Malawi Orphan Care Preteen

2010 Malawi Missions TripDates: June 28 – August 4 — Work/Evangelism

Come to Malawi, “The Warm Heart of Africa”, for the summer of a lifetime.

After Commissioning, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, via Washington D.C. From Addis Ababa, a connecting flight crosses Kenya and the Equator before arriving in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.From the airport, you bus two hours to the Teen Missions in Malawi BiBle, Missionary, & Work Training center in Chipoka, which is located on the shores of Lake Malawi.

If you come on this team you will have many opportunities to interact with orphans at the Melisa Foster Rescue Unit and to see firsthand the operation of a Teen Missions base. Your project is to share the love of Jesus through coloring books and small construction projects to benefit others. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. On a safari drive through Liwonde National Park you can, from a safe distance, see elephants, crocodiles, many impalas, bushbucks and kudus. You will also be able to buy wood carvings, paintings and African jewelry at the Senga Bay Market where you can practice your bargaining skills.

Estimated Project Expense: $4490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Rats! It has been so wonderful to see our older son at the Super Boot Camp rallies. Thanks so much for streaming those! We’ll have to be satisfied with pictures and maybe some OC video of our younger one. We know he’s in good hands! 🙂

  2. Hi, Beth,
    Can you tell me if there will be live streaming of the preteen rallies?

  3. ok so i would really love to go this summer but we just cant get that kind of money in so little time. how would tht work out?

  4. The bathing suit coverup item we got for my daughter is a V-neck. Is that ok? I know they aren’t supposed to have V-necks. I didn’t notice it when I bought it. Are V-neck shirts allowed if they wear another shirt under then so their skin is not exposed? Also as far as sleeping are they allowed to wear shorts or capris to sleep or is it still pants and dresses for sleeping too?

    • Sheena, That cover-up should be fine. Yes, they can wear a shirt under a v-neck. Yes, they can wear shorts or capris to sleep in.

  5. Is there a team specific packing list?

    • Megan, A packing list is on our web site and was also included with one of the mailings. You are on a work team.

  6. Hi Beth,
    We have a company willing to donate a good pair of leather hiking style boots for Gabriela, I am just wondering if the tongue not being leather is going to be a problem?? They are excellent quality, waterproof leather boots covering the ankle, just the tongue isn’t made of leather.

    • Jacqui, As long as there is no gortex on the body of the boot and it is just the tongue, they should be fine.

  7. My daughter is registered for this trip. I need to know how much extra money to send with her on this trip. Also I already booked her flight to Florida but I need the name of the person who will be picking her up from the airport so I can tell the air line ASAP. Lastly Shyanna is a really picky eater. How do you guys handle picky eaters? Will she be eating African food in Africa? Is there a minimum amount she has to eat per meal?

    • Sheena, Please read the General Fact Sheet. It will tell you how much money, etc. We have kids come with less than $100 and some with $1000. We do suggest $50/week, but some will have more and others less. We don’t give out the name until the day she flies. It is not final until then when we know who is available. You can just give them the name of an aunt or someone else and then change it when you check her in for her flight. It will not be a problem. ALL Preteens are picky eaters. One of the policies is that they have to have a “no, thank you” portion of everything, but dessert (unless they are allergic to something). She may have a couple of African meals, but most will be American food cooked by her lady leaders.

  8. Zoey, it depends on when you turn 14. You can not turn 14 before August 5th. We have a Teen Team going to Malawi that you could go on.

  9. How old do you have to be in order to go on this mission trip? I am thirteen, and i turn 14 in august. I also start high school in august.

  10. I am sincerely interested in this trip. I feel called to lead a team and I would love to take my son along. He will be 11 @ the time of this trip. We have done a few short mission trips to Mexico together. I have some questions. Is there still room and the need for a leader? How do I find out the cost for a leader? What do I need to do to prepare to be a leader, such as training? I would love to speak with someone regarding this trip.

  11. what is the team number?

  12. Hello we have three children that would love to join the Malawi pre teen group. Are there three spots left on this team? If so what is the best way to sign up for all three children at one time?

    Natasha Harms

  13. Hi I am really excited about this trip and my family and I are praying about me going to Malawi. Will you add me to your prayer list? Thanks, Gabriela

  14. Isabelle Christensen

    Hi my name is Isabelle Christensen, I want to go to the preteen Malawi trip but I’m having mixed emotions. I was wondering what I would be doing in bootcamp and Africa, and what the weather would be like in both places. Please get back to me ASAP.

