Zimbabwe Foot Washing

2010 Cameroon Missions Trip for AdultsDates: June 9 – July 28 — Evangelism

Stilettos, crocs, sneakers, sandals or boots — how many different kinds of shoes are in your closet? Orphans in Africa are waiting for their very first pair of shoes. Come wash the orphans’ feet and put a new pair of socks and shoes on them. Watch with delight as they walk away admiring their new shoes.

After completing your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa. You will overnight at the Teen Missions in South Africa base, located 30 minutes from Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, before flying to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

From the airport, a two-hour truck ride to Mile Marker 97 will take you on a 12-mile dusty road through the bush and villages to the Teen Missions in Zimbabwe base where staff, students and orphans are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

You will have opportunities to use your training in music and puppets when you spend time with the children. You will be tenting in nearby villages so come prepared to have a bucket bath, use outhouses and enjoy primitive camping.

A trip is planned to see Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. You will enjoy viewing these beautiful breathtaking waterfalls known as the “Smoke that Thunders”. Wood carvings, batiks and jewelry are just a few of the souvenirs available for you to purchase.

Estimated Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Brad Henderson Family

    Bob Bland,
    Thank you, your staff,and volunteers for the Professional (God Honoring) way Commissioning and Boot Camp were done. My son Brad is on the Zimbabwe team and he is having an amazing time on his 1st year at TMI. I thought it would be impossible for him to have a better time than his sister Haley (Mongolia 2011) but I was wrong. His leaders Cilamet and Diane are wonderful. Praise God for them. Music and speakers are excellent.

    Rob and Holly Henderson

  2. I am on the foot washing team and was wondering will we be only bringing a carry on to Zimbabwe? Thank you!

    • Abby, Your duffel will be filled with shoes and socks. We tried to email you a packing list, but our emails are being returned. Please call our office!

  3. Beth, I know you are super busy with all of this coorespondence, but wondered if the commissioning is still set for June 23rd for this team. Also, we wanted to mail Claimet a package for boot camp, will he be able to get it?

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Hi, I went with the Zim team last year and not sure what it says in your fact sheet about visas, and how much it is, but last year it was said to be $50 dollar, but when we got to Zimbabwe the Canadians on the team had to pay $75 and the Americans less then $50, so if there are Canadians on the team, I just wanted to warn you about the extra cost there.
    To the team, you will be very blessed, and praise to God that you have chosen to serve Him this summer. God bless you all.

  5. isn’t it difficult to get things like axes through the airports? Can they give the lowe’s card instead?

    • Maryann, You can get it through if you put it in your box. However, you can get a gift card which would be much easier.

  6. Brad Henderson Family

    The Henderson Family email is

    [email protected]

    we welcome any emails from other
    Zimbabwe families and team members.
    Went to commissioning and debrief last year…also watched the RALLY during the 2 weeks at Merritt Island.
    every night LIVE at TMI ONLINE… THIS IS GREAT !!!!

    We will be starting a ZIMBABWE TMI FB SITE… MORE TO FOLLOW.

  7. Brad Henderson Family

    Our Family is very excited to have our daughter Haley(13yrs) go on the
    2011 Mongolia team and our son Brad(13yrs) will be going on the 2012 Zimbabwe team. There are 4 young men (13-16yrs old) going from Savannah,Ga to TMI. Thanks to Beth and all the wonderful support people who give of their time and energy(much) to make this happen (year after year ……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEEN MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Praying for the Zimbabwe Team! No, you will not be swimming at Victoria Falls, but you will get a little wet as it’s misty by the Falls. This is an amazing team to go on. Note, I saw a question about shorts, the people in Zimbabwe are VERY modest. You will see TMI’s dress code policy has a clear purpose. Out of respect, our team wore bandanas to cover our heads at the local church. Again, praying for flexible attitudes, and sweet spirits. The Zimb staff embraces and loves you. Praying the Lord truly blesses this team!

  9. did not see the tool needed in the fact sheet. Am I missing it or can anyone tell me how much money should be on the Home Depot gift card?

    • Micah, It will come in the May newsletter. Check to see how much your tool is and get a card for that amount (or more :)).

