Montana Creation Indian Reservation

2004 New Mexico Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 12 — Work/Evangelism

Imagine living on a real Old West Indian Reservation and observing a genuine Indian powwow. That’s just part of what this team will do. Getting there only adds to the adventure.

Following Boot Camp the team will board their own bus, which has sleeping bunks on it, for the journey to the northwest. You will share the Gospel using puppets, songs and testimonies along your journey. After traveling through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky to Evansville, Indiana, the team will spend a day at the Telling the Truth center and be housed in dorms with showers. Then heading north and west, you cross the mighty Mississippi River and view the great Gateway Arch before heading to Hannibal, Missouri, home of the famous characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Then it’s on to Iowa, with an overnight stay at Jericho Hills Camp. The next day, you head to the scenic Badlands of South Dakota and will stop at Mt. Rushmore to see four U.S. Presidents carved into the mountain and visit Little Big Horn Battlefield where General Custer was killed. Another day’s drive will take you to Theodore Roosevelt National Park for an overnight in this majestic park.

The next day takes you to Glenaire, Montana, with a visit to a dinosaur dig site and a tour of the Creation Center where your Christian faith will be strengthened. Finally, your team will arrive at the Assiniboine Indian Reservation for your summer work project, which is to build a cabin for the Indian Camp.

During the time you are there, you’ll observe a powwow where Indians from different tribes across the U.S. come and perform native dances in tribal costumes. The team will hand out bottled water and assist in the cleanup after the powwows.

The team will be housed in tents in the scenic foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Estimated Project Expense: $2490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. okay thought you knew of one. thanks so much for all your help

  2. No i do not. Where do the shuttles pick you up from the airport?

  3. Im only 20 and alot of places you have to be 21 to rent a car what else would you advise?

  4. thanks so much for quick reply! if we take a taxi will i be able to leave my cell phone somewhere when i check in? just want to make sure that for commissioning i am allowed to arrive after 5?

    • Mary, I wouldn’t advise a taxi as we are about 45 minutes from the airport. Yes, you may arrive after 5PM.

  5. I want to visit my cousin the day before commissioning and also attend commissioning. What time is visiting and what should i bring. Do i have to bring my id to sign in? Also for commissioning can we come before and visit with them? Thanks 🙂

    • Mary, You are welcome to come in on Commissioning. Before that time, only parents (and accompanying family members) and pastors may visit. Visitors may arrive after 5 PM. Parents may arrive after lunch. However, they will be busy packing out and that is their priority! You will need to dress appropriately (pants, shirts with sleeves, close toed shoes) and cell phones need to stay in your car.

  6. What do you advise we dont put in the care packages. He will be on the montana trip so what are things he will have to pay for besides postage that wont be included

    • Jess, Please call the office on Thursday (phones are too busy today and tomorrow with arrivals). I am not understanding your questions.

  7. I have a family member going on the trip and wont be able to make it july 7th is it possible to send a care package and you guys be able to give it to them on that day? also are we allowed to send picture along with letters?

  8. My son will be arriving at Orlando airport tomorrow. Is there a way for me to find out if he’s met the person he’s supposed to be meeting?

  9. I did not get a specific team fact sheet but am going on this trip. I don’t think I’ll have everything I’m supposed to 🙁

    • Marina, Did you not get the sheet with the team’s pictures? It told the weather, addresses, etc. Your packing list will be the regular one for work teams.

  10. is it still possible to get money back on the trip if we are all signed up?

  11. Nancy Hendrickson

    Thank you, Beth. We appreciate your quick responses when we have questions.

  12. Nancy Hendrickson

    My daughter is now registered for Montana and we have received all the information we need except the Specific Team Fact Sheet. What’s the best way to get a copy at this point?

  13. Nancy Hendrickson

    Are there still openings for girls for Montana?

  14. Hi, My 16 year old daughter is very interested on going on this trip. We didn’t pursue it only because she has worked all year to earn money and train to go on her youth group’s mission trip from June 9th – June 16th which means that she would miss the beginning of your mandatory boot camp. Her youth pastor suggested I at least ask if, given the fact that it for mission work that she would be missing, you might make an exception and allow her to come to boot camp on the 16th?

    • Alyson, If she is gone until June 16, she can still come as that Montana team does not start until June 20. She can arrive anytime between 10 AM on June 19 and 10 AM on June 20. If she is wanting an Early Boot Camp team, that would not be possible, but any Super Boot Camp team (any team starting on June 20) would be a possibility.

  15. Are there still openings for this montana mission trip?

  16. where can i find more information on commissioning? i would like to go but unsure of times and where to go, if i can bring anything for the person on the trip

    • Lee, Commissioning for Super Boot Camp is on July 7. Parents may come in after lunch and regular visitors after 5 PM. EVERYONE must abide by the dress code (pants, shirts with sleeves, close-toed shoes) and are advised to bring a water bottle. Leave the cell phones and video cameras in the car. If they bring goodies for after Commissioning, they must take it to a special place (cannot come in Boot Camp). Remember that you will be packing up, so time to visit can be short as packing out is your priority.

  17. when is commissioning day for montana?

  18. i would like to go but i dont know how im supposed to get to the bus im in alberta do i have to take a plane?

  19. Danielle Welker
    I am going on this trip. This is my Facebook link add me if you are going. I would like to get to know some people!!! 🙂

  20. this looks like a great way for kids to learn about God and teach and tell others about there excpereance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Is there still openings for the Montana team?

  22. I was wondering About food allergies, because I’m allergic to Gluten which is pretty much in everything. I was just wondering how that would be handled.

  23. Hello. is there still room available as a team member on the Montana mission trip?

  24. Anyone going on this team you should friend me. My facebook is Erika Ashley Holmes 🙂

  25. I see it says the team will be housed in tents on the Reservation, but it doesn’t say anything about showers. Could you tell us what type of restroom/bathing facilities are there?

    • Michael, That information is coming out later in the spring. You will “learn” to do bucket baths at Boot Camp, so you will be prepared for anything!

  26. How long is super boot camp

  27. oh ok wow you answer questions fast since this is the cheapest trip if you dont raise enough money will you just not go that is the only thing that is holding my friend back

  28. Well, they use to have a page with all the adresses on it online

  29. Were do you find the addresses for this team to write letters too

    • You will get that info later on in the Spring if it is not on your prayer card already. We don’t give out the number of people signed up becuase it changes often.

  30. How many people are signed up on this trip so far

  31. Are their showers and dorms?

  32. Hi, I am an Assiniboine from the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana which is near the Little Rocky Mountains. I am wondering if this is where you are going?

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