    • Isabelle, Boot Camp is described under 2012 Mission Trips along with what your project is in Africa. It will be HOT in Florida and cooler in Malawi, especially at night.

  15. Do you know who the leaders will be on this trip? William is thinking about this trip and was hoping josh Adams is a leader!
    Angela Henry

  16. hey,,,am malwian am one of them who bulld the ophan house, when i was 13 end we did a lot of thing now am 24 am so happy that i worked with God and i did something which am proud of,,,,,am jst incalage young people there that its very nice go for it and u will enjoy it with the name of God

  17. If I go on this trip will I have to get any shots or take any special pills or anything. I went to Africa 8 years ago and I did. Will I have to again?

  18. I recently signed up for the Sweden Preteen team but now feel like God is telling me to go to Malawi. Is there any way I can switch teams?

    • Nadia, There will be a $30 switch fee, but there is room on Malawi. Please call or email the office with your request to switch and you can pay the switch fee online. Just indicate that it is a switch fee.

  19. Our family is praying about this trip for our youngest daughter who will be twelve in a week. I have some pretty strong concerns however. First, I am a little concerned about health issues such as Malaria. The thought of my child contacting Malaria while there without parents and in such primitive conditions is daunting to say the least. Second, I understand the poor little children they will be working with are AIDS orphans, are the children themselves HIV positive, and if so what precautions are taken to protect the TMI children? Will TMI children be in a caretaker roll, changing diapers, dressing open wounds, etc?

    Perhaps we should consider Australia or Canada but my daughter has her heart set on Malawi as she is adopted and feels the Lord has called her to minister to the orphans. If anyone has answers to my questions or can reassure I would appreciate it. Just trying to decide if our family is ready for this trip this summer or if perhaps this is something we should consider when she is older.

    • Taunya, I appreciate your concerns, My daughter to went to Malawi on a Preteen team when she was 11 and LOVED it. Yes, malaria can be an issue (I’ve had it twice). We do suggest malaria prevention which your doctor will prescribe. Usually, the kids aren’t HIV positive and the Preteens will not be dealing with open wounds or changing diapers. They will just be playing with them. If you have other questions, please email them or call our office.

  20. Amen ^ and thank you 🙂

  21. Erinn, in 2008 I had ro raise $4,690 for my team. Gas prices where on the rise and a lot of people in my town where out of work. But we serve an amazing God. In six weeks I had all my support and by the time I left for my team God had given us $6,000 I had all I needed and a jump start to the next year. I have had to raise money 5 times and everytime God brings in every penny. We serve a wonderful God!

  22. Hello, my daughter is 12 now but turning 13 next month. We’re not worrying about finding the money, but we dont know how to register!

    • Erinn, Go on the website and click under “registration” (all the way to the right). You can also download a PDF form under 2012 Mission Trips. Let us know if you have any problems!

  23. I turned 13 in OCT. can I do a pre-teen trip this summer? or do I have to do the other ones

  24. This looks perfect for my son John and maybe my second son Drew! How do you screen your leaders? Does Widder still work with you? (I am a 2x ftm) wish I could go, but I have two more little ones at home to care for. I experienced one strong leader (Haiti, Post Métier) in 1983 and one “shaky” leader (Kingston) in 1984. Of course my Haiti experience was far better. Do you already know your head leadership for this group?

    • Chris, Widder is still with us! You can connect with her on Facebook. We are in the process of securing leaders for the teams. They must successfully complete a Leadership Training Seminar, provide six references and pass a police background check.

  25. Anthony, Please call our office today.

  26. Is there any way to get more information about the Melisa foster rescue unit?

  27. Im 13 years old and I would like to do this mission, but i will be 14 when it is occuring. Is there any mission close to it I could do? And I also have another question. My mom is a single mom and we are tight on money, is there any way we can reduce the price or is it a set price?

    • Toni, The price is set. We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. God can provide! Any of the Africa teams would be close to this one. Since you will be 14, you cannot do a Preteen team.

  28. Aaric is registered! We’re excited to start fundraising earlier this year!

  29. I am interested in leading for one of the Pre-teen trips next year especially interested in this one. I will be 20 by the time it starts do my leaders from the trip i went on a few years back need to be a reference of some kind? And would i be fundraising the same amount as shown?

  30. Both of my boys want to do this trip together. Brooks my doesnt turn 10 until July 11 which is right in the middle of the trip. Can he still do the trip or does he have to be 1o before it starts?

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