  10. According to the cdc website there is no yellow fever risk in Addis Ababa and half of the country of Ethiopia is designated as low risk. The travel medicine site does not recommend the shot if they are not leaving Addis Ababa so we were not planning on Andrew getting one unless the team recommended otherwise. Let us know. thanks, Micah

  11. Thank you for the information, Beth. I’m a bit confused, though. The Team Fact Sheet we received from Teen Missions says that she is flying Washington, DC though Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on to Lusaka, Zimbabwe. I was told that if they flew through Zambia, they would not need a yellow fever shot, but since Ethiopia is a risk, even thought she is not leaving the airport, she would need the shot. The Health Department said that any of the kids that didn’t have a yellow fever vaccine would not even be allowed to enter Zimbabwe. I just thought that everyone should know. What would the team do if some of the kids didn’t have the shot and weren’t able to enter? Would all of the team leave the country?

    • Maddy, I sent an email today to all the team members. Please check your spam folder. Most of the information I gathered states that neither Zambia nor Ethiopia are on the “list” that other countries require a yellow fever from. However, there was other information that conflicted with that. Zambia and Ethiopia are considered a 2 by the CDC. If a country is a 1, it is a requirement. I will keep looking as the information changes rapidly.

  12. Hi Parents of Zimbabwe kids. I took my daughter to get her shots for the trip, and the Health Department indicated that even though there wasn’t a risk of Yellow Fever in Zimbabwe, she would need a yellow fever shot in order to allowed admittance into Zimbabwe because the kids are flying through Ethiopia (where there is a risk of Yellow Fever). I wondered if any other parents have heard this.

  13. Hello all,

    I just wanted to say that I am went with TMI to Tanzania and El Salvador back in the 90’s. It IS a lot of money…however…if God wants you there He WILL provide for you. It is amazing to see how God can bring in thousands of dollars to be used for His glory. If you want to attend TMI please start praying. Get down on your knees and ask Him. Sign up to go. If He wants you to go you will go!! Don’t doubt.

  14. Hi Beth!

    Taylor and I are coming to commissioning to see the Zimbabwe team off (and she wants to see Claimet, of course!) Do you have a date yet for Early Boot Camp commissioming?



  15. Hi Barbara,
    I’m also signed up for this trip. I wondered if there is anyone online who went on this trip last year. Do you know if we will be living in tents? I know the brochure says we will, but I went to Honduras last year, and they said we would be in tents, but we weren’t. We slept in a church. Does anyone know how cold it gets at night there, since it’s winter time? Can’t wait to meet everyone. Matthew

    • Matthew, That info will come out in your Individual Team Fact Sheet which will be mailed in April. Sometimes you get “surprised” and get tents when you were suppose to be in dorms or you get dorms when you are suppose to be in tents. 🙂

  16. Hi! What mission trips are open for girls?

  17. Hey, I am registered for this team, and I am super excited!! I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and I would like to get to know you before going on this trip! If you want to chat with me my email is [email protected]! Thanks, and I can’t wait for the summer!

  18. Hi, If you want to be part of the team, you will be required to attend Boot Camp here in Florida and Debrief in Florida also.

  19. Hey Beth. My name is Kirsty Padmore I am 20yrs old and i live in Harare, Zimbabwe. I know you said your trip here is full but if i can assist you in ANY way i would absolutely love too. I am so passionate about the children here and when i saw you were doing a missionary trip to my home country i couldn’t help but be a part of it… Please let me know if there is anyway i can get involved>. Thank you

  20. Hello, I just wanted to post and say that I am BEYOND excited for this trip. It is such a huge blessing to know that the Lord has everybody picked out for this team, for a reason. I know the Lord will challenge us this summer. There will be times when we want to give up. Times when all we want to do is go home. But it will be through those challenges that we grow together and closer to the Lord. I am so excited for this trip and this team. I am so excited to bless these children with shoes and love. (: If anybody is going on this trip, and is interested in contacting me, I would LOVE to chat! God Bless, Serenity Ballard <3

  21. Hi, Beth, What teams are open for girls?

    • Elva Jean, Hey! The following are CLOSED to girls: Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Zambia FW, OA, China, Kilimanjaro & Italy. I think I got them all…

  22. This is Maryann again- rebecca did not get any form for health information- could that be sent?

  23. What do I need to do to get involved on one of these missions?

    • Becca, You can register online. Check out all the trips and put down your top four choices. Read all the information under “2012 Mission Trips” and that should answer most of your questions.

  24. Hi I am a senior in high school and am very interested in helping on a mission trip I just don’t really know where to start?

  25. Which trip is already full to boys ?

    • Nancy, The following teams are full to boys: Haiti, China, Orphan Angels. The following teams are close to be full to boys: Southern Sudan, Covered Wagon, Kilmanjaro, and Montana.

  26. Hi there,

    I am a female and looking to go on this missions trip with a friend. Is it all full for girls?

