Zambia Orphan Angels MSSM

2010 Zambia Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 12 — Evangelism

Come do what others have only dreamed of! Take the light of the Gospel deep into the heart of the African Bush, as you ride from village to village on a motorcycle, teaching Sunday school and literacy classes with the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) Circuit Riders.

After completing specialized motorcycle training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to Orlando for a flight to Dulles International Airport in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean, France, Italy, the Mediterranean Sea then over the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The team will take a connecting flight to Lusaka, Zambia. From the airport, a five-hour bus ride takes you to the Teen Missions in Zambia BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center in Ndola.

At the base, you will spend some time familiarizing yourself with Zambian roads and traffic laws (like driving on the left side of the road) before you repack your bags and head out into the bush to begin your MSSM Circuit. You will teach the children Bible stories, songs, memory verses and games along with phonics to help them learn how to read. The orphans are eager for your love and attention, and you will make memories that will last for years to come.

Housing is in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. Before leaving Zambia, a trip is planned to Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi River, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. You will enjoy viewing these breathtaking waterfalls known as the “Smoke that Thunders”.

Wood and stone carvings, batiks, copper bracelets, jewelry and traditional drums are just some of the souvenirs you will be able to bring home to your friends and family. Important information: Team members must be at least 16 years old and have a valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s license.

Estimated Project Expense: $5190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Hi my family created Adam Risner’s orphan rescue unit in Zambia. Adam was my brother, and was killed in a car accident in 2001 when he was 4 years old. I would love to be able to see his unit and was wondering if any of these trips would visit it?

  2. Do you get motorcycle training at boot camp if you aren’t on this team?

  3. I have read through the comments and you have never really given a clear answer. I live in canada b.c. and you can go for your driver license when you turn 16. You get a learners (L) for 1 year and you cannot drive alone till you have your full drivers license. Alex said the same thing and you said you would check. I’m just wondering if you figured out the answer. I know how to drive a motorbike as well.

    • Kelly, As long as you have a driver’s license, it will be fine. A learner’s permit will not work. We do the same in the States. Sorry for not remembering to answer.

  4. Really! so, there is a chance for TWO OA teams this summer?

  5. Do you think there is any possibility that there will be another MSSM team this year?

  6. I can’t wait for this trip!

  7. Do you need your G2 for this trip or just your G1

  8. How can I switch from the team I’m on to this one?

  9. Is the trip still full? How long is the wait list?

  10. I am registered to go on trip and I would really like to get to know anyone else who is registered to go also!(: If anyone wants to add me on facebook my name is Katie Withrow! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!(:

  11. I just registered! Hope its not too late, I really want to go on this trip!

  12. Is this team completely full to both girls and guys?

    • Susie, We have one spot left. Who ever registers first (either boy or girl) and pays the registration fee will get the spot.

  13. ya then I cannot go but hope I all have fun

  14. may I be in this I am only 13 but I really want be in this one but it is as no I know

  15. I’m also wondering if you have any way to change the diet on the trip for people with gluten intolerance? thanks!!

    • Joanna, You will need to chose from what is provided. It might be good for you to bring some pasta, pancake mix and stuff like that (not a lot) to help.

  16. Hi, I was just wondering how often spots become available after the tip is full. I would really like to go on this trip but I see in the other comments it is full.

    • Katie, It is full. Go ahead and register so you can start raising your support. Ask to be put on the waiting list and when there is a spot, we will call you.

  17. thank you so much : )

    I so appreciate you taking the time to inform everyone. I am so excited!
    I don’t know what God is planning, but it’s going to be Amazing no matter.

  18. I just was wondering if it would be a good idea to register to another trip in Zambia like the water filters, just wondering if they need more for certain groups. Thank you.

  19. Please let us know if there are any cancellations. Thank you

    • Hannah, My advice is to go ahead and register so you can start raising your support. Ask to be put on the waiting list an we will let you know when a spot is available.

  20. This mission trip has been tugging on my heart but I will not be old enough to go this year, but next year I will be. Will this mission still be up next year? Working with orphans has been on my heart since I was a little girl and motorcycle riding is big in my family so it is perfect for me. I am praying that it is still available when I am old enough to go.

  21. Do you know how many spots are left?

  22. hi! I have been accepted on this team, and I am wondering if TMI is lending us the motorcycle jackets and helmets, or if those are things we have to buy for the mission trip. thanks!

  23. In Canada, when you turn 16 you can get a G1. This allows you to drive when you are accompanied by an older person who has had at least 4 years of driving experience. A G2 is the next level that you can get after having the G1 for one full year, you can drive by yourself, but there are a few small restrictions. A full G is a licence with no restrictions.

    IAm i eligible for the trip with a G1 licence?


  24. Hi, I’m Hannah Groom. I was just wondering what the student missionary limit is. I have been hoping and praying for a mission trip. There are a lot of things that we say hold us back, like for ex: money, dangers, parents, etc. But I don’t believe that those three foot walls are worth standing behind. I have been wanting to go to Africa for so long, and I just hope that this might be a trip that god has called me to go on. thank you

  25. Will this trip be available next summer?

  26. hey i have a learners license and i am 16. Do you have to have your new drivers or is you learners okay?

  27. so when is the required registration deadline for this mission trip and how easy is it to get into this mission trip?

  28. When is the deadline for registrations?

  29. And also, does the drivers liscence have to be your full liscence or just your beginners.

  30. Hi there,

    I was wondering what the boot camp is like. I am not very athletic and am worried I will be running around doing laps and excersizing all day.

    • Leslie, You do not have to be athletic. The whole purpose of the Obstacle Course is to learn to work together as a team and that is only a small part of your day.

  31. full liscence

  32. so you dont need your full?

  33. My son turns 16 on June 11. Could he apply for this team, assuming he would get his license between his birthday and the beginning of Boot Camp?

  34. Yeah! Same for me, I would love to do this trip, but I would only have my G1 (beginners licence) by then

  35. Are you allowed to go on this team if you only have your provisional license?

  36. how long do we actually spend in boot camp and how much time are we in africa

  37. This trip Is one I would love to do but I was wondering do you have to know how to ride a motorcycle before.

  38. Hi! I’m turning 18 this week. I just graduated from high school and I’m wondering if I would still be able to participate in this missions trip.

  39. I would like to recieve information on how to become a participant of the Zambia Orphan Angels MSSM 2012 trip. Please send any more available information to my email, [email protected]

    • Brooke, The information is on our website. You can register online. If you have specific questions, please call or email.

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