Bethlehem Team Has Arrived – 11005

Bethlehem Missions Trips - 2011Hey, this is Mike. So it will be short and sweet! We arrived in last night around 8:00 PM. Our flight out of London was delayed about three hours.  The team is doing great!  We are settling in and getting ready to start pouring the driveway tomorrow.  Everyone is healthy—a little jet-lagged still, but doing well. We will have a more detailed report later this week.


  1. Am sending prayers up throughout the day. Start at 5:30 am and pray daily. For spiritual guidance,health,saftey,opportunities to share and that you all can let the light of Jesus shine through you. God Bless you all as you serve.

  2. so glad you all made it there safe and sound..PRAISE GOD!!! now, on with the job of serving…Go Bethlehem team Go!!!!!

  3. So jealous little brother! Take lots of pictures and I can’t wait to hear all about what God is doing w/ you this summer! Praying safe journeys for you and all those kids!

  4. Seth Tuttle, so glad you are there.thinking of the team and praying for you all, but esp. my grandson Seth, who is serving God with all his heart, soul, and body! PTL!!!!!

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