  27. Hi- I am Rebecca’s mom and she is very excited about this trip but with her packet did not get the physical form- is that available on line?

  28. are you guys booked?? and how long is the trip? and whats the age group?

  29. Are there still spots for girls on this trip? If so how many.

  30. Hi Everybody! I went on this trip last summer, it was an amazing experience! I hope that everybody who goes on this trip this year will be grately blessed!

  31. am anxious to know what I need- visa, immunizations, etc. when will this information be coming?

    • Rebecca, Check with your doctor on immunizations. Nothing is required. You will get a visa at the airport and that information comes later in the spring

  32. Just received my passport and i am more excited than ever! Can’t wait to meet the team and serve this summer! 🙂

  33. Hello again Beth!
    I was just curious as to the size of the groups for these trips… like how many teens will be there and stuff…just wondering…thanks!!!

    • Virginia, We put up to 25 team members on teams and 3-6 leaders. Some teams have to be smaller (OA because of the number of bikes available).

  34. Hi! Are there still any girls spots open? This looks like a really neat trip!!!

    • Virginia, It is full to girls, but go ahead and register and start raising support for another team and ask to be put on the waiting list and we will call you when a spot opens up. You must be on a team to be on the waiting list.

  35. Hi Holly,
    My son was on a trip last summer with TMI. There were a couple of kids from Canada that went, and one from New Zealand.

  36. I have registered online but couldnt find a recent pic to send in. Where/how should i send the picture?

  37. Also, what is the difference between early boot camp and super boot camp other than the dates?

  38. Hey, I was wondering what language the people would be speaking here.

  39. Sounds good! Thank you for always getting back quickly with answers:)

  40. Hi- i know that in our monthly video it was mentioned that a revised general fact sheet would be sent out in December- does this mean that we are not to send inl our notorized documents and general fact sheet agreement until we receive that?

  41. How many spots are there open for girls? I would love to be a part of this team, and i know there are spots open for boys, I can only pray there is still a spot open for me. Please let me know if it is full 🙂 And also if i can have an email or phone number to contact you by, thank you so much 🙂

  42. I want to bring some gospel coins, besides english is there a perticular language I should order?

  43. Thank you so much! I am very happy to hear that! 🙂

  44. Hi, is this trip is full? I’m afraid I might’ve waited too long and missed my chance…

  45. Samantha McCallum

    Is there still a spot for a girl ? Registering tomorrow

  46. Is there still room for about 2 or 3 girls? How many typically go on these trips?

    • Erin, I am not sure of the exact number we have already registered. I do know this one is getting close to being full to girls. PLEASE register on the same day, indicate you want to be together and register quickly.

  47. Is this trip filled?

  48. Samantha McCallum

    Sounds great 🙂 i will be registering next week !

  49. I am interested in signing up and was wondering if we are permitted to do fundraising to help with the cost of the trip ?

  50. how much does the trip cost total and when is it to late to register by ?

    • Dalyn, We will not know the cost till later this month when we get the airline costs. The range is listed on our web site. You need to register ASAP. As stated several times on this forum, teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a team is full, we cannot place any more on it.

  51. I can’t wait for my trip this summer I signed up about a week ago. I can’t wait to meet my team. and I can’t wait to see what God’s gonna do! Who else is on this team?

  52. Holly, Candians are weclome to come! We had a couple of team memebers from Three Hills, AB come last year. God will provide the money you neeed!

  53. Do you have the same trips available every year? I may want to go next year when I’m old enough to be a leader! I’m going to start saving now!

  54. my full name is Angie Becerra, i payed september 9,and i have my recipet for the trip. i am registered.

    • Angie, I can’t remember back that far :)…Please call the office tomorrow afternoon. You should have received a confirmation email once you were registered. But we will check tomorrow.

    • Angie, Please call the office. We don’t have your registration.

  55. did my registration get proceessed.cause i am stil waiting for my prayer cards and such

    • Angie, I don’t think so, but I don’t know your full name. Please call our office tomorrow afternoon (we are in meetings in the morning).

  56. okay thank you so much

  57. iv been really wanting to go on a missions trip and serve the lord by helping in other countries. the only problem is i am from Canada, Alberta. i was wondering if its even possible for me to come on one of your trips since i do not live in the states? i know it will cost a lot of money, especially since i am very far from your guys organization. i dont know if i could do it this summer but for future times. thank you

    • Holly, We already have 17 Canadians registered! Yes, it is open to Canadians. We even have kids coming from overseas. A boy who lives in S. Korea (American) was registered today.

