on this perticular trip bc I always wanted to go somewhere like Africa

  39. Hi, I have wanted to go to Africa for a very long time. ever since 4th grade. I feel like God is calling me there. I don’t have a lot of money but I know people can sponsor you. I’ve never done this before though so could you help me understand what sponsoring is and what are different ways I could raise the money?

    • Janelle, We supply prayer cards and letters to send to your friends and family. You can contact your church or a SS class. You can also do a garage sale, car wash, spaghetti dinner, etc. You can sell candy. You can also contact businesses.

  40. i am 18 is that to old to sign up? Gods been calling me to do a mission trip for so long and ive realized now is the time.

  41. Do we have to have the money up front or can we sign up and if we don’t have the money drop out??

  42. Signed up yesterday!!! 🙂 Aw ya!

  43. Hi, I am 16 years old and considering going on this trip, but my parents are concerned, as this is a christian non-denominational group, and I am Catholic. What specifically would we be preaching?

    • Katie, We have had many Catholics attend. Yes, it is a Christian organization and that doctrine is what is taught. You will be attending Prot. churches.

  44. Hi.My name is Masha.My sister and me want to go to Africa so MUCH!!!!We want to find a group for us.Is it a problem if we are from Russia?

    • Masha, No, it is not a problem. However, you will need to cover the project expense, your round-trip transportation to/from the US and your visas.

  45. Alright 🙂 I shall!

  46. Thinking about sigining up for this trip… How many openings are left?

  47. How long is the team in Southern Sudan and Uganda? And how old are the kids who usually go on this trip?

  48. How can I sign up and would we go with a certain church? I would really like an information packet or something. I really feel like God is calling me to go minister to kids in Africa and this sounds like an amazing trip. I am 15 about to be 16 though.

    • Emily, You can register online and we will send you the registration packet in mid-September when everyone is back in the office.

  49. Has anyone signed up for this team yet?

  50. Ah! My mother won’t let me sign up until she knows what sort of health risks there are. Do I need to take malaria pills? Anything else? Thanks!

    • Allya, Check with your physician. He/she will probably recommend malaria prevention and possibly a Yellow Fever shot. Your physician knows your medical history and will be more equipped to let you know what is needed.

  51. I went to Uganda this past year, and it was such an awesome, life-changing experience. If you feel God is calling you to go here, then I encourage you to go! He will make a way!

  52. I will be praying for you Erin. You are just like me. I feel that God is calling me to go on a missions trip to Southern Sudan and I am planning to sign up in a few days. I hope your parents will let you go.

  53. Hi I am very interested in this trip because i feel the need to serve God next year on this mission! the only problem is my parents do not think that i should go and they will not budge. I want to do this more than anything! How do i convince them that this is a good trip and that they should let me go? Also, is there more info on the trip somewhere?

  54. What sort of shots do we need for this trip?

  55. Daniel Marschner

    Hi, im 19 and I went on a mission trip to Ireland through TMI back in 09.(09007). I got a letter of reccomendation to be a team leader and at first I was just happy to have gotten the letter but as of lately I have been thinking seriously about going is there an open leader position for Uganda??

    • Daniel, Please email the Leader Dept. Everyone (well, almost everyone) is on vacation/deputation until Sept. 13.

  56. Do you know who the leaders are for this team?

  57. Do I just ask for them through the email you provided?

  58. And who do I email for a brochure to be sent to me?

  59. Hi! My name is Meredith, I am 16. I really feel like God is calling me to go into mission work of some kind. I really enjoy music too though, but it looks like most of these mission trips include that to help interact with the kids, which is great! I’ve been on mission trips in the U.S. but I really want to experience one that is out of the country. I am only concerned with how I could come up with the money in time… is there fundraising or anything you guys could do to help?
    -thanks, meredith

  60. Thanks so much!!!! I certainly will!!!

  61. I am 13 and I am really interested in this!!! I want to help so much it hurts!!!! Where do I get more info to convince my parents? Thanks!!!

    • Evelyn, If you want to be mailed a brochure, please email us your physical address. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to email them to us.

  62. Okay Thanks! Well i have heard that girls cannot wear short/ capris and tank tops. Is this true? Where can i find the General Fact sheet?

  63. I have ever attended the mission in 1995 when i was young, as per now i also want to join is it possible when i’m now 30yrs old. Thanks for serving the lord.

  64. Thank you! And i had a few other questions….What is the dress code for this trip? How many people going? And when do i have to be signed up by?

    • Danae, This will be one of the more popular trips, so the sooner you sign up, the better. The dress code will be listed in the General Fact Sheet and the Individual Team Fact Sheet (if different than the normal dress code). We will put up to 25 on the team.

  65. I mean 2012

  66. Is this a trip for 2011? Is there a lot of involvement with orphans and kids?
    Thank you!!

  67. I feel that God has called me to do mission work and share the gosple. I am a 15 year old girl and would love to learn more about what i can do, these trips, and your orginazation in general. Please contact me.

    Thank you!

    • Chayne, Please check our web site for more information. If you want on our mailing list, please call or email.

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