Haiti Team Has Arrived Safely – 11004

Haiti Missions Trip 2011The Haiti team has arrived safely. It has been difficult to gain an internet connection so the reports will be sporadic, but we will be trying. We had no problems with travel other than five bags not arriving with us. A group has gone to the airport today to hopefully retrieve all five bags.  While driving to the grounds of Grace International, the sights of devastation from the earthquake and  the number of people living in tent cities without a proper source of water or sanitation was overwhelming for many of us. There is a great need in Haiti for relief teams as well as the gospel. Although the team was dehydrated from traveling and adjusting to the heat during the day here in Haiti, we have caught up on the filtered water supply and the team is showing no signs of dehydration any longer. We started our first work day on Monday.  The team removed rubble from a building that they are demolishing. The building used to be a guest house for Grace International but sustained severe damage in the earthquake. The team will continue with this type of work through the end of the week. We were able to take a tour through the 17,000 person tent city. It was very difficult to see the poverty and despair. A highlight for many of the team members was the excitement of the children. They were drawn to the team, touching and pulling on their pant legs. We wash our hands often here!!  We have settled in well, overcoming many obstacles like finding an adaptor for the stove’s propane tank. The kitchen had to cook a meal over charcoal. That was quite an experience. We are blessed that they have housed us in the ground floor of a hospital instead of tents. We also have nice private areas for bathing, doing laundry and outhouses. Although the conditions seem very primitive compared to what we are used to in the US, we realize that we are living more comfortably than most of the residents in the area. The team looks forward to attending a crusade in the tent city this evening. We will also help with a feeding program toward the end of the week. A few team members have head colds but other than that, everyone is doing well.  Please pray for us as we continue to adjust to the heat and primitive conditions. Pray for health and safety as well as opportunities for ministry. We feel very safe here. The property where we are staying is gated and has guards. The water we are filtering comes from an underground spring and has already been treated once before we filter it. God is certainly blessing us.

Andy & Carrie Snell
Proverbs 3:5&6

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