  58. When is the deadline to sign up for the 2012 summer trips?

    • Molly, There is no “deadline”, but teams are filled on a first-come/first-serve basis. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to raise your support.

  59. ok thanks!:]

  60. If this program is from the 9th of June all the way until the end of July, then what other things will we do? The footwashing and shoe activites don’t take up 2 months, do they? Is the boot camp included in this time slot (and how long is the boot camp?)

    • Natalie, Boot Camp is just over two weeks. You will be on your project 3-4 weeks and then there is Debrief. You need to add a couple of days of travel each way.

  61. Where and when is the boot camp?

  62. hi i have been trying to get ahold of betty for this trip to become a leader because i am old enough. i have already registered for trip but i wanted to become a leader.

  63. Hi. I was interested in another trip, but I was skimming the questions on this one. One girl asked if they could bring additional items, and the response said something about a weight limit. Does this weight limit include the person or the baggage? If so, I’m pretty heavy, and might not do well with a weight limit…

  64. The cost of your flight to flordia?

  65. Is that cost counted in the 5000 dollars?

  66. Do we have to pay for our own transportation to boot camp?

  67. what is a role of a team leader?

    • Angie, The leaders lead the team. The male leaders supervise the work site and the female leaders usually run the kitchen. They are all involved in counseling and teaching Bible studies, etc.

  68. i turned in my application and fee when will i receive info and prayer cards??

  69. Oh ok thanks so much! Well, I turn 20 at the end of July so I guess I’m not old enough for that part!

  70. Hi I’m Lindsay and I’m a student at Liberty University. This trip sounds incredible! I know it’s a teen trip, and I just turned 19. Am I too old to go? Or do college students go on these trips too?

  71. I am 16 and I’ve been wanting to do something exactly like this! But I have had a hard time finding a missionary to join. But I have a question, I am from Connecticut, so would I still be able to join? How would that work?

    • Maia, You can register online. You would need to provide round-trip transportation to Florida where you will come for training and that is where your trip will end after Debrief.

  72. If we have old shoes could we donate it to Teen Missions to take on a foot washing team?

  73. Hi Beth,
    Hope you are enjoying a little bit of down time for a while! We sent in Emily’s registration fee a couple of days ago and I entered the wrong contact email address.We haven’t received confirmation, of course. Would you be able to re-send it to the email above? Also, how long does it take to hear if Emily is accepted for this team?
    Thanks so much,

    • Jill, We are not able to get any payment confirmations as no one is in the Finance Office until Sept. 13 (most everyone is on vacation/deputation). She will get that team.

  74. How do you know what boot camp to go to? Are they separate? Do you have to pay for it? Sorry for all the questions…

    • Marissa, The dates are listed on our web site. You go on the one that best meets your date requirements. Boot Camp is included in the money you have to raise. You are responsible for your round trip transportation to/from Florida.

  75. This is such a cool organization.im really interested in this trip.i know it is super early but when does registration begin?

  76. If we have enough room are we aloud to bring clothes, toys, or other things for the children were helping?

  77. what is the maximum number of people you except on this trip? would all ages be together?

  78. claire beauville

    oh and what if you live in texas and not florida could you still go or you cannot ? well i know i would have to travel to florida but like would you have to live in florida sorry for all the question but i would love to serve the lord by giving help so terribly bad and i need ways to make sure i could go thanks

  79. claire beauville

    umm how much is this trip ? and if its expensive which i surely hope its not cause i am very interested in traveling to africa even though i am haitian ! Why would you have to pay all that money to go and HELP others why cant we just pay the plane ticket and bring money for food i am sure thats what god would want if its more than $400 i simply cannot go so i pray that it’s less thank you please answer – claire jaques beauville

  80. can we swim at victoria falls? so girls can’t wear shorts?? not even knee length ones??? what about tank tops? how thick of the strap does it have to be?

    • Hannah, You cannot swim there to my knowledge. In many places in Africa, girls cannot wear pants (due to the culture as the girls there only wear pants). No shorts are allowed nor are tank tops. You must wear pants (or skirts if required) and shirts with sleeves. What is perfectly acceptable here in the States is not always acceptable dress overseas. Last year, the missionaries in China told us (and they host a lot of overseas volunteers), “You are the first group to visit that we have not had to worry about how you dress.”.

  81. Hi, I’m 16 and I have been wanting very much to go on a missionary trip! But it seems like so much money, do you do any fundraisers to help raise the money? Please let me know!

    • Amber, We provide support letters and prayer cards to help you raise your support. You send them out to friends, family members and businesses.

  82. Alexis, The information is on our web site.

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