11007-Safe Arrival In Malawi

Malawi Flag

Malawi Flag

The Malawi Boat Team has safely arrived in Malawi. After flying through Ethiopia, we landed in Lilongwe, Malawi, yesterday afternoon. We had a problem missing luggage at the airport, so it took us four hours to get out of there. Most of our duffels have not arrived (missing 31 bags out of 42). Only three team members received their personal bags. We will have to purchase some things to use until the bags arrive. Please pray that they arrive soon.

After landing in Lilongwe, the team took a trip to downtown to exchange money and to buy food before our two hour trip to the TMI base in Chipoka. The team is fascinated by the landscape and stars in Malawi. Overall, the team is doing very well. In a few minutes we will leave for Mangochi, a four hour drive, where our project will be.


  1. Mary Harrington

    Praying for you guys! Jessica remember to write things down, can’t wait to hear how God is working.

  2. Pam Sutherland (Ian's mom)

    How frequently should we expect updates about the team? Feeling a bit anxious with no word for a week. Thanks!

  3. I keep watching each day for any new updates. Is this normal to have so much time between each one?

    • Karen, It is normal for Malawi. They have to go into town to do emails and once they get there, the electricity, phone lines and/or server could be down.

  4. When my team when here in 2006, we lost some of our bags. There was also no diesel in the whole country for the first few days we were there, and we didn’t have some food items we needed. We prayed about it as a team, and God provided the things we needed through another local Christian organization who had no idea about our needs other than God must have prompted their hearts :). I’m sure God is providing the same way for the Malawi team this year! It’s a beautiful country, and your teens will be forever changed this summer. 🙂

  5. Shelly Loewen (Peyton's mom)

    Glad to hear that everyone is safe – that’s the main thing! What are sleeping arrangements with no tents or sleeping bags? Since it gets down to 50 at night, I’m thinking they’ll need something warm! What an adventure!

    • Shelly, There are dorms available when they are at the base and I am sure there are plenty of blankets and sleeping bags there since we have had a ton of teams there.

  6. g and g sutherland

    Glad to hear that Ian our grandson and the team arrived safely.

  7. Any idea if they will get their luggage? Some how I’m thinking the airports don’t deliver bags when they come in! They’re still sleeping in tents, right? I guess this is a really good lesson in learning to be content in all situations!

    • Kay, We have not idea when they will get it. Usually it is fairly quickly, but you never know…They will adapt.

  8. Pam Sutherland (Ian's mom)

    SO glad to hear everyone is there and safe! Thinking of you guys and praying for you every day. I miss seeing you all at the evening rallies in boot camp! May the peace of Christ be with all of you!

  9. The same thing happened to my parents when they led a team to Estonia in ’93. Most of the luggage didn’t make it. (It must run in the family. =) So glad to know that they are safely there!

  10. Praying all the baggage will be found and with nothing missing in a quick manner.

  11. Mary Harrington

    Praying for the team, any chance of a team picture being posted.

    • Mary, The will send pictures if they are able. Malawi is not the most dependable country when it comes to electricity and servers being functional…

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