Around the World – Russia Has Arrived! 11003

Around the World Russia Missions Trip - 2011Greetings to The Lord’s Boot Camp from Krasnaya Niva, Russia! The team finally arrived this morning around 10 am after very long travel and a layover in Frankfurt. Our arrival in Ekatarinburg was delayed in Frankfurt—problems wtih the aircraft, and finally they replaced it. I am pleased to report that all our luggage arrived with us. The Russia Boot Camp staff prepared a light meal for us upon our arrival—cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, kielbasa and bread. After that, we set about washing our travel clothes and settling in here at the BMW building. The team members are very excited to be here and are already doing their best to make friends with the Russian teens. Tomorrow our team will begin the day with judging the OC, and also helping teach a couple of the classes. In addition, there are some projects we will likely begin tomorrow. Weather is very nice today – sunny and comfortable here. A real treat after the heat, humidity and storms of the last couple days at Boot Camp in Florida. As we traveled, most of the team slept and ended up dehydrated, so we are working on getting them rehydrated. A longer report will follow tomorrow. Don’t want to stay on here too long as there was some instability in the electricity today—flickering quite a bit. Love, hugs and blessings to one and all – thanks for the prayers.




  1. Bob and Sylvia Peterson

    Hi Russia Team 11003, We are continuing to pray for your outreach since you
    have arrived at the new location by the lake. We hope the train ride was great.
    God bless and use you, and give you good health and safety. A special bundle of
    love to Gabrielle. Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Randy, you must have stopped by looking for an update . . . same as I…. 🙂 My expectation is only what was printed in the little booklet of details received with the packing list…..that’s all. I know the kids are in good hands, or I wouldn’t have allowed my son to go……looking forward to hearing some news of the team.

  3. It is amazing how our expectations become so high with the kind of technology we have today. In 2001-2 we lived in Peru and cherished AOL. Sure beat the snail mail system. How hard it must have been before the internet and computers. Stephanie (team leader) wasn’t sure if they would have internet access once they reached Iskurtsk (sp?). So thankful for the solid leadership accompanying the team. That, along with the challenges of leading a mixed team of kids from Russia along with our kids may leave little time to communicate. Praying for amazing opportunities to reach the lost, team unity which will glorify our Lord, and a life changing experience…for the team and the lives they connect with during this trip. wHAT CAN WE DO? pRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

  4. Peter and Ann Demos

    We are so happy to hear you all are there safe and sound and we pray that God in His grace and goodness will see to it that your team with bear fruit for the Kingdom!

  5. I realize “no news is good news” but we’re not happy with the lack of updates…..this is the only connection we have with our children halfway around the world…..

    • Beth, I am trying my hardest. The reports have been resent and I am trying to catch a minute to get them posted. But things are CRAZY!!!!:) Lots of parent phone calls about commissioning, etc.

  6. Heather Brewington

    I am sure there is a good reason we have not heard any more from them. My parents are the head leaders and I know that they are GREAT leaders. Just keep them all in your prayers and come back in a few days and see if there is a new update. I went on a team in 1994 before they had updates on the computer and my parents just had to trust God and the team leaders that God put on that team. I am just as ready to hear how thing are going, but maybe god is trying to give us all a lesson in Faith and Trusting in him.

  7. Debbie Cunningham

    When will the next update be posted? We are anxious to hear some news.

  8. Beth, any idea when we might expect another update? The first one said a longer report would follow “tomorrow”, and that was a week ago. We are really looking forward to some news. 🙂

    • Kari, We got a short two line note from the missionary (they got paint and are doing fine), but I am waiting for more of an “update” to post. If I don’t get one by tomorrow, I will email. It is probably out there in cyberspace…

  9. Please do send us regular updates – thanks!

  10. Great to see that you have arrived and am sure that by now you have settled into a routine as a team. Will be praying for you together that Christ will bless your relationships with one another and with the teens that you meet. Hoping that you have a Spirit, and joy, filled time of boldly sharing the Gospel and that your work will make an impact for God’s Kingdom in the midst of the people that you touch. Gabrielle – we love you and miss you!

    Dad, Mom and William

  11. Stanl & Merrily Cundiff

    So glad to know that you arrived safely. We are praying every day for Rachel and the whole team that your lives will be transformed as you experience God through serving others.

  12. Bob and Sylvia Peterson

    You look like a wonderful team and we will be praying for you each day. Bob and Sylvia Peterson

  13. Bob and Sylvia Peterson

    We are so excited to see a picture of the team. We pray for good health, safety, and that you will be able to share the love of Jesus in many ways to all you work with. Love to our Gabrielle! Grandpa and Grandma

  14. Stanl & Merrily Cundiff

    We are glad to hear you made it safely to Russia. We are praying for you, Rachel, and your team everyday. I pray God’s blessings on each one as you experience Him through serving others.

  15. So glad to hear the update. A beautiful report of God’s faithfulness and love for your team. Praying that the team finds how to make friends with the Russian teens.
    Praying the language won’t be a barrier for friendships. Rejoicing in such wonderful hosts and hostess. Pray for the Haiti Team they are so hot. The Malawi Team is missing 31 pieces of luggage. Tonight is Weds. night. Many people will be praying for you. Live in God’s love and mercy!
    We love you Pablo.

  16. Praise the LORD you arrived safely and with all your baggage to Krasnaya Niva. I have to say, that the first time I was ever there, I LOVED it!! We’re praying for a wonderful Boot Camp! There are many wonderful kids there but many who do not know the LORD…yet!

  17. Don and Sandy Flynn

    We are so happy and excited for our grandson, Caleb Owens. We ask God’s blessing and covering on each one of his team members.
    We love you Caleb.
    Grammy and Papa

  18. Thanks for the quick update. Glad you made it safe. Keep up the good work.
    God bless,
    Kim Marshall

  19. God bless you all! I am Calebs Dad, and I am very excited to see what God has in store for you all. I pray that God will continue to provide unity, enthusiasm, and encouragement!!! You are ALL loved and being prayed for daily. Enjoy your days in Russia, and tell Caleb that Igor (our exchange student from Russia) says “Hi!